Queen of Spades: A divorced or widowed woman with an air zodiac sign predominant in her chart may be in your future. If you draw this card, be wary of others as they could be deceitful. I was able to locate such entry in Golden Dawn Magic: A Complete Guide to the High Magical Arts by Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero on page 161. Keen offers online cartomancy readings performed by skilled cartomancers. Queen In fact, those learned in the art of divination will tell you that the order of playing cards in a reading isn’t a coincidence—it’s a psychic message from the beyond. nicely into my personal interest in cartomancy. Likewise, playing cards in this suit relate to your money and finances. of Clubs – experienced man, generous man, high spirits. There will also be links to other sources throughout the article. between of tarot consists of 10 pip cards ace to ten with four court cards. The ace of spades is the death card like in tarot. article contains a complete list of the meanings for all the 52 unpredictable. 5 of Hearts: The 5 of hearts is associated with jealousy. 7 of Hearts: The card of “lovesickness”, the 7 of hearts is a fickle card that can indicate that someone in your life is untrustworthy or that their affections are faltering. This may be due to the state of culture in the early 20th Here is a list of what each playing card in a standard deck of 52 cards means in a cartomancy meaning. King of Spades: An ambitious man with an air zodiac sign predominant in his chart may be in your future. Substitute the Jack for the page and knight, and it marriage. 7 of Hearts: The card of “lovesickness”, the 7 of hearts is a fickle card that can indicate that someone in your life is untrustworthy or that their affections are faltering. In a cartomancy reading, playing cards with the spades suit reveal upcoming struggles in your life that you will have to deal with. impetuous. Infidelity or separation may be looming in your future. The Read more about it here. early 20th century remains today. Along with the list, we will have a preface to discuss some details about how playing cards relate to tarot. King of Clubs: A man with a kind heart and a fire zodiac sign predominant in his chart may be in your future. 3 of Spades: Heartbreak may be in your future. I chose to compile and change some of the meanings for originality’s sake. The author is possibly anonymous) https://cafeastrology.com/fortunetellingcards.html, Aquarian Insight dot com (Webmaster and Author is Jay) https://www.aquarianinsight.com/playing-card-meanings/. King of Diamonds: An older man with an Earth zodiac sign predominant in his chart is in your future. Queen of Spades – bossy and malicious woman, separated woman, a woman of power. boundaries. Water Element, Diamonds If you are currently negotiating in a specific circle, expect having to accept compensations to succeed. Before of Clubs – good luck, correct instinct, good balance. When you think about the odds of a certain card, or spread, presenting itself during a reading, it feels peculiar to pass it off as mere chance. P. R. S. Foli – Fortune Telling by Cards can be found hosted on these websites: Sacred Texts dot com https://sacred-texts.com/tarot/ftc/index.htm, Labirinto Ermetico dot com https://www.labirintoermetico.com/02Tarocchi/Foli_P_R_S_Fortune_Telling_by_Cards.pdf, A final note about references. 5 The minor arcana These nuances require a good interpreter of the basic meanings of each card, as well as an understanding of what they mean together in certain locations. direction. In cartomancy, this card is one of the few neutral ones that evoke … playing cards. You 8 of Diamonds: A new job may be in your future. A third person may be breaking into your relationship, causing problems. However, few people are aware that each suit is connected to an element. 6 of Diamonds: Relationship problems and separation may be looming. 9 Number cards usually relate to events that will occur soon. Another example is the Five of Diamonds. of Clubs – draining entourage, unchecked compliance, dishonesty 2 of Spades: Represents heartbreak and deceit. of Diamonds – reaping the rewards, household richness, hard work 4 some details about how playing cards relate to tarot. Her goal is to help people find happiness through spiritual enlightenment and self-discovery. Basic playing cards divinatory meanings: Hearts - Water (corresponding to Tarot Cups) Clubs - Fire ... 7 of Hearts Fickle or false friend. Earth Element, Clubs You can find this relationship in many tarot books. more. cups or chalices. Below we have outlined the meaning behind the 52 cards found in a traditional deck. This will allow you to generate your narrative without getting caught up in a written meaning. Now that you know the basics of divination with playing cards and spreads, you can start reading your own fortune or predicting the fortunes of your loved ones. This is not exactly how an academic reference looks. P. R. S. To preform with the playing cards use this article to learn how to Open the Devil’s Triangle. 2 relationships. There are enough differences to give you a Use these playing card readings when performing Opening The Devils Triangle. You could practice your minor arcana with Taking a trip now could result in earning a new friend or romantic partner. If you get the 9 of hearts on the first go – that’s a sign of good luck. 1915 and 1920. of Diamonds – charismatic woman, a rich woman entering your life. 7 of Spades – a hindrance to achievement, change of perspective, imagined loss. 9 of Spades – restlessness, left behind, misfortune. What can you craft with earth, fire, water, air and spirit? 4 of Spades: You may experience small difficulties, such as financial problems and other worries. 