They are also very absorbent, if the bedding gets too wet, and they solve that problem right away. Scooping out the sawdust is a major factor. A good rule of thumb is, however, to empty the entire contents of the litter box abount twice a month. Every day when you change the little box, remove a tiny bit of the clay litter and add a little more wood pellets. section in our other article, before considering if you should flush your cat’s waste. Cypress Fresh Cat Litter from Next Gen Pet Products ” … combines the power of Japanese Hinoki wood and green tea leaves to fight bacterial growth that causes litter box odor” according to their website. Find out why you might want to switch to pellet litter and how to do it. Although the natural ones may last longer, the initial cost can have a deterring effect. Anyway – yeah, definitely do some testing and – if you can -keep a regular box going during the transition stage!! Using pellets as an alternative when I do not have the time for the cardboard shredding is perfect! Unlike other types of clumping litter such as sand or clay, wood pellets litter do not clump. lol Bentley, I’m interested to see if the chick feed clumps when mixed with the sawdust. Archived. It really depends on the health of each cat individually. To summarize, these are the main steps to scoop wood pellet cat litter: If you are going to use the method above, and use the scoop to “sift” the litter, the size of the holes is important. This process means our pellets contain no chemicals that could be harmful to your cat. Even with baking soda it still smelled. Wood pellets may seem like a strange material to use as cat litter, but it has proven to work really well for many environmentally conscious cat owners. You’ll only want to put about half an inch of pellets in the box. This versatile cat litter is a great natural option for consistent moisture absorption and odor control. Completely change out the litter every two weeks, and hand wash the litter box. I dunno. Tip: Click here for Top Picks for Best wood pellet cat litter products. Only on the east coast do they sell stove pellets….I’ll stick to my chick feed for now. The answer is a simple yes. JOHN – absolutely! The sawdust ends up at the bottom of the litter box, while fresh pellets remain on top. The term “fill” here is relative. Thanks for the warning about the smell – so far I’ve been baffled by the lack of odor. What Is The Best Litter Box For Pine Pellet Cat Litter? LOUISE – over here they use something similar for horse bedding, but I am pretty sure it is pine (not hardwood). Some wood pellets will also be made of mixed types of wood. js = d.createElement(s); = id; These are also better for the environment, than simply throwing the used litter in the trash. If your cat has issues with several allergies, paper based pellets may be the way to go. The pellets are most often made from excess wood from the timber industry, or recycled materials. You can share the link with a friend who might be interested – or save it to Pinterest so you can find it later. I did find the sawdust pellets for $6/40lb at my farm supplier though….much better than the pet store price! moisturized and mixed with food wastes) – but we shall see! Pellets intended to be used as cat litter, may even have plant based ingredients added to the mixture for clumping ability. It offers several of the typical pellet litter benefits; it is dust free, it’s biodegradable and the pellets are hypoallergenic. Just good for burning in a pellet stove or cat liter if you're in a pinch. Allergy: Some cats or cat owners could be allergic to wood. As cat guardians, we’re happy commercially produced cat litter was invented- the wide range of options available to us is awesome. One way is to simply use two litter boxes for a while. Wet pellets will turn into sawdust and can be composted. Feline Pine is a well known brand, that has been around since 1992. Transitioning too quickly can confuse your cat and lead to “accidents” in unwanted places. Hoping to get a post up about all this today. Soiled wood pellet litter can be composted and can decompose naturally. Feline Pine Original Cat Litter is available on, where you can also read customer reviews, and answers to questions that people have asked. lol Animal bedding pellets are an easy switch for regular cat litter. This means 1lb of wood pellet cat litter will last you longer than 1lb of clay litter, since the amount you will need to use is far less. Wood pellets have a fresh, woodsy scent. It’s important to observe carefully. The scoop needs to have holes that are large enough for the sawdust to fall through, but small enough for the fresh pellets to stay on top.The size of the holes in the litter scoop is less important if you are only going to use it to remove feces. Inexpensive wood pellets made from pine can grant this wish! . Reasons why you might switch include: There are many reasons why you might switch from traditional clay kitty litter to wood pellets. I think the sawdust will be more of a filler material so I don’t have to use as much of the starter (which is considerably more expensive). This pellet cat litter is low dust and non-tracking, plus it’s flushable for super easy disposal! Wood pellets are lightweight, and turn into fluffy sawdust when wet. Your email address will not be published. Since pellet cat litter has a different texture and consistency than other popular cat litter types, it can be especially good for cats in unique circumstances. ———– Silica cat litter is a fairly inexpensive cat litter option which is…, Cats can suffer from allergies, asthma and respiratory issues the same way…, There are over 95 million cats in American households today. 10 Years of Vermicomposting Trenches & Beyond! You can also opt for a special sifting litter box, that removes the sawdust automatically. Corn and wheat are examples of such plants, since they contain starch – a common binding agent. Beyond that awesome potential, it gets even better. Gotta be better than coco coir in a bin. Sprinkle additional pellets on the surface to maintain the litter box. Word of caution- as soon as litter is uncovered, run for the hills! Additionally, many clay litters are made via strip-mined resources. Fill the box with wood pellets. Crumbles well (turns into sawdust easily). A) Contain chemicals to improve burning etc (or just generally added during the pellet-creation process) and/or Baking soda can help control odor. 1. I would have ASSumed (lol) a product like this would: Cats can have allergies or even asthma, the same as humans. If you scoop out most of the used sawdust regurarly, say whenever you remove the solids, and add more fresh pellets – the litter box will stay cleaner for longer. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Beyond that awesome potential, it gets even better. In fact, there are many reasons why you might want to stock your litter box with wood pellets. If you have small animals in your home, such as guinea pigs or ferrets, this would make a tremendous bedding for them. Okocat paper litter is our top pellet pick because it’s eco-friendly, it effectively controls odors and is built for high absorbency. Please keep us updated.