This allows for your child to be able to gain height and even do their first trick. Everybody loves my bike and compliments me on a daily basis. He has had it since he was 8 now he is 10. Was on the market for a bike to get around on casual sunset rides with my girlfriend around the neighborhood. Keep doing everything your doing! They are located in between 2 biking meccas which is why they are at an advantage to create an epic bike. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I ended up going with the coral. It’s so old school and fun. Everything went perfect. Spawn was initially creating bikes that were needed by the son and daughter of the owners, so the attention to detail was impeccable. The Bay area is becoming more and more Urban living (well they are trying really hard.) Thank you for making such a wonderful bike! This is a trick that will help you to be able to keep moving forward when you are focusing on the jump. Flow Bikes Flow Carbon. Website is Online when last checked on 31 August 2017 This report has been viewed 12 times since it was first created on 01 February 2016 is a 4 years old domain, situated in United States of America. Got this bike last month and honestly it's so great! The bike was sent to a local shop only a mile away from my house and I was able to easily pick it up and bring it home. Interchangeable Single Speed Setups and Sliding Dropouts for Geared Included. The Mongoose Fireball is definitely MY top pick for the best overall value in the dirt jump bike class. They have a partnership with Silk Roads so it was great to be able to pick up my already assembled bike. When they have relaxed completely, they will be ready to absorb the lip. Trails? Couldn't ask for more. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Most importantly, it's the smoothest, easiest, most comfortable ride. Trying to go through trails too fast is the number one reason that people end up with injuries. To boost a jump, first, your child will need to learn to stand tall. Extend the arms and the bike will naturally arc through the air and stick the landing. From helping me find the right bike for me to offering to give me a phone call to chat about picking out the bike and the experience they create. My daughter absolutely loves her new cruiser, and who wouldn't -- it's beautiful! The problem is she also loved it so much that she ended up riding mine all the time, preferring it over a purportedly much fancier (i.e., expensive) woman's hybrid that used to be her errand/commuter bike! Amazing customer service and high quality bike! Thanks! If you clicked on a link to get here, the link is outdated. It features a number of features and specs that make it perfect for handling the dirt jumps that you want from your bike. They need to work with being able to throw their body weight in a forward motion as quickly as possible. If you are on the fence, definitely go with Brooklyn. This is so that you can still allow your child to train on the bike. My bike fits all of my commuter needs and is super cute! Brood TR27 24" Wheelset . The bike shipped locally and was assembled quickly, and I feel proud cruising around on my colorful ride! Most of all, Ryan and the team at BBC are amazing! -  Designed by So pleased with this purchased. This is why you should stay off of the highway and busy streets. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. A bike that has an aluminum or alloy frame is one that is going to be the most affordable option. Check. After I get more experience I’ll ride farther out but so far so good. Up to an extra $150 fee with other companies, completely free with us. They e-mailed me over a holiday weekend to check on it, got it corrected for me, and refunded all by the next business day. I was impatient so went with the white one in stock at the showroom in Brooklyn (which was an enjoyable visit in itself). Get out and ride! Online chat answered a few questions for me and was very helpful. Feel free to use this as a guide and please share your purchasing experience with us! If your child has seen them, chances are that he/shes mouth is watering to jump them. Excellent build quality, good components, fun to ride, and great customer service from Brooklyn Bicycle Co. My wife and I had been contemplating buying new bikes for a few years. Fork — Brood Bike Co. Eldorado 20” 80 mm travel, lockout Cranks — Brood Bike Co. Styx 2 Piece Thru-Axle, 140 mm Chainwheel — Brook Bike Co. Between the customer service and the quality, I don't think you can do any better. This bike was a perfect addition to my collection! Dirt jump bikes are a nice piece of equipment and although they can be a lot of fun, they are not a toy. Having long sleeves, long pants, gloves and over the ankle boots are also important. This bike is designed with the right geometry needed for dirt jumps of all sizes. It was like talking to friends in person. There are so many off ramp sculpted landing ramps and dirt jumps that are amazing fun and quality today. A bit heavier than I expected this bike feels really solid and rides great on the beach in low tide, when the sand is packed down. A good number to aim for is 36. This is a well thought out bike and great value. They will want to extend their arms and legs to be able to take off successfully. It has so many speeds and seemlessly switches between speeds when I’m riding. At first I was use to riding a more sporty bike so I was a bit worried I wouldn't be able to go as quickly as I'd like, but it's actually very fast! She gets compliments everywhere I go! Build of the 20” Wheel — 142 x 12 Rear Axle and 15 mm Front Axle. If you are learning to dirt jump, do not jump on the pavement. Brood Bike Co. © 2017 Spawn Cycles Inc. All Rights Reserved. To my surprise, I needed the larger frame (which was bigger than I imagined), but I'm so glad I did that, because now I can ride pain free. When they do this, they can even stand upright to show off some skill. The bike features an alloy frame that is very sturdy and that is going to last a long time. This bike gets it done, and in style.