As the global leader in Mercedes Benz AMG Tuning, Weistec Engineering sets the performance standard for bi-turbo M157 performance calibration. Make sure it’s always in tip-top shape with repairs from Firestone Complete Auto Care. now is the time to work on that habit, Free shipping to lower 48 states. As before, the 2014 E63 AMG is available in sedan or wagon flavors. Labor and shipping are not included in the warranty and this is also left up to the installations facility used as well. All RaceIQ ECU Calibrations come with a limited lifetime warranty against software defects, including free update reflashes to the original purchaser. This is roughly 23 psi and it also has downpipes plus an intake. This is roughly 23 psi and it also has downpipes plus an intake. Wheel/tire size and weight will also impact chassis dyno results, Weather/Conditions – Temperature, humidity, altitude, and air density all impact engine performance. 2015-2019 GLE63 AMG. The revised M177 engine in the W213 E63 and E63-S models(S63 models as well) is quite the step up from the M177 in the W205 C63(S). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Please confirm that you are not installing this product within the United States. © 2020 Firestone Complete Auto Care. This matchup is a short but interesting highway pull as the W213 E63 AMG S has an M177 ECU flash tune from DME Tuning. For state specific details please visit the following website. This matchup is a short but interesting highway pull as the W213 E63 AMG S has an M177 ECU flash tune from DME Tuning. This allows us to customize the car to your specific purpose and need. The E63 S edges the M5 but it would be interesting to see a rematch with the F90 M5 sporting a BCM (boost control module). The race you all have been waiting for! The 2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG’s S model offers almost 600 horsepower, but we bet few people are terribly disappointed that it’s actually 23 shy. For more information go to The F90 M5 is running a BMS (Burger Tuning) JB4 box set to Map 2. Most Popular. #e63s #m177 #w213 #f90m5 #bmw #amg #dmetuning #dmetuninguae #ecutune #teamacm #carswithoutlimits #carsinstagram #carsofinstagram #rkpcarbon #indstyle #autocouture #itswhitenoise #speedfanatics #mercedesamg #mercedesbenz #mercedesbenzamg #amggang #amglove #amgfans #amgboyz, A post shared by DME Tuning (@dmetuning) on May 25, 2018 at 6:41pm PDT. 0-60 increases guaranteed. If a product was purchased in error, do not install and/or use it. DME ECU tunes for Ferrari focuses on improving Ferrari engine performance and power where it lacks. Model – Manufacturers use the same engine in multiple model vehicles and often times they are in a different state of tune, for example: 2008 C63 and a 2008 CLK Black Series. All performance modifications and installations are at the customer’s own risk. Use Mercedes-Benz’s recommended maintenance schedule as a reference point, or schedule an appointment ASAP if you notice any of these signs: Fuel – Fuel quality is HIGHLY important with performance vehicles. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 299.00 – $ 784.00; M156 Stage 1 Tune. We ensure a tune that is not only specific to your modifications, gas blend and weather conditions, but rather your true use of it. The engines remain largely unaltered and as a result, final tuned output remains the same, while the gains are lower as the starting point is now higher. DME software tunes give BMW drivers a noticeable upgrade in their car's capabilities, engine management change your vehicle deserves. 2011-2014 CL63 AMG. NOT LEGAL FOR SALE OR USE ON POLLUTION CONTROLLED MOTOR VEHICLES Learn why. 2012-2015 ML63 AMG. We understand our Porsche owners are true driving enthusiasts. Your Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S runs best when it’s well cared for. California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010, California Privacy Policy & Notice At Collection. Supporting modifications – The highest power levels require supporting modifications. Keep the W213 E63 vs. F90 M5 videos coming! Naturally the C63 will show more gains as it starts at a lower level. This includes the installation of new spark plugs and a visual inspection of your engine’s components, plus a lifetime warranty on parts*. Southern California Facility. Learn how your comment data is processed. When enough isn't enough, our Lamborghini owners need that extra engine punch. Designed in-house by our expert tuning staff, our M157 ECU tune has surpassed the 600 wheel horsepower mark on a completely stock vehicle with no other modifications. Mercedes Benz ECU tuning and calibration specialists. Mercedes M157 Common Problems . Not sure when you’re due for a tune-up? Either we adapt the maps of your Mercedes W213 AMG on a state-of-the-art test bench by software optimization (also known as chiptuning) or install the easy-to-install Tec-Tronic plug-and-play additional control unit to increase the power output of the … Custom dyno tuning and remote tuning Available! Top tier brand premium fuels should always be used to achieve the best results possible. 2016-2019 GLS63 AMG. This tune is also 100% street legal! Goosebumps guaranteed. With DME Tunes, Bentley drivers notice increased torque, faster turbo spool, better throttle response, and an engine that pulls hard. 2013-2018 G63 AMG. This results in lower numbers when testing on a chassis dyno. The one tool every driver needs. ECU Tuning Process: How do I get my ECU tuned? This was a short pull, but you get the idea DME Stage 2 W213 E63S with DPs vs F90 M5 with JB4 Map 2 (23psi No BCM) DPs and Intake. DME McLaren ECU tunes have achieved maximum power gains without sacrificing drivability or reliability and have broken records on tracks and drag strips. R231 C217 W222 … Weistec Engineering holds no responsibility either implied or otherwise for mechanical, electrical or other failure when using any aftermarket performance products. This can improve your fuel system’s performance (and therefore, your engine’s performance). Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 699.00; Gallardo LP560-4 $ 1,499.00; S3 2.0 … With DME tunes, Ferrari drivers notice a massive improvement in horsepower, torque, 0-60 times, throttle response, and last but not least, adrenaline. Low quality and/or low octane fuel will greatly impact engine output and potentially even engine health. *Check with a teammate at Firestone Complete Auto Care for complete terms and conditions regarding warranties. so you can enjoy improved fuel economy and lower emissions. The car also has downpipes which we assume are catless. Though, Mercedes’ M157 engine is pretty darn good considering it’s a high-performance engine. The first odd bit of information was that his AMG coupe already had a custom tune added to the engine computer. Both have the same engine, but the C63 has 451hp while the CLK63 has 500hp. Required fields are marked *. Mercedes E63 AMG tuning with up to 920 hp. Is your engine overdue for a tune-up? This is but the first of many such battles. We can also customize your software easily for the mods on the car. E63 AMG W212 6.3L N/A                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Stock 518 HP/ 465 TQ                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Tuned 532 HP/ 485 TQ.