According to the release, the book features the couple tackling common marital conflicts as money, housework (Giuliana, the release noted, is "disorganized" while Bill is "a neat freak"), how to argue without remaining angry at each other, and more. "We got up there and were drinking champagne and had Michael Bublé playing in the background, then we flew over Michigan Avenue. In response to an audience member's question about balancing a career, children, and marriage, Giuliana admitted she's "asked about work-life balance a lot," and shared what she calls her "100-100 rule." Giuliana returned in September 2018 to the role of anchor. "It felt like the floor disappeared and I was just falling," she said during a 2018 lecture the couple gave at Elmhurst College. Speaking with the HuffPost in 2016, some two years after the show wrapped, Giuliana explained why the arrival of their son, Duke, led them to step away Giuliana & Bill. 02:35 02 Sep 2020, updated 02:40 02 Sep 2020. Unlike most TV show cancellations, it was the stars of the show who made the decision to pull the plug, not the network. Not 100. Giuliana received backlash in February 2015 after she made controversial comments about dreadlocks worn by Zendaya, 24, at the Oscars saying her hair looked like it smelled of 'patchouli oil' or 'weed'. "So, I called up Giuliana and told her what Donald said. That was something of an epiphany for her, and she admitted "that's nice to hear." It's just reassuring," she said. Keep on reading to delve into their amazing romance by discovering the truth about Giuliana and Bill Rancic's marriage. The Naples, Italy native and Bill got married on September 1, 2007 during a ceremony on Capri at Sancta Sophia Church in Anacapri. Giuliana and Bill have an eight-year-old son Edward together. ", After Giuliana said yes, the reality that she and Bill were now engaged "took a while for it to sink in," she admitted in an interview with Today. "That way, we're not texting or emailing people at work. job, whereas Bill was still working in Chicago managing the Trump International Hotel and Tower project. She wrote that "nothing is more important than spending time with my family, which we are hoping to grow soon." Given that their respective jobs include attending glamorous events and walking red carpets, when Giuliana and Bill Rancic come together for a date night, they tend to keep things very casual. She also co-hosted E! She announced in July 2015 that she would be leaving her position as co-anchor on E! in 2005, she admitted she was "all over that!". Staying connected via regular date nights is just one of the many ways that Giuliana and Bill Rancic keep their marriage strong. As she told SurvivorNet, fighting cancer was something they undertook as a couple. That's how we connect," Giuliana told the Chicago Sun-Times' Splash magazine (via Radar Online). It was actually a blessing that I got that mammogram at 36 years old.". Giuliana and Bill Rancic's journey to parenthood was a long and difficult one. About a month into the prenup negotiations, Bill got a call from his lawyer, who told him that Giuliana wanted to include something he'd never seen in his 25 years practicing law. "We try not to let [distractions] happen," she said. network. During an appearance on the Rachael Ray show, the couple shared some additional tips that help them juggle their relationship and their parenting duties as they raise son Duke. ", More than a decade later, the couple returned to that same church, this time accompanied by their son, Duke. In an interview with Us Weekly, the couple recalled their very first fight as spouses. News as a reporter in 2002 and became an anchor in 2005. That… Bill chimed in with a joke: "That was just because she didn't sign the prenup — I didn't want to lose half my assets.". As she explained, the couple are insistent that their home life be as free as possible from work-related distractions in order to focus exclusively on each other and their son Duke. Despite the difficulties in getting there, she added, the arrival of Duke made it all worthwhile. News. Interestingly, one of the viewers of that first Apprentice season was Giuliana DePandi, an entertainment journalist with the E! I'm like, 'I do need to marry him,'" she told HuffPost. "I would watch [The Apprentice] with my girlfriend Colette every week, and Colette's like, 'You need to marry him.' Before television viewers met Giuliana Rancic, they met Bill. However, the romantic moment he'd prepared did not go exactly as planned as he accidentally knelt down on a champagne glass. "If you get caught cheating," Bill's lawyer told him, "Giuliana wants 110 percent of your net worth. ", When the couple come together after wrapping up work with their respective jobs, added Giuliana, "we try to keep the quality time at a 10." Their relationship deepened, they wrote, due to "small but significant efforts" they made along the way, resulting in "a bond built on a foundation of shared values that allow our marriage to thrive.".