Replaying old games when I have new ones. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. She is strong headed and will not give up on her goals. Most powerful attacker in my squad. Published by Nintendo Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. He’s not a damage dealer per say, but with Warp and a high resistance he’s a great utility mage and a must for any Black Eagle army. Everyone’s favourite shy girl. Included are beginner, intermediate, advanced, and master classes. But she is terrible when it comes to attacking. She has decent survivability and her ability Songstress allows allies to recover 10% of their health each turn. Classes for Black Eagle Ideas and Suggestions. Dorothea: Gremory. His ability Confidence gives a +15 to hit and avoidance when he’s at full health which is great for first hits or if he has a healer nearby. Her main combat skills are flying and swordsmanship which makes her destined to becoming a Falcon Knight. Any suggestion on casper? He is devoted to protecting Edelgard to the point where he will consider assassinating anyone who gets in her way even if her life isn’t at risk. However, Mortal Savant is .... ehhh. She’s best suited to be a bow fighter with high stats in dexterity and speed with her highest skill ranking in bow weapons. Her personal skill, Songstress, heals adjacent allies for 10% of their health, meaning she could be a good support/back line unit. Blue house boys are the bomb His luck stat is ridiculously high which has an effect on every single thing he does or has an effect on him, namely enemies’ critical hit chance. Ferd. Ummm do what you like with him really. Basically her job is to stay alive and heal others. His stats are more balanced towards strength and luck, and he has a knack for axes and gauntlets. This fan favourite is the leader of the Black Eagles house and one of the three main lords of the three houses. She’s fantastic with axes and her stat spread is fantastic, so the added mobility is a big bonus for such a powerful unit. It easier when you have a STR char in a STR roll or Mag in a Mag Roll while Savant I feel doesn't quite match up to the others. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Her struggle with grammar makes for some amusing dialogue and many pick her for the social aspect. ... Black Eagles House. Not totally accurate. Best Master Class for Black Eagles? Depending on a choice during Black Eagles story you might just get Seteth who is default in that class. He can easily get to the necessary Lance rating, and the Reason rating should happen naturally. Caspar is not a noble and that makes him an exception within the Black Eagles. The class seems like it was made for him. So just go into Lord and then from there whatever you like till the she unlocks her next 2 unique classes for you to level and use which are her best. You should experiment. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. First big one. Her prowess in combat supports avoiding people and direct confrontation. Of all the Black Eagle house students Bernadetta is the weakest, which is actually fairly consistent with her being the shyest student at the monastery. He has a good spread of stats and growth which means he can take hits and dish them out just as well.