For centuries, he strained against this hellish confinement... until some nameless mortal was foolish enough to try and wield the blade once more. !” the mortal screams. v8.23 I am like a drowning man thrown into the sea by a shipwreck, dragging myself to the surface by clawing past my fellows. Toward a better host. Overall, this patch pushes Aatrox toward a more bruisery, drain-tanky playstyle and his list of strengths will include more than one, all-in dive combo, accentuating his thematic as a life-draining war machine. He clings to a blind hope: if he can drive all of creation into a final, apocalyptic battle—where everything, everything else is destroyed—then maybe he and the blade will also cease to exist. Aatrox Voice Mod was created under Riot Games' "Legal Jibber Jabber" policy using assets owned by Riot Games. Please. Perk 3Pathfinder I must move quickly. I can see the falling rain. I slay. Around me are only the dead and dying. [2 seconds per ability cast and per champion hit with the edge of the Darkin Blade]. R duration decreased; now always grants max heal if Blood Well is over 80% filled. If I lose the mayor's election, I will find you. Passive cooldown now scales based on level. Perks v7.5 We're pulling some of his early game power in exchange for some more late-game consistency. He could run past me. v7.16 Donation Points system. This mechanic was originally added to let players explore the possibility of jungle Aatrox, which never really took off. Passive now heals for less against minions. AAtrox Voice PL for Female character. R no longer revives Aatrox; amplified self-healing increased; cooldown decreased. It’s moved inside the city walls. Patch 9.6 Erik Ireland is a voice actor from The United States of America, known for voicing Aatrox in League of Legends. The battle is ending. Let some mortal find me. That means making it more rewarding for him to invest some gold in durability, as well as making it less punishing for him to use his abilities. I am choking. As it stands, Aatrox is always perched on a fine line between smashing everything and not having any options at all. These changes went live partway through 8.13. This is hinted on the ID name of the Maddox Batphone: AATROX_BATPHONE. Health regen increased. Aatrox's voice is one of the things I love most about his aesthetic. Blood Well now gives a large buff when filled. Now that Aatrox players have gotten some games under their belt and mastered his pretty unique spells, it turns out he's pretty strong, especially in lane. It is said that the Aspect of Twilight gave mortals the knowledge to trap the darkin, and the newly reborn Aspect of War united many in fighting back against them. Aatrox traveled the land, searching desperately, endlessly, for a way return to his previous Ascended form… but the riddle of the blade proved unsolvable, and in time he realized he would never be free of it. “We will go onward... and onward… and onward…”. E passive healing against non-champions decreased. Where last patch focused on dropping Aatrox's raw power, this patch focuses on exposing more weaknesses for the Darkin Blade. Deals 55% damage to minions, and the knock-up duration is doubled against monsters. I beg the darkness endlessly, but the humiliation of my plea is answered only with silence. This ability may be re-cast 2 additional times, … We know it doesn’t feel good to hear that your champion is a “game health issue”, and it’s even more demoralizing when we don’t do anything to solve that. Passive attack now also heals Aatrox and mutilation removed. 20% chance to find rare drops. Atriox is the powerful Jiralhanae warmaster who leads the Banished, a violent faction of ex-Covenant mercenaries and rogues. Though Shurima had triumphed, they all had lost something in their victory... even noble Aatrox. Aatrox Voice Mod was created under Riot Games' "Legal Jibber Jabber" policy using assets owned by Riot Games. The Darkin Blade benefitted from his on-hit bonuses proccing on wards: Thirst is a heal and Price stacks the Blood Well. Cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds when Aatrox hits a champion or large monster with a spell or attack, doubled when hitting with the Edge of  The Darkin Blade. Passive no longer cancels when reviving. This patch, we're dropping his damage across the board (higher E cooldown means less reliability on Q) but are especially focusing on his early game. v5.11 We’re holding off on targeted balance follow-up until his performance has stabilized, but in the interim, we’re delivering some quality of life changes that should make the revive experience feel more consistent. We removed the ability to lifesteal off wards during preseason, and Blood Thirst’s heal is inconsistent with that change. Perk 1Slayer XP Buff E recharge time increased. R cooldown increased at early ranks. Turns out, a bit of the latter, so we’re doing some cleanup work. Strikes that hit with the Edge knock enemies up for 0.25s and deal 50% more damage. In ancient times, long before desert sands swallowed the empire, a mighty champion of Shurima was brought before the Sun Disc to become the avatar for a now forgotten celestial ideal. Q base damage decreased. Health costs reduced. Pathfinder: Gain rare drops 20% more often, Aatrox was the original name of Maddox before it was changed. We're trading his ability to sustain off minions for higher baseline regen so he can't fall back as effectively on passive farming to recover from enemy aggression. Now, blood and ichor drips from this stolen flesh as it decays., About Leaguepedia | League of Legends Esports Wiki. But he is silenced by the darkness—the endless darkness I have just escaped. Between the depth of Aatrox’s changes last patch and the buffs we shipped shortly thereafter, the dust has yet to settle. Fearing that these fallen Ascended were as dangerous to Runeterra’s survival as the Void incursions had been, the Targonians intervened. W third-hit effects no longer proc against wards. The temptation was too great. On enemy champion takedown, World Ender is extended (refreshing its effects) by 5 seconds (up to the original amount). I slay. Base health increased. I cannot breath. E no longer stores charges but cools down faster than it previously charged. Riot Games does not endorse or sponsor this project. Q damage increased. Blades of Torment’s damage has been reduced (equal at lower levels, lower at max levels). The heavenly powers that Aatrox had once embodied had been wiped from the world, and all memory. If you vote for me, you slay too!, If I lose the mayor's election, I will find you., Why talk? We're focusing on improving his access to priority targets: Dark Flight is now a more reliable tool for diving the backline, while Massacre’s increased additional attack range will boost his reach as he’s wailing on his foes. Instead, like a fire, I burned too quickly, destroying even my host’s form. Aatrox is a mayoral candidate and also Maddox's brother in law. Since his rework, Aatrox has settled into a diving, one-shot playstyle that’s protected by the guaranteed safety of a revive. 14 Mar 2020, 11:36AM. It is an emptiness in my lungs and throat. Aatrox is still highly valued in pro play, so we're taking another swing at him. Raging against this injustice, he arrived at a solution that could only be born of a prisoner’s desperation. Prepare for obliteration with these links: v7.19 Leaguepedia | League of Legends Esports Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Just slay., Maddox always hiding. E now resets attack timer. Gamepedia's League of Legends Esports wiki covers tournaments, teams, players, and personalities in League of Legends. Most notably, the revive on his ultimate is much less reliable, freeing up a lot of room to give him buffs (which make up the majority of the other changes here). The muscles and bones struggle, tear, and protest the abomination I have become. File size. Aatrox is a champion in League of Legends. Drank from them. Where do we even begin? Active: Aatrox slams his greatsword down, dealing physical damage. This shifted the scales back toward standardizing W’s interaction with wards. I will drink from that city, but I will achieve only a grotesque mockery of my former glory.