It periodically handed out used computers at little or no cost to help children of struggling families.

9 months ago. GRAND RAPIDS, MI – After a federal raid at its Leonard Street NW business, the National Science Institute, formerly known as The Geek Group, said Friday, Dec. 31, it has shut down.

Boden's comments and reference to non productive members being \"noise\" and productive ones being \"signal\" essentially told a lot of people that they had to actively support TGG and toe the line while on the main channel, or face \"Draconian changes\", I will leave it to my subscribers to decide if they want to join in, or stay away.I do not advocate trolling them or posting hate comments, it only acts to breed more hate and hostility, and that is not what I am about.

I gave it everything I had and then some. … I’m sorry I failed you.

The non-profit agency, dedicated to science and technology, provided hands-on educational opportunities, including use of high-tech equipment and facilities by students, inventors and others.

For nearly 25 years, Boden said, he had the “greatest job in the world.”, He thanked those who “worked with us to try and make this crazy dream happen. Quote from: milktoast on December 02, 2014, 06:17:30 am.

Today is really my first time I've heard about them and only because you posted 3 posts about it and I read the forum by posts unread. To preface, I found a few threads about TGG when I was searching for info on pumping station one and other hackerspaces. “The truth is, my staff and I have been living in fear for years. Does anyone know what is going on? In a Facebook post, president Chris Boden said the institute – in the former West YMCA building at 902 Leonard St. NW - was a labor of love but it could not generate enough funding to pay its bills.

The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Homeland Security Investigations and the IRS, among others, was the last straw.

Pretty much all I've seen of the Geek Group is the video they had on using an arduino to count from a geiger counter, but I came across Chris's channel and found it kind of weird.'the-geek-group'-on-youtube/,'the-geek-group'-on-youtube/msg300746/#msg300746. An organization called the National Science Institute, formerly known as the Geek Group, was raided Friday, Dec. 21, “The problem is, we never found a way to do it and make enough of a revenue to sustain it,” he wrote. We have both striven to promote Geek Group projects, steer new potential members into the Geek Groups light, presenting it as a pillar in the maker community that smart people can rely on as a means of communication and collective thinking. Keep journalists asking the hard questions. I do what I do because I love it, and I do not require anyone to stand and salute me, nor contribute goods or money.The Geek Group is a fantastic concept, they just need to get their shit together on a managerial level, especially if they want the IRC to be their \"Public Face\", because when the director goes off and does what he did on TGG's \"Public Face\" it does not look good for anyone!.Signed - EdwardAussie50.

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At least that blonde Sheila when she did some labour shown the top of her arse-crack now and then.

::: READ THE DESCRIPTION:::: Full IRC log here Well... this happened... on the 18'th of February.

Wow, people still using IRC and they still get upset about channel control? We just don’t have any fight left in us.”, So, he said: “As of Noon today, 31 December 2018 the collection of weirdos that began as The Bohemian Brothers, that evolved into the group called GeNext!, that began the company called The Geek Group, and eventually The National Science Institute will formally shut down operations to the public.”, He said that attorneys have advised against commenting on the investigation. I thought that whatever criminal/civil proceeding against Chris Boden and others would have been completed by now.

Just a note regarding the "waving his gun around" bit, the US may be fairly lax on firearm regulation, particularly states like Michigan, but brandishing a firearm is generally a felony offense.

Federal agents spent about five hours at the facility.