Contact us and we will respond as soon as possible, All reports are still available within 12 hours, We publish our traditional annual research of the Cyprus corporate sector, We are glad to introduce our study of numbers that characterize Cypriot corporate sector in 2015, The information provided above may be outdated. Number ΗΕ 290022. PDF Brociti Investments Limited. Following terms and conditions apply: All charges are made in USD. Country: ░░░░░░░░ Alacra Store. Address: ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ SubType Private. Burisma is completely owned by another Cypriot offshore company, Brociti Investments Limited, which, records show, belongs to Mykola Zlochevsky, who was energy minister and deputy national security council chair under Yanukovych, deposed in February. SWEPCO COURT 8, Flat M2, Zlochevsky was Ukraine’s Ministry of … Reg. The Zlochevskiy case, who owned companies Burisma Holdings Limited and Brociti Investments Limited during his government post, dates back to the end of 2012. Brociti Investments acquired Burisma Holdings in … Relationships Interlocks Giving Political Data. Brociti Investments Limited; Last dossier update: Oct. 23, 2020. "BROCITI INVESTMENTS LIMITED" Aug 13, 2019. BROCITI INVESTMENTS LIMITED. Burisma Holdings is owned by Brociti Investments Ltd of Cyprus which is owned by Mykola Zlochevsky. Nov 03, 2020. Limassol, Leadership & Staff. Brociti Investments Limited. from one place. Parents can do things they forbid their kids from doing, bosses … A Ukrainian gas company called Burisma Holdings and owned by the Cyprus-based offshore company Brociti Investments Limited is at the centre of a very high-profile US scandal.The scandal involves a whistle-blower complaint that’s been linked to US President Donald Trump, Ukraine, former US Vice Presi To obtain the most current and complete information about the company, order a report. Or visit our FAQs. Enter the keyword(s) you would like to search for within this report: InfoCredit Group—Infocredit Group provides reports that present a current, objective picture of how a company manages its financial obligations, providing an unbiased view of a company's overall financial health. Zlochevsky was minister of natural resources under Viktor Yanukovych, the president of Ukraine. Annual Return 31/12/2017. Any questions about the report you're considering? Edited by GuasaGuasa 7 months ago History. InfoCredit Group. Date of Appointment: ░░░░.░░.░░, Order i-Cyprus report and get complete information about the company BROCITI INVESTMENTS LIMITED, Any questions? © Anti-corruption Action Centre, 2015-2019, Витяг на компанію з Кіпру Бросіті Миколи Злочевського, Витяг з реєстру Кіпру на BURISMA HOLDINGS, яка належить BROCITI INVESTMENTS Злочевського, Витяг на кіпрську компанію Миколи Злочевського DILORETIO HOLDINGS LTD, Витяг на кіпрську компанію Миколи Злочевського KUBGAS HOLDINGS LIMITED, Витяг на ТОВ "Техноагро-Інвест" Миколи Злочевського, Витяг на ТОВ "Ресурсагро" Миколи Злочевського, Витяг на ТОВ "Компанія "Агростиль" Миколи Злочевського, Витяг на ДП "Алдеа Україна" Миколи Злочевського, Витяг на ТОВ "Інвестиційна компанія "Агропром" Миколи Злочевського, Витяг на ТОВ "Астроінвест-Україна", яке належить Миколі Злочевському, Витяг на ТОВ "Бурізма сервіс" Миколи Злочевського, Витяг на ТОВ "Газойлінвест" Миколи Злочевського, Витяг на ТОВ "Перша українська газонафтова компанія" Миколи Злочевського, Витяг на ТОВ "Компанія "Техагро" Миколи Злочевського, Витяг на ТОВ "Еско-Північ" Миколи Злочевського, 3076, Company Profiles The above information does not fall under the definition of the one "with limited access" and does not contain personal data within the meaning of the Paragraph 2 of Article 5 of the Law of Ukraine On Personal Data Protection. Burisma Holdings is owned by Brociti Investments Limited, a Cyprus-based company owned by Ukrainian former politician and businessman Mykola Zlochevsky. This website highlights information obtained as part of the NGO Anti-corruption Action Centre's right on access to the public information and information from open sources which already has been published. <. Search all our Type Limited Company. Tweet TweetBiden Family’s Corruption Is Nothing New and Largely Legal by Derek Hunter Oct 25, 2020 Biden family’s corruption is nothing new and largely legal (AP Photo/Nick Wass) When Corruption is Common Place When you get to make the rules, they always favor you. Burisma is owned by the Cyprus-based offshore company Brociti Investments Limited, which records show is owned Zlochevsky, BuzzFeed News reported. Credit Report Information This credit report details the findings of our investigation into BROCITI INVESTMENTS LIMITED. The Register is developed and administered by the Anti-corruption Action Centre. SWEPCO COURT 8, Flat M2. “Burisma changed owners last year [in 2011]: instead of Zlochevsky and Lisin, the company was taken over by a Cypriot off-shore enterprise called Brociti Investments Ltd. Pari and Esko-Pivnich” and a “third company was already waiting for them in the same building – the above-mentioned Ukrnaftoburinnya,” and “The Privat Group is the immediate owner. Our Customer Service Team can help! Burisma Holdings is owned by a Cypriot holding firm, Brociti Investments Limited, which is controlled Nikolai Zlochevskyi, a former Ukranian government minister, according to Cypriot records. Cypriot holding firm controlled Nikolai Zlochevskyi, a former Ukranian government minister. During the preparation of this report, multiple investigations were implemented in order to ensure all available information; including structured and financial information concerning BROCITI INVESTMENTS LIMITED was retrieved. Reports include name, legal status, and registration number, full contact details of a company, and a credit rating based upon the content of the report. It is well known, that from 12/19/2012 until early 2014 Ukrainian law enforcement carried out at least … add relationship edit flag. Organisation Status Active. Registration Date 05/07/2011.