Art He missed her. These include questions over character traits, questions where students describe their own opinions, as well as why they think others should read the book too. Marcenia played baseball with the boys on the playground, but Mr. Street wasn’t going to let her come to his all-boys baseball camp. What did her behavior tell you about Marcenia? … What sport do you like to play the most? The comprehension questions can be used as a story test or as a learning activity for students as they read the story.The worksheets include: * comprehension questions (multiple choice)* comprehension qu. Spanish, Bilingual, and Language Collections, By Crystal Hubbard Like the moon it describes, the poem never quite settles into an identity or arrives anywhere. The text tells us that Luis started getting into trouble when he began high school. Her story "Catch the Moon" offers a great look at theme, point of view, and the eternal struggle between kids and their parents. He missed her so much. Luis is sure to be changed from his experience. These strategies might be helpful to use with students who are English language learners or who are learning to speak English as a second language. We realize that Luis is not that bad. Why do you think Mr. Street gave baseball shoes to Marcenia? Says Hubbard, “I think sports are important in terms of helping develop skills in working well with others and in building self-esteem.” As a young girl, Hubbard met Arthur Ashe, the tennis player. Just like the main protagonist in “Catch the Moon,” all of the boys and girls … On the night that Luis goes back to Naomi's house with the wheel cover, there is no moon in the night sky. Lead a discussion about what the first part of the title might mean and how this meaning relates to the rest of the title. Log in here. Also, all of the graphic organizers can be used for any text. What words would you use to describe the character of Marcenia? All of the documents are alterable so that you can tailor them for your purposes. Problem and Solution Graphic Organizers to go with the book, 'Catching the Moon'.Students can watch the story online at Storyline Online (R). For hours he sorted the wheel covers by make, size and condition, stopping only to call his father and tell him what he was doing. He misses his mother. Why did she do that? What would you tell someone who has not read. Also included in: Catching the Moon Book Companion Mini BUNDLE, Also included in: Write About It - Comprehension 3rd Grade Bundle Prep mClass TRC Questions, Also included in: May Book Companion Bundle | Speech and Language Therapy, Also included in: Lessons on 14 Short Stories - Distance Learning. How did her passion for baseball affect the other things in her life? About the Author This is, Needing a fun, low prep activity to fill your sub plans or a long afternoon? What chance did she take? Why did they feel this way? When Naomi shows up needing the hub cap, Luis works all night to find it. What instigates change in his character and what is the... What is the thematic analysis for "Quinceanera" by Judith Ortiz Cofer? What was her dream? Then write the following verbs on the board and explain that they all appear in the book. The packet is 5 pages with Vocab terms from the story, 16 reading comprehension questions (with an answer guide), and an e, This is a 27-page set of worksheets for the short story "Catch the Moon" by Judith Ortiz Cofer. Illustrations by Randy DuBurke. Why do you think her mother worried that Marcenia would be a maid? She wasn’t perfect or anything. Find out how Toni Stone is honored in her hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota. How does the use of literary elements support the theme? Science What is the best part about playing that sport? Before Reading Luis remembers his mother’s love for him and bursts into tears. Marcenia “Toni Stone” Lyle Alberga was inducted into the Women’s Sports Hall of Fame in 1993. Crystal Hubbard, the author, has this advice for young readers: “You can make of your life what you want if you’re willing to work hard and keep sight of the goals you set for yourself. Another theme is that of love and its ability to heal. Sequence Graphic Organizer to use with the book, 'Catching the Moon'.Print and Go. When she was a child, her family moved from her birth- place of Puerto Rico to Paterson, New Jersey. Shows resources that can work for all subjects areas, In this lesson, students will identify and discuss problems and solutions and how, in this particular story, problems lead to more problems which need additional solutions. Encourage students to refer back to the text and illustrations in the book to support their responses. Do you think she was right? However, they made frequent trips back to Puerto Rico, so she always felt close to her cul- tural roots. Tell students that sports writers often use lively language when describing an event. Website designed & developed by Net Theory. When she married, she took her husband’s last name, Alberga. What new name might you pick? As the first female player in the Negro Leagues, she was often harassed by the male players. Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team. Sign up now, Latest answer posted September 19, 2016 at 7:06:09 PM, Latest answer posted December 18, 2011 at 8:11:59 AM, Latest answer posted January 07, 2013 at 7:00:37 PM, Latest answer posted March 20, 2012 at 10:21:46 PM, Latest answer posted February 12, 2016 at 6:38:49 PM. Why did the artist show the moon as a baseball in one of the illustrations? Catching the Moon: The Story of A Young Girl's Baseball Dream by Crystal Hubbard is an inspirational story of pursuing a dream. Nonfiction, Sports, Identity/Self Esteem/Confidence, Friendship, Dreams & Aspirations, Discrimination, Breaking Gender Barriers, African/African American Interest, Biography/Memoir, Poverty, Sports History, Childhood Experiences and Memories, Optimism/Enthusiasm, Overcoming Obstacles, Persistence/Grit, Women's History, African American English Collection Grades 3-6, Fluent Dual Language , Fluent English, Biography and Memoir Grades 3-6, Appendix B Diverse Collection Grades 3-6, Nonfiction Grades 3-6, Bestsellers and Favorites Collection, Athletes and Sports, Black History Collection, Grades 3-6, High-Low Books for Preteens (Grades 4-6), Women's History Collection, Baseball & Softball Collection, Persistence and Determination Collection, Pedro Noguera Diverse Collection Grades 3-5, Storyline Online Collection , Social Activism Collection Grades PreK-2, Black History Month Bestselling Books Collection, Women's Text Set Collection Grades PreK-8, Women's Text Set Collection PreK-2, EmbraceRace Webinar: Books That Inspire Racial Justice & Advocacy for All Children, English Guided Reading Level R, Social and Emotional Learning Collection, Grit & Perseverance Collection, Social Activism Collection. Reader's Response Write the following baseball terms from the story on the chalkboard. This resource includes a LINK TO a nineteen question Boom Cards™ quiz that include, If you are looking for quality materials to add to your distance-learning resources, this is the right product for you.This Google Slide presentation contains links to more than a dozen interactive activities that support academic standards related to the book Catching the Moon by Crystal Hubbard.Ho, To accommodate classroom and distance learning settings, this general comprehension assessment is delivered as an editable Google Doc and as a Google Forms quiz that automatically grades multiple choice questions and includes built-in feedback for constructed response questions. Do you think girls and boys should play sports together? Discussion Questions About the Illustrator In the instructions are instructions for each of the four paragraphs (minimum). Then challenge students to write their own similes about Marcenia. He lives with his wife and their two sons in Switzerland. Here i, Judith Ortiz Cofer is an important Latina author. He remembers his anger at losing her and how later this had made him “punch a hole in his bedroom wall.” He had even refused to talk to the people who came to the funeral. It is stated that he lost his mother three years before the date of narration and joined high school two years before, upon which he became a troublemaker. Plan to share the afterword with students when they finish reading the book. While working, he begins to understand “why his father kept busy all the time.” When he finds the right hubcap, he polishes it, and even though it is late in the night, he goes to Naomi’s house to “give her the first good thing he had given anyone in a long time.”, Top subjects are Literature, History, and Social Sciences. In the story "Catch the Moon" by Judith Ortiz Cofer, what passage explains the story's title? Why were the boys excited about his appearance in town? If you use literature circles during reading time, students might find the following suggestions helpful in focusing on the different roles of the group members. It is based on the book, Catching the Moon by Crystal Hubbard, the story of Toni Stone, the first woman to play baseball on, Are you looking for a great book companion that will guide your students to identify and discuss problems and solutions, explore vocabulary in context, and identify main idea and theme, as well as search for sensory images, figurative language, and discuss author's purpose? Literature Circles These activities, in companionship with the book Catching the Moon by Crystal Hubbard, are engaging and quick to prep! He is grumpy, lazy, and dejected. How did Marcenia behave after her father said he could not afford to buy her cleats? Print and Go. Use some of these activities to help students integrate their reading experiences with other curriculum areas. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? Set aside time for students to share and discuss their work. Also, all of the graphic organizers can be used for any text. Second, she was a woman at a time when women rarely played professional baseball. She had bad days when nothing he did could make her smile, especially after she got sick. This likely reveals “The Moon” as the product of a restless mind searching … Smell: The puff of lather might smell of soap when Marcenia gets her hair washed. As a copy editor in the sports department of the Boston Herald, her “interest in sports exploded,” and she became determined to share the stories of African American sports heroes with children.