Your new favorite show is right here. Bobby was given 1-6 months to live . specialist / it (67 episodes, 2013-2019), vp of finance & administration / vp of finance and administration / vp of finance & admin. In less than a year, I would learn exactly how hopelessly damaged Daniel was, and I'm still left wondering what he was worse at: being a manager or a human being. He saw him as a bad influence on me, and a link to our previous manager's regime, something he was exceptionally insecure about. Some of the best episodes of the show were about pure American muscle. He would rave about President Obama, who had just been elected, and proudly railed against the white privilege he admittedly benefitted from. Even my wife watches it with me. No one at any level in corporate America wants to admit fault until it's absolutely necessary, even if an entire department suffers as a result. the boss—once told him to take some time off after he flipped out on too many of the wrong people. Months later, when Bobby was searching for a new job, word got back to him that prospective employers had been reaching out to Daniel as a reference. As you read the notes on the staff, you might think that it is a dubious claim that every worker at FantomWorks is a professional. Her bio on the official FantomWorks site reads, “In many ways, she’s the “guy (or gal) behind the guy” for complex operations at FantomWorks. Official Sites Because it's never too early to plan Thursday night... two months from now. Posted by Velocity on Wednesday, November 11, 2015. Many amazing cars and motorcycles come into the shop every. FantomWorks is almost like a classic car museum thanks to all the muscle cars in the shop. You don't have to come into FantomWorks just to have your classic Dodge Challenger fixed up. Sometimes celebrities drop by and other times the crew hosts a charity event for veterans. He began tinkering around with cars when he was about 16, and his interest only grew. Daniel cowered behind the same shield of white privilege and, more specifically, white male patriarchy that he denounced so vehemently when I first met him. While I showed up to work everyday with a grin on my face because I enjoyed the world outside of it, he felt stagnant and had little to do past 6 p.m. Boredom, confusion, and malicious intent are a hazardous combination, and this virulent blend only fed his crab mentality. Before either party had made any detailed inspection of the car, Mr. Owens told Mr. Short that he wanted DRS to install a reliable fuel-injected engine, a modern suspension, and new brakes. FantomWorks™ is a full service restoration company created by Daniel R. Short in 2006. What I later learned was that it is impossible to work for someone who's competing with you.