Imo, his death is unneeded in the story. nauraxx Jul 23 2011 10:18 am si minah Mar 15 2012 11:12 am abokusu Aug 08 2011 6:20 am lee min ho so cool in this drama. park min young is perfect for the role of Kim Nana , because of her the drama gets more fun , unlike lee minho who is dull and too boring in this drama (no offense but he was really not fun in here , too serious and a jerk in the drama ) It was an amazing drama but the ending isn't satisfying at all. i realy realy love it' tlaga, I've read and watched the Japanese City Hunter . Why you offense on Burmese people.Aung San is Burma's beloved national leader,If we mention Korean as something bad blur blur by the misinformation in our media,how you feel on it?? The operation is successful, but as the troops swim out from Nampo to an ROK Navy submarine assigned for their extraction, snipers aboard the submarine open fire on them. terms of story,chemistry between couple... a male viewer Oct 21 2016 9:01 am This drama is not worthy of its title. and yea there was not too much of an emphasis on the romance but honestly i thought it was kinda sweet! jtr Apr 06 2014 9:34 pm I know Tv and books are different mediums but sorry only Japanese people and Taiwanese are good to keep the vibe and spirit of mangas. The people are gorgeous (there is no one better than Hyun Bin). He supposed to be funny, lust (when saw pretty girls) and serious on the job they take. If you made 'City Hunter 2' it must be really AMAZING. Ryuca Sep 04 2011 9:59 am :( :( :( :(, Preetam Jul 30 2011 6:40 am :D However, the writing, directing, and especially the performances carried the story. But city hunter is my favourite..... like so many people said, I was expecting a hug at the ending scene, and how he gave out the ring to her, or probably show where they travelled to considering the fact that Kim Na Na(min_young) was with a travelling luggage at the ending scene! I LOVE CITY HUNTER !!!! !...another role another big hit:). i doubt it IMITATION is their innovation!! Guys, this is just a movie, just enjoy it! Lee Min Ho keep up the amazing acting.

It's like all in one! Tai Aug 12 2011 12:46 pm More power Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young and the whole City Hunter casts. rizka Jan 06 2012 11:53 am There has no difference performance between SungKyunKwan Scandal and City Hunter. Maybe Kim Na Na will show up and Ryo Saeba have his couple again hahaha ! If you're going to deny that you haven't experience such emotions while watching it..forgive me for saying that you're being a HYPOCRITE.. basis why I can say such words? Can't imagine that...", we-so-fly Apr 06 2011 9:12 pm This movie has some mistake and big mistake. Korean people destroyed a classic called "city hunter" with its wonderful characters.

I just love the couples and love triangles in this series!!!! City Hunter is about : He is warned by Jin-pyo not to trust anyone and never fall in love, as doing so will put the people around him in danger. Maybe I’ll try giving the series a rewatch in a couple of months and see how I find it then. i just don't get it.

One episode left, I love this show! Lee Min Ho's screen presence is without a doubt bigger than most actors around. Please say there is a sequel cos' I couldn't wait to see Lee Min Ho'sCity Hunter to combat the baddies. i love cityhunter,,,,and im also hoping 4 cityhunter part2....ilove minmin couple very much. This is the best Kdrama I've ever addicted to. OMG i love this!! Kudos! O.M.G. I honestly like it for being different. Never gets tired of watching CITY HUNTER. just ----- u all!!! @ At Cityhunterhawaii, I understand what you mean I also wanted more episodes, however a lot of your questions were answered in the last episodes I think xcodex Nov 01 2011 11:32 am His acting career is always superb. Jacky Aug 09 2011 6:17 pm this series just felt compressed and too short.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The korean City Hunter espouses fine values such as rationality, forgiveness and love which society and the world at large need. - A scene him giving the ring to nana