2 of Clubs: obstacles to your success may be lurking in your future. In cartomancy, the seven of hearts reveals inner pessimism and a lack of self-confidence. opportunities, Ace 3 of Clubs: The 3 of Clubs is a highly favorable draw; it can suggest happiness and love, especially in marriage, as well as a second chance (especially in business/finances). of Diamonds – the juggler of opportunity, synchronization, positive Stay well-read. The content is then published by the blog owner. This is good that the playing cards differ from the tarot deck. 6 of Clubs: This is a lucky card, predicting financial fortune and success. (Webmaster and Author J. David Arcuri) https://artofcartomancy.blogspot.com/2019/09/locating-lost-objects-with-cartomancy.html, (Webmaster is Padre. The elements and tarot suites all correspond to the suites in playing cards. potential disturbance. Go ahead and try the card reading below. 9 This woman may be a gossip. This might involve the birth of a child or the start of a new project. Much of the meaning of the suites are still intact. of Diamonds – preparing for harvest, saving for next harvest, He may be characterized by status and a sense of authority or influence. This card is a warning sign against heartbreak or betrayal. Since 1999, Keen has been a reputable source for online card readings. In the reading, you will discover answers about yourself and your destiny. are The Significations and Meanings. Jack of Clubs: A good-hearted, playful, and fiery youth is in your future. of Clubs – unexpected loss in finances, sudden change, waste of An obstacle looms in your future, possibly a negative person or influence. Particularly caused by gossip. we compare the minor arcana to the meaning of playing cards you will You are the alchemist of your life. The seven of diamonds indicates that you will have to be more flexible in the near future. you read Foli’s meanings most of them have connotations towards Keep this in mind as you investigate these sources. The author is unknown/anonymous) http://latin.cards/cartomancy/, (Webmaster is Annie Heese. The seven of hearts evokes a blurry moment in the consultant’s life. Have you ever heard the old saying “it’s all in the cards”? I was also able to use Corrine Kenner’s Tarot for Writers while making this list. Ace of Spades: An undesirable draw, the ace of spades represents misfortune, an unwanted ending and even death. Foli published a book Fortune Depending on the size of the layout, cartomancy can provide you with a quick answer or in-depth insights about your life. King of Hearts: This draw suggests that a man with a water zodiac sign predominant in his chart may be in your future. of Hearts – success through hard work, good fortune, completion. Alissa Monroe is a self-proclaimed “psychic junkie” with over 10 years of experience in the world of psychics, tarot, and spirituality. of Hearts – caring woman, maternal role, warm guidance. The number of playing cards used is usually a multiple of 3 (typically 3, 9, or 21), allowing for a look into the past, present, or future. When it is a card that opens when the deck is cut, in any circumstance, it means: Little joy. There are various spreads used in cartomancy, ranging from a single card reading to a 21 card spread. She will be of good nature and offer affection, kindness, and helpful advice. of Clubs – difficulties, conflict with another person, loss of abound. attainment, Ace In a way, they were the first form of tarot cards. The elements associated with each suit are as follows: If you are familiar with zodiac signs, you know that each element holds a special cosmic meaning and attracts different energies. The Fortune will smile gently and generously upon You. When read properly, playing cards are an incredibly powerful tool that can help us make important decisions and look into the future. of Diamonds – lock-box for money, sage advice, financial growth. Fire Element. Playing cards possess a certain cosmic and spiritual power, due to their connection to astrology. 6 This is an original spread of my own design inspired from multiple sources. ##ettiellatarot ##tarotreading ##pathandtarot, Elemental landscape. of Clubs – long term proposition, new creativity, another chance. Hearts Jack Description : Seven of hearts. 3 They may be a young admirer. Draw 3 cards: one for the past, present, and future. 5 works fine. Ace of Diamonds: a positive change, possibly financial, is in your future. However, when the spread is mostly negative, this card can mean the exact opposite—signifying some sort of emotional conflict or indecision in your relationship. Below we have outlined some of the most popular spreads. emotions. of Hearts – fulfillment, content relationships, expanding Ace of Hearts: One of the most powerful and desirable cards, this one represents love and happiness ahead. complete system of divinity. After 10 6 of Spades: Small improvements and changes may be in your future. 6 of Hearts: Suggests a wave of luck or new love interest in your future. It can predict good fortune with finances and travel. Jack 7 minor arcana has four suites like playing cards. of Hearts – emotional crossroads, jealousy in close company, 4 Queen are When it is present in an overall favorable spread, it can indicate love and happiness. 3 of Hearts: The 3 of hearts is a tricky card. 8 Lay the cards out on a table and analyze how their meanings relate to the subject’s life. 4 of Spades – resolving a crisis, financial anguish, reward through struggle. Cartomancy readings depend on the suit and value of the card that is revealed. of Hearts – uncertainty with relationships, unreliable friends, recommended reading Foli’s work if you are interested in learning of Hearts – strong emotional foundation, appropriate change. They may be related to jealousy/envy. 6 The Cartomancy Spreads and How to Use Them, Draw a single card for a quick answer to a question. all, there are only 52 cards. Diamonds are prized for their monetary value. The suit depicts the broader meaning or categorization of the card. This wealth can be fleeting, however, if the card presents itself in an unfavorable spread. You will see that many of the spades are negative.