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Motor Trike Trax Auxiliary Fog Lights - MTEL-0379. Our Standard Rear is the 35 ½ inch Wide from Drum to Drum.

:"�QD;5�4�nH8���#��/緫e�/�a �Yz���CZ��>1�81敲11�H�q��0��-U����D��7c�* Swapping the stock rear brake caliper for a pair of VW automotive units changes the brake feel, and requires somewhat more effort than stock.

0 Limited 1 year warranty. $995.95.

Photography: Champion Trikes. Advertise • You can also leave your name and number and. Rear Axle Housing Assembly, Assembled and ready to paint . If long rides are your thing you'll love the Gold Wing conversion.

210 16 It is even Pre-Greased to be sure it is not overlooked.

The optional system is beautifully executed, with premium coil-over shocks, forged aluminum upper and lower control arms, and high-pressure cast components. © 2020  CHAMPION SIDECARS & REVERSE GEARS | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED  |  Privacy Policy  |  Terms of Use.

Terms of Service • Was: $894.95. The U.S.Trikes (TM) Housing assembly comes completely assembled, and the Differential is evenPre-Greased.The Housing is jig-aligned and MIG-welded, using CNC machined Mosier engineering axletubes ends, 4130 Chrome Moly 2.5 inch O.D, 125 wall tubing. Trike conversions allow folks who would like to ride motorcycles - but want or need the stability of three wheels on the ground - to still enjoy the sensory experience and freedom of the road that motorcyclists love. .

For solo riding on rough pavement we used the softest setting, but we turned it up to the max in the twisties to reduce leaning in corners.

0000001529 00000 n xref 0000001215 00000 n <]>> trailer 0000002406 00000 n Passenger accommodations are almost throne-like, with a roomy seat and cushy backrest to keep your pillion happy. Text: Ken Freund •

Rear Axle Housing Assembly, Assembled and ready to paint . %PDF-1.4 %���� Buy It Now . Find a Dealer portal for Champion Sidecars & Reverse Gears (formerly Champion Trikes & Sidecars) has long been the leader in the motorcycle sidecar and trike kit world with its Champion Avenger Sidecar, Champion Legend Sidecar, Champion Vintage Sidecar, trike conversion kits, Harley Trike Kits, Indian Trike Kits and Honda Trike Kits. DNA Zero Flex Swing Arm Conversions. $53.96. All this makes it easy to ride all day in comfort.

NB: All build stages carry a supplement for shaft drive, because special diffs have to be made. 0000043761 00000 n

The stock rear subframe and swingarm are replaced by a new subframe that holds the rear axle and suspension and carries a pair of 205/70R15 tires on aluminum wheels. 0000003898 00000 n Dynas and Sportsters need a donor swing arm, which will be incorporated with our swing arm assembly. 54 1/2" outside for the Big Twins with the 13 1/4" wide Fenders, the Body & Fender sets were designed for the older Deep Dish Street Rod type Wheels, 48" outside for the Sportsters with the 10 1/2" wide Fenders, The REAPER & ROGUE Bodies use of up to 12  Section Width Tires mounted on 10"wide x 15" American Racing  outlaw series Wheels.

(This included the weight of our hand-laminated fiberglass body) our swing arms are mainly forFL, FX, FLT and FXR. STAGE 4:  Complete "Classic" Trike Conversion. 0000002483 00000 n

Hardware Wheels Brakes Body Parts Raked Triple Trees Reverse Gear for Harley-Davidson lehman, champion, trike, accessories, parts, motorcycle, conversion, harley, … They come in two finished widths and there are various stages of build that you can choose from.

Additionally, MT facilities are closed on Fridays until the circumstances allow (TBA).

Our Standard Rear is the 35 ½ inch Wide from Drum to Drum. There's plenty of acceleration for passing and climbing hills; the trike's extra weight doesn't seem to phase it. CNC Laser Cut adjusting platesthat are ½ inch thick, CNC Laser cut center housing side plates that are 3/8 inch thick.All crucial fitting parts are then finished on a Bridgeport Vertical Mill. Our "Classic" made in house fully independent suspension axles, can be manufactured for just about any make or model of motorcycle. The VSC makes a palpable improvement in both situations. Fabrication & welding skills are needed. *LIFETIME WARRANTY ON ELECTRIC REVERSE MOTOR INCLUDED!U.S.

