You give us Fontaine, and this whole filthy ring of his, and you’ll be knocking back pints up at the Fighting McDonaghs. Tenenbaum: At the German prison camp, they put me to work on genetic experiments on other prisoners. [Changing Employers] Frank Fontaine: Made Ryan good and mad when I started playing charity angle. Where she’s not obvious, she’s dangerous! Nurse: The nose looks terrific, Doctor Steinman… Doctor? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Whatever you thought about right and wrong on the surface, that don’t count for much down in Rapture. The screen fades, after which we see the final cutscene.) Tenenbaum: Now you are having freedom. (The security robot pushes the female splicer into the hole in the ceiling and follows her, after which we hear a shrill scream.) You have saved many of my Little Ones. He said, "Innocents? We were done over. Frank Fontaine: That’s it, kid. (Mr. Wallace starts screaming) Frank Fontaine: I’ve got the Rapture now! (The female splicer jumps on the bathysphere, breaking it, trying to get to Jack.) You’re not a moth... you’re an angel. Nobody knows exactly what happened. (Jack enters the Fighting McDonagh.) Bioshock is a first-person action RPG set in the late 1940s after World War II. You’re weak chopper! Sander Cohen: SILENCE!!! But that was then, when we took what we got, but with ADAM... the flesh becomes clay. Liberators do not exist. Announcer: Security alert deactivated. (Jack returns to the Emergency Access by killing a crowd of enemies.) Lunatics. I think I’ve got a way to save the trees, it’s a genetic vector that... oh, look who I’m talking to... Could you find a sample of Rosa Gallica for me? Suddenly, someone shoots the splicer. Female Splicer: What crawls in my garden? All I care about is why is this one born strong, and that one weak? The next thing I know I’m called into Ryan’s office to talk about the whole mess. They got married, fucked their wives. I test all my disciples. Any man who tells you different either has his hand in your pocket, or a pistol to your neck. (The screen is lowered and Jack sees a panorama of the underwater city.) Go now! I rejected those answers. Atlas: I got it... get out of there… get out now!!! Take his damn picture, chop chop. (Jack finally comes to his senses. Let me see it! Frank Fontaine: Kills me to turn my fist to you, but business is business. (Jack goes on.) Ain’t nothin’ here for you but tears. [Cheap Son Of A Bitch] Ryan asked, "Should a farmer not be able to sell his food?" Where you gonna go? Suchong: Is that your puppy? Female Splicer: My youth! [Maternal Instinct] Can you hear me in me there, darling? Atlas: You all right? Oh, yes! Maybe one day I’ll get me a real family... they play well with the suckers. Atlas is the longest con of all. Fontaine has most of those keys, but not all. And what did you do instead? Sander Cohen: I hear your wings flopping in my home… flip flop flip flop flip flop. I did. Change of heart, Timmy? Work on Telekinesis Plasmid proceeding well. (Jack finds the medicine and takes it.) so.addVariable(“pageUrl”, document.location); (Jack finds a research camera.) Steinman ain’t that kind, and frankly, I’m not even sure he’s still human. I asked Ryan how could he do such things to innocents. The slug is embedded in the lining of the host’s stomach and after the host feeds we induce regurgitation, and then we have twenty, thirty times yield of usable ADAM. If you don’t follow proper maintenance on those Big Daddies, they burn through those R-34s like them Eve’s Apple betties go through penicillin. Do we mix The criminal with the low-abiding? Female Splicer: Who can blame a lady who craves variety? (When dealing with the splicer and getting his first firearm - a pistol, Jack hears Atlas over the radio.) But they deliver and they don’t ask questions. Not once. In there no doubt there will be more of this Lot 192. He sees Fontaine tied to some kind of mechanism. baddies, similar to the "Horde modes" we've seen rise in prominence in the last couple of years. Frank Fontaine: Not so quick, kid. Review Cheat Codes. And then all debts will be paid in full. You let him getaway! imagine my surprise I guess I’ll have another drink... here’s a toast to Diane McClintock, silliest girl in Rapture. For certain their harvesting will draw the attention of the splicers! Little Boy: What? (Jack sees several splicers in the water.) Everything’s ready. Ghosts! You don't start with any dough, but you get some from killing Splicers. Germans, all they can talk about is blue eyes, and shape of forehead. Ryan did. Fontaine fucks you. "They progress from more accessible to ones that are a lot more specialized and specific.". The one roach I can’t seem to exterminate. But I suppose you could drown the son of a bitch in it... Splicer - Male: Yellow! (Jack goes to find the right components for the creation of Lazarus Serum. [Death Penalty in Rapture] Ready to talk now? Riots in the streets they say! Atlas: Does it look like it’s a real bomb? One-two- punch! You and me coulda run the table in this place. (Jack goes on.) [Atlas Lives] You won’t hear him coming... but he’ll be there before you know it. Take the bafhysphere to Point Prometheus. There’s nothing to save! Seems like Mother Goose has been playing around in your egg salad.