When it finally went it was the transmission at 160k. Worse still, my mother-in-law drives one in 4 cyl XLE trim exactly.like.this.one. They have 4 control arms and each control arm has 2 bushings, each wheel has 8 control arm bushings. Rated at an adjusted 18/27 miles per gallon, city and highway, in 2004, a new Camry V6 is estimated to achieve 21 city; 30 highway. And gtemnykh, especially yours. And even then isn’t there evidence that one of the engine plants made engines that weren’t as affected? No mud holes big enough to swallow a Kamaz? *Still remember in their lobby, the final 1991 Camry they made. 1999 to 2002 Corollas IIRC? Sounds like you found a great deal. Enter vehicle or phrase. New Listing. I’ll deal with the occasional unplanned repair for a car that puts a smile on my face, Not all of us want to miss shifts in Civics :p. I enjoy my commute on boring highway roads much more in my 20 year old Lexus with an automatic transmission, V6, smooth ride, heated seats and low road noise than I did in my ’12 Civic LX. It’s not my first car choice but we just bought a house and buying a new car was deemed a bad idea. Hits home a bit for me. Year ago bought an 06 Corolla CE from my sister. I’m driving an ’02 ES300 I bought in spring of ’15 that had 89,000 miles. Remarkable value. When this car was being made was right around the time I took a high school field trip to the Georgetown, KY factory where they were making all the beige Camrys. And the Camry is not “as cheap as it gets”, there are many cars that cost less. You can do a Camry LE with AT/AC/PB/PW/CC in Houston for under $20k all day long. It’s interesting to see cars with such high mileage. Do it gtemnykh! Rated at an adjusted 18/27 miles per gallon, city and highway, in 2004, a new Camry V6 is estimated to achieve 21 city; 30 highway. I would be interested in reading your future writeup about the beater Maxima, gtemnykk … since I own a beater Maxima myself. Having endured 12 hard Canadian winters on an island covered in red dirt, this 2004 Toyota Camry is about to enter its thirteenth; its tenth since my father-in-law took ownership. Us cheapskates who buy old junk and keep it as long as we can like seeing real-world evidence of what our future holds. I would think the fact that you have not had to darken their door for the last 60k miles for anything non-voluntary would have made you a fan of the product…. My struts feel a little tired, the rear has a bit of sag and I can hear some faint thuds from the rear end. It’s us driving into my grandma’s village in my cousin’s worn out ’92 Corona, using the shoulder much of the way because the “pavement” is a cratered minefield of potholes on top of potholes. https://highmileclub.wordpress.com/tag/hyundai-sonata/. I think bluegoose is referring to the lack of “infotainment” and intuitive knobs for basic things like HVAC. I googled and saw that for 2004 in this middle-middle class car there was already a goddam sizeable LCD screen option. I loved reading this, appreciate truly long term reports like this. $2,999 Check Availability. Worth noting especially given that the author compares dimensions to the current car, we’re still using the same “K” platform! The GPS unit in the current new car is a win for planned obsolescence. I’m hoping the ES330 will be better. Brakes are garbage. … A lot of 01/02 LS430s are riding around on degraded front control arm bushings and it doesn’t really seem to affect them. Articles like this are why I come back to TTAC, you guys respect the average car buyer without being Consumer Reports. Toyota Camry 2004, High Mileage™ SAE 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil, by Mobil 1®. Ask a Toyota dealer to cut 20% off the MSRP on a Tacoma, 4Runner, or Land Cruiser and they’ll laugh in your face. And then I drove the Camry. Has it been replaced? THAT is what I am talking about. Call 443-228-6972 Directions. Where is the Siberia? They are not bright enough for me. traveling at an average of 69.7mph. It handles okay and the brake pedal has a little bit of mush to its feel but you can’t have everything…. Bought the ES330 w/ 51k miles, one owner, garaged, dealer maintained. Good comment, gtemnykh. Very solid and rattle free even on cars with astronomical mileage. I inherited it from my Dad after he died. No way the early 2AZ-FE would have lasted this long. Much better than the stupid rusty beam rear axle on that Maxima I had for a bit. The Maxima I flipped actually had the rear struts replaced already, with the same Monroe Quickstrut brand I ended up installing. Check here for special coupons and promotions. We ran through a long list of possibilities. Roads of Biysk? It’s been put through the ringer on some of the worst roads and coldest winters perhaps known to man. My 2010 Ram has rust issues & I’m very OCD about cleaning it. It was well maintained and now wears new Michelins and doesn’t have a single squeak. good to see not all Toyota engines suffer from the same problem. Vehicle Description Recent Arrival! The Camry is bigger than the other cars you list as cheaper. I had a brief inkling for a 12-14 SE V6 and didn’t