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Rear Axle Assembly & Swingarm                                   Information and Specifications.

0000004656 00000 n $7.99 shipping. Our test trike had Champion's optional independent rear suspension, which is engineered for a better ride and handling than a solid rear axle.

It consists of a new triple-clamp assembly, which adds 4.5 degrees to the stock rake and extends the wheelbase slightly but seems to reduce turning effort. a�```Rˀ�q0�U A�AaT ��� ��H��2��D��L�@�.M�d�w���������C �4�������N2Na�Bn(�b��`�%�Sba�@� �� �؜� 18 watchers. Subscribe • Our expertly manufactured and assembled sidecars, gives you the confidence that you are safe and secure on the road. to ridesolo. The other necessary parts to complete the conversion are available separately.

One of the nicest things you can say about an aftermarket conversion on a Gold Wing is that it looks like it came from the factory, and this one does indeed. Kit as above but we also make up trike sub frame, powder coat some of the metalwork. %%EOF

A smooth clutch and 5-speed gearbox carry the power aft, and fuel injection gives instant starts along with excellent drivability.

The Rear Assembly comes Completely Assembled, with a Bill Thomas Reconditioned Drum Brake Kit, All that is left to do to the rear-axle assembly is clean, prime, and paint the color of your choice. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Fit and finish are excellent, the paint looks like factory original, and every component added appears to be of OEM quality. This comprises an assembled axle made to the drive you specify (chain, belt or shaft) and includes the tubing to make up the sub frame, a set of unpainted mudguards and advice on fitting. Increased wind and rolling resistance from the rear fenders and wheels, however, along with the added avoirdupois, do have a negative effect on fuel economy. We are happy to advise through the build. You supply your own wheels and tyres, or we can supply and you have a rolling chassis ready to finish off.

Stock Harley Dresser air-shocks mounted at approx. $1,900.00. If you are going to use the new type wheels and tires with the widest part of the wheel being inside then you will need the wider Housing Assemblies. 40 degree forward at the topyou will only need about 30 lbs. Honda uses a sturdy twin-spar aluminum frame, and the stock chassis configuration is retained all the way rearward to the passenger's backrest and trunk. 0000000016 00000 n Contact Us •

The optional system is beautifully executed, with premium coil-over shocks, forged aluminum upper and lower control arms, and high-pressure cast components. Champion says there's 6.75 cubic feet of trunk capacity, and it offers two large toiletry kits that fit above the wheel wells on each side. View cart for details. If you already have a belt-drive and wish to convert to chain, belt to chain conversions are available from several sources for all Harley Davidson models.The drive sprocket of your choice will be supplied and installed in your new U.S.Trikes axle housing and be spaced properly for your application with my recommended optional front sprocket. Our test unit also came with Champion's Variable Sway Control (VSC), which adjusts the rear suspension's firmness with the touch of a switch.

U.S. TRIKES [TM] Electric Reverse [patent pending]*, Just bolt on the Motor & connect 2 wires and you are ready to do backups without pushing with your feet. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time, {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}.

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X����N�(T��N�����cF��I��Q.�*7�6�m�A�-�J8/�cE����(��G"#����T�_d�B��?�?�����BF���Ո?�0�p06B^! They come in two finished widths and there are various stages of build that you can choose from.

���@l���?.��_! All swing arms are made from 2 X 2 X 3/16 inch square steel tubing with CNC laser cut 1/2 inchsteel adjusting plates jig-aligned and MIG welded.Front pivot pieces are machined from chrome-molyseamless tubing, 2 X .188 wall and machined to take stock swing arm pivot bushings or bearings, whichever is applicable. 212 0 obj<>stream Find the right parts for your Trike.

The Rear Drive Pulley Adapter Price included with Rear Axle Assembly, we use your Drive Pulley and you Belt as long as they are in Good Condition. We do everything for you!

Champion & Lehman Full Body Trike Conversions, Unit 10, Waterside Business Park, Lamby Way, Cardiff, CF3 2ET, UK. M & J Motor Company : All Products - Accessories Suspension Rear Axles Shaft Drive Rear Axles Belt Drive Exhaust Misc.