The bonding has gone really good and they have been cuddling and grooming each other non … You will see an increase of poo pellets out in the larger room at this point – the rabbits are each claiming the area. They are both fixed and i have a female (hermaphrodite but she has a dewlap and acts like a female) and a male. Edie Sayeg, bonding counselor for the Georgia House Rabbit Society, describes it as putting the rabbit next to each other and stroke them on foreheads, just the way they like to be stroked. Try some “Bunny Magic”! Females shouldn't be bonded with another rabbit immediately post-neutering to reduce the risk of injury.

While we do not charge for the bonding services when you adopt a companion rabbit from us, we do require payment for the boarding of your rabbit during the process. There are no hard and fast rules about how long to stay with a date, or how many times a day dates should occur.

OK, let it continue. However, as you increase the number of rabbits, and importantly the number of personalities, the exercise does get a little more complicated. Contact us. Also uncommon, but possible, is outright fighting. To get the best service, choose the store closest to you: They're ready to meet face to can you help. Is he mad you just gave his favorite toy to the other? You can bring your bunny or bunnies to our shelter in Carnation and board your bunnies under the watchful eye of and loving care of Angie, our founder.

Make sure both rabbits' noses can be seen so they are not biting in sensitive areas during the interaction. We ask you to bring your rabbits to us, where we can provide a controlled, neutral and calm environment where we can witness the behaviours for you. Bonding happens best in “neutral territory” – a space that neither rabbit has claimed as it’s own.

Rabbits can be bonded at any time in their lives and can be re-bonded with another rabbit if their original partner has passed away.

Is the rabbit stressed and ready to stop for the day? Is one rabbit jealous you are interacting with the new bunny/resident bunny?

The owner intervening at the wrong time or in the wrong way. ", or "Are they ok together? Don't – Try to bond if you have had a bad day. Understanding Bonding from the Rabbit’s Perspective is Your Key To Success! The trio bonding took a while and, although the three bunnies did eventually live together for several months without fighting, the female we had bonded in … My name is Caroline and I’m 40 years old. If they're separated and one rabbit comes back with a different smell or change in health, they may reject each other and begin fighting.

This delay both ensures proper healing and gives the hormones a chance to dissipate. We have introduced Bonding Support Consultations via telephone or video - see above for more details.

Seeing signs of stress or annoyance? Our trained team of rabbit carers conduct daily bonding exercises and aim to get your rabbits bonded together and returned to you as a happy bonded pair or small group. During this session we will support you through the process and help you with some exercises designed to mend those bridges.

Privacy Policy Designed using Creattica Premium. That all depends entirely on how well the rabbits are responding to each other, and what your own frame of mind is like.

Back in 2010, when we had a neutered male/female pair, we decided to try and bond another (neutered) female in and form a group. There is a suggested donation of £20 per session for this service.


Everything going well?