mind the way it drove, but it was going to be a temporary thing and even that was too much. I have no problem getting in front of any car I have ever tried to beat to a spot. It’s comfortable, has ample power, and has a cavernous trunk. TrueCar has over 932,573 listings nationwide, updated daily. With both cars, I had originally intended to buy something 3-5 years newer, but found that these cars offered the best combination of value and what I was looking for (comfort, reliability, decent power). “So where are the rattles? Still like them, but have switched allegiance to the big “T.” For driving fun and reliability there’s Honda. One thing I do not feel like is the best it could be are the headlights. Too many letters with circular formation in a row – my mind combines it all to analgrotto. You can buy them now with 25% off MSRP. I have an 07 2.4, it burns about a quart between oil changes. The Lexus version is actually worse. “I could do without a lot of the technocrap they put in cars today.”. All the wheel covers have fallen off. I really like seeing what some long-term experiences are. 2004 Toyota Camry See original listing. Wait. I am looking at a 2001 Toyota Camry LXE V6 with 151000 miles for my daughter. I wondered about that too. Failed master cylinder. Just rolled up my 204k mile XV10 ES300 on some snow tires and junkyard steelies. On a lot of the JDM used imports, guys jack them up with simple spring spacers. The car has its drawbacks (like the solid rear axle), but I actually enjoy driving it and working on it. I am looking at a 2001 Toyota Camry LXE V6 with 151000 miles for my daughter. read more. More than likely not as this review points out. So glad that feature went extinct. Good condition, runs well. Will probably have to cut it down a ton, if you haven’t noticed from my comments I get quite carried away and verbose. That red dirt is truly key to the story, because its color comes from Prince Edward Island’s high iron oxide content. Follow on Twitter @goodcarbadcar and on Facebook. Tomorrow is my first appointment at the dealership for my recalls. The current Camry deal is an abnormality. My brother’s 2004 frame rusted through. View pictures, specs, and pricing & schedule a test drive today. [Images: © 2016 Timothy Cain/The Truth About Cars]. The steering sucks. Minor scrapes on bumper. My second Corolla engine with major oil burning problems. Where the Energy Goes; Gasoline Vehicles; Hybrids; Electric Cars; Fuel-Saving Technologies ; Engine Technologies; Transmission Technologies; Other Technologies; Extreme MPG; Selecting the Right Octane Fuel; Answers to frequently asked questions about octane. All I did was replace the rear swaybar bushings ($30 for OE parts and half an hour of time). I realized about 5 years ago that the Camry is the de facto granny go-to car of the modern era. He has his 5th now. And many owners have had failed 2.2/2.4 and 3.0/3.3 V6 engines with the famous sludge/oil burning issues. The 2012+ LSs seem to have the problem fixed but who knows? Driving position is bad. They built em right back then. Oh man I had a ’91 Camry. I’ll be game to write up my 2010 Highlander when I pass the 100,000 mile mark (which will certainly be by next summer.) Providing the finest build quality in the world must be a double-edged sword, repeat-customer wise. My dad bought a 2003 Honda Accord V6. Sleeper does not mean “I had a nap in it.”, 12 years in a Camry sounds like hell. A brand new Camry is less than two inches longer, one inch wider, and stands equally tall. If you can get it for $1,000, you’re either getting a steal, or you’re getting taken to the cleaners (car has bad motor, hidden rust, etc. No rust, nice shiny vintage red pearl paint, good leather. Usually on GSs / Crowns and it seems to be a unique spring / strut combination. Point taken, henceforth “slightly older”. Common issue in New England for Rams. The big change is taller springs (not hugely so, 15mm or so) with different tuning to prevent bottoming out. We took a 5 hour trip in it from Novosibirsk to a village near Biysk. The thing was a blast! No ABS. Should I buy a 2004 Toyota Camry with a 82K mileage now? This website is administered by Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. I replaced a squeaky belt myself. Now nearly 20 years old and with well over 230k on it, besides regular maintenance and normal wear and tear, it’s been the most solid and reliable car that we’ve ever owned. Seats too soft. 2004 Toyota Camry. Description: Used 2004 Toyota Camry Solara SLE with FWD, Leather Seats. This was the last year Toyota offered the v6/MT in the Camry (the Solara you could get for a feww more years). One thing I notice is that there are still a TON of old Maximas around. Rock chips and scratches paint. What a car. Price: Item location: ... Actual mileage will vary with options, driving conditions and driving habits. I was well maintained by an older gentleman. Silver color with grey fabric interior. Perhaps nostalgia’s getting the better of me, but I’m hoping the in-laws don’t trade it in when they find a replacement. The upper control arm bushings fail prematurely.