Contact Dean or Doug at Dean's Truck Body, Twinsburg, Oh. They got part of the order correct with the Dayton Wheels.Joe D. Bill White I do not know what happened to all the White 9000's that were around. By the early 1970s the 1500 series White Compact had become the 6000 series Xpeditor. The grill has been refurbed and it has new bonnet badges. Parts: -1 White truck 6 cylinder PETROL ENGINE. This book reviews White medium and heavy-duty truck models in roughly the decade of the 1950s, including the WC, 3000, 4000, 5000, and 9000 series. With a displacement of 11.9 liters and up to 400 hp and 1450 lb-ft of torque, the ISX12 G is the natural choice when considering alternative fuel for demanding applications. Black learned people's names, visited the plant frequently, and asked customers if they were happy with what they purchased. White Diesel Engine Division in Springfield, Ohio, manufactured diesel engine generators, which powered U.S. military equipment and infrastructure, namely Army Nike and Air Force Bomarc launch complexes, and other guided missile installations and proving grounds, sections of SAGE and DEW Line stations, radars, combat direction centers and other ground facilities of the U.S. aerospace defense ring, such as the Texas Towers. Autocars were more expensive than Whites, because they had lock washers under the head of the bolts along with one under the nuts. Re Constructor: I found out there were similar Whites exported to Iran before the revolution but those had a SFFA - I'll try to find a pic. Thank you, Shifty. No idea why so much duplication with their products.Brocky could have it right White Constructors were a bit cheaper to buy than Autocars. In the early 1920s, Rollin briefly produced the Rollin car to diversify the tractor company, but found it could not compete in cost versus price against much larger manufacturers. Chain drive would put it before 1919 and that would qualify as a Good Roads Truck. go find another! Most of the pictures are black and white , but this adds a very nice nostalgic touch to the book . The brakes have been overhauled with refurbed master and wheel cylinders and all new pipes and hoses fitted. Anyone know why they would order such a small tandem. There are a few color photos as well , such as the cover photo , that show how simple yet beautiful these old trucks were and still are . I thoroughly recommend this book for any truck fan. I had never heard of it before. I do know of two, one a factory sleeper cab and the other a tandem winch truck, that are only five miles from me.