Base. Some parts of the narrative, like the intro to chapter 4, imply that if Amiya's rings were to break somehow, her raging oripathy could very well kill her, after Frostleaf's own incantation was interrupted by FrostNova. This is helped by her. This is in contrast to all other 5-star operators who only have a choice between 2 skills. Also, Amiya requested Misha to teach her how to make dolls. So, would doing the EXP stage (and other similar stages) at 20 sanity be advisable? We currently have 1,793 articles on this wiki. If you want to clear the shop you gonna need 60k+ of tokens. For tropes related to her Guard version, please refer to her entry on the Guards subpage. Arknights. No wonder I feel like, although the higher sanity maps drop it more, I’m still getting slightly better return spamming 1-7. I was thinking if the drop rate of these limited drops between stages are fixed? Operator. The level of originium crystals in her blood is devastatingly high (only Ifrit has higher, and just barely) and without Rhodes Island's aid, it seems likely that her cell assimilation rate would be a lot higher than its current 8% (and what cell assimilation has occurred has already played havoc on her natural hearing). Shine out, no matter how dim your light may be. The event maps also drop T3 materials so IMO is a rlly good place to farm. While Amiya's second and third skills are substantially more powerful than Steward's. And as others pointed out we know it drops from 'very rare' to 'rare' with high sanity cost stages which would imply it is adjusted for sanity spent. The supply you can go to your inventory > consumables tab, then click on it to use. In the image is the event shop with prices in the event currency. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Amiya shatters one of her protective rings in order to access her Guard form. Her third skill, which can deal true damage (which ignores both DEF and RES), is generally seen as more trouble than it's worth for most of the early game content. Amiya is extremely protective of just about anyone, such as Frostleaf in Chapter 4. We don't have enough information to know for sure yet. Operation 4-9 when the Doctor had to cover Amiya's eyes to prevent her from fully seeing Mephisto setting fire to captured citizens, Mostly because her rings, which are heavily implied to have been a joint project of Kal'tsit and The Doctor before their amnesia, are somehow keeping her oripathy in check. The physical manifestation of her oripathy symptoms so far seems to be less a crippling of certain humanoid faculties and more outright. I did about 8 runs off 1-7 and get 1 potion and 1 supply case. Like Blaze, Ifrit is all but confirmed outright to be incredibly exothermic (i.e. Every roll on a limited banner grants you a token. completely negates Patriot's colossal DEF and RES, exhausts her to the point of requiring a medivac almost immediately after expiring, picking fights with crazed fans just because the Doctor disagrees with their band of choice and claims that the Doctor's band of choice is better than them, temporarily decreasing the RES of the primary target, some finagling from the player themselves, sort out what the hell's going on with her body, someone who behaves more like a grade schooler than anything, She tries really badly to pass off her concern for their health as mere formality, only the enemies are slowed down, and the ASPD of her allies is left for what it is, they cannot be used safely without stunning or knocking herself out. Special Tokens can be used to increase the Potential of a character. If you don't put shackles on her wrists today, you will find yourself placing a crown upon her head tomorrow.". [+Nightingale by association] and these two who are entirely my assumption: But after Reunion murdered Phil, their eradication moved up to the top of my to-do list. 20 Sanity and above, the rates for both drops turn from "very rare" to "rare" so best stages would be 1-7, which costs 6, and stages over 20 sanity, but not too much over.