Introducing the Airdrop Fade, a dirt-jump bike in its rawest, purest form. The Fade was always going to be a legitimate dirt jump bike so we’ve made no compromises on the geometry. VITAL RAW - Lousa, Portugal World Cup DH Craziness!! Premier Club

Standover is tiny with a 330mm seat tube and the BB’s just right at -25mm. Are you interested on Bike and Cycling related News? The Fade is the latest all alloy hardtail from Sheffield based Airdrop Bikes and the company’s first dirt-jump bike.

Watch – Thomas Genon’s misty MTB slopestyle ride. Airdrop is still a tiny company so we really have to earn everything we do.

Reviews, ratings, specifications, weight, price and more for the 2020 Airdrop Fade Works Bike That's matched up to a pair of Halo H-Block tanwalls which are fast rolling in the centre with a bit more tread on the sides for when you get it leaned over. Introducing the Airdrop Fade, a dirt-jump bike in its rawest, purest form. The Fade is available to order now, with stock arriving in the first week of November. Airdrop Bikes (United Kingdom) - Press Release: Introducing the Airdrop Fade. No compromises: no removable dropouts, no mech hanger, no ISCG tabs.

Just clean lines and a heap of fun. you can still ride to the pub even if you’re trashed your rear wheel.

VITAL RAW - Lousa World Cup DH Riding Clinic, Atherton Bikes Goes Crowdfunding: You Can Invest in the Brand, FINAL RESULTS - Lousa World Cup DH 1 of 2 UPDATED with Race Winner Interviews.

And as they say, “if a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well”.

Airdrop is offering the Fade in a single colour, Raw with a clear coat, but you do have the option to choose frame decal colours. Free standard shipping on orders of $50 or more (U.S. only). Compare forks, shocks, wheels and other components on current and past MTB’s. The original idea was for it to be a proper dirt jump bike, not an extra-small version of something else. A bike that inspires you to push harder at the pump track, begs you to throw shapes at the skatepark and loves getting sideways at the trails. Within the first few months of getting the alerts, we saw a deal for London from New York for $180 round trip per person that was impossible to pass up. Brand - Airdrop Bikes is an independent mountain bike brand based in Sheffield.

Free ground shipping on orders over $50 (U.S. only). As with all Airdrop bikes, there’s our custom build service in place for anyone who wants something a bit different. One frame colour – Raw (with a clearcoat), one size and more than a dozen decal colour options.

So now you know what we want, you have 75 days (and counting) to make our wish come true. Why so much tyre clearance?

You can run the Fade as a pure dirt jumper, a pump-track bike, skatepark, street… whatever you like.