Hundreds of families around the globe consider these nests of insects as a threat. Due to its smooth stinger, a bald faced hornet can attack a target repeatedly without harming itself. I have bites all over my body. The bald faced hornets are known to attack the facial area of humans which makes them a potential threat if they build a nest near to high human activity. Awareness of these tiny creatures can be the best way to prevent being stung and in understanding the treatment options. Millipedes have two sets of legs for every segment, and when they move, their legs appear to be moving in a wave-like motion. Thick protective clothing must be worn to avoid the angry stings of these creatures. The inseminated bugs are the one ones that overwinter when the climate cools, whereas the remaining members of the nest die off, and the method repeats the subsequent spring and summer time. Nests are also sometimes attached to shrubs, utility poles or house siding. Mother Nature must have had her reasons for creating these fearful insects even though pest control and pest management specialists might secretly question Her motives. Attracted to the light, the best way to get bald-faced hornets out of wherever you happen be is to shut out the lights and open the window with an outside light. The problem arises, however, when they negatively affect humans. Bald-faced hornets cannot see red so you can easily catch them that way. But before anything else, what are Bald-Faced Hornets? People are on the similar danger of allergic reactions from bald-faced hornet stings as with different insect stings. We don’t service that area, unfortunately. The sting of a bald-faced hornet is truly painful and in … Humans who accidentally venture too close to a hornet’s nest are at the same risk of severe allergic reactions and they can develop Entomophobia, a condition characterized by an obsessive fear of one or more classes of insects, which in the case of the bald-faced hornet, is difficult to eradicate because it is completely justified. Steroids and Antihistamine will be given for fast relief. Since they tend to be aggressive when their nest is in danger, it makes it necessary to ensure you will follow a proper procedure on how to get rid of a bald-faced hornet nest. In their own horrible way, they are highly efficient killing machines. This stinging insect is known as a hornet due to its massive dimension and aerial nest. The sooner you call a licensed exterminator, the sooner your family’s home and lives can return to normal. As many as 700 workers may live in the nest. Workers are protective and aggressive when disturbed. A Better Business Bureau Accredited Business. To a human, a bite feels like that of a bee sting, and can be dangerous,especially if there is an allergic reaction in response to the bite. Bald-faced hornets construct paper nests a minimum of three or extra toes off of the bottom, often in bushes, shrubs, on overhangs, utility poles, homes, sheds or different buildings. That is why we need to have prior knowledge about these insects, specifically on how to remove them or if possible, ask professional help. Some carry diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to you or your pets. How about around your backyard? Bald-faced hornets build paper carton nests in the area of the queen’s choosing, typically at least three or more feet off of the ground, and usually in trees, shrubs, on overhangs, utility poles, houses, sheds or other structures. However, an untidy environment will make it all the more difficult to get rid of them. After feeding, she drops off her host and lays thousands of eggs. (Technically they are wasps and not a type of hornet, despite the name.)