you'll be hooked with a regional airline job if you're a coastie fixed wing pilot. Twitter: @MattKeeler1231. First, pretty much everything /u/OhmsResistMe69 said is spot on. In order to be eligible for flight school you're going to need to pass a flight physical with medical, take the Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB), and I believe theyre also doing an interview these days. De La Fe did not describe what type of projectile the Thunderbolt was carrying. You will be the most mature and experienced individual will likely be in your late twenties with years of operational experience surrounded by a sea of 22 year old Navy ensigns that graduated college last month. A lifelong dream to serve in one particular job in the service (like wanting to be a Navy SEAL) 3. You will be an officer first and pilot second. How competitive are flight slots in the USCG? To be extremely general/stereotypical though: rotary guys are usually a little more 'gung-ho' and looking for action and search and rescue. The vast majority of people who are able to walk through the doors in Pensacola leave with their wings. Im 15 and love to fly just looking for possible Opportunities. Notice: Incomplete and otherwise inaccurate reproductions of United States Coast Pilot are being sold on the commercial market. But yeah, if you're thinking of flying post-career, fixed wing is the way to go. Chances are after all the hurdles you've already passed you will stand out in your flight school class. When you're on duty and not flying - as discussed above, you often have desk work you need to take care of, but when you're junior, you often have spare time. But to each their own...if you're a fixed wing pilot you will certainly have what you need to step right into a job with a regional airline and move up quickly to the majors...helicopter pilots have a much longer path, but some companies will get you trained up. It's because of this pilot shortage, though, and I'm not sure that's going to be the case for a long time. U.S. Coast Guard: Basic Pay - Effective Janurary 1, 2013, U.S. Coast Guard: Flight School - How to Apply, U.S. Coast Guard: Coast Guard Aviation Medicine Manual, Companies That Will Pay You to Become a Helicopter Pilot, Qualifications for Army Helicopter Pilots. TA is not totally reliable though and is subject budget fluctuations and is sometimes limited to enlisted members of people trying to get bachelor degrees. I can't speak to the other services but, in the CG you won't be stuck on an aircraft carrier for 10 months at a time or deployed to the desert for 6 months. As far as how competitive it is, that depends. There are numerous opportunities for going straight to flight school from OCS, and we are going to need to be cranking out as many pilots as possible for the next seven years. Army/navy have a lot more aircraft than CG, so I would think applying to one of their flight programs you would have a lot better chance getting picked up. O.O. OSAN AIR BASE, South Korea — An A-10 Thunderbolt II pilot inadvertently dropped a projectile outside a designated training area on Oct. 13, according to the 51st Fighter Wing at Osan. Notice: To increase efficiency and timeliness, Coast Pilot updates will only be posted on this website, and no longer be included in the Coast Guard Local Notice to Mariners. How long is your service commitment if you want to fly? In that case you can go work out, watch a movie, or challenge your co-pilot to a round of Call of Duty. The training can be difficult but it's not rocket science, it is just a massive amount of information that really isn't complicated...just extensive. You will receive base pay based on your rank and time served with the Coast Guard. Hello everyone! I'm considering joining the USCG. And probably preparing some kind of brief for the command each morning. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. A safety investigation is underway, and the wing imposed “additional mitigation measures to reduce the likelihood of future incidents,” according to the statement. In that case you can go work out, watch a movie, or challenge your co-pilot to a round of Call of Duty. Flight school is hard, but it's definitely not impossible. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. You must be an officer in the Coast Guard or a flight-school graduate from another branch of the armed forces to qualify for a position as a helicopter pilot. Thanks for your time! Your class may have a few go...they may have none. Helicopter pilots move to any major tourist destination (Hawaii!) Once accepted, how hard is it to pass the actual training? In addition, you receive medical and dental coverage, paid vacation, life insurance and medical benefits. Civilian jobs: they actually just opened some new paths for helicopter pilots to go become commercial airline pilots. Once you have that, assuming that you're a high performing individual who will be endorsed by their can apply to OCS. Wow, this is all great information. There's just a lot of information to get into your head in a pretty short amount of time. What do you guys think? Alright, now you've been selected for flight school.... you report to Pensacola Florida and get started. First you'll need a degree. Pretty sure previous flight time doesn't matter, either. Does the Coast Guard do flights into storms? How was your experience? Officer Requirements. In order to become a Coast Guard pilot, it is necessary to be an officer. This is an un-official USCG Reddit page. I am not sure if there are any security issues, but if it is possible, I feel like it would be a great experience. There are two different ways in which someone can become a Coast Guard pilot. Just thinking in purely numbers. A self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, she never lost sight of her childhood dream. Do you have to stick to the same airframe for the rest of your military career? Job Requirements for an Apache Helicopter Pilot. random question What the most challenging flight you've ever had?! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Coast Guard does offer GI bill benefits the same as any other service. What is your schedule like? Same for you /u/Supersonic_Walrus. I have a Navy recruiter close by that I might talk to. Thanks again TupperWolf! Again, that's a gross generalization, there are cool missions for both. On average coast guard flight students significantly outperform their Navy and marine corps counterparts. I am a Coast Guard MH-65 pilot in my third tour. I didn't know that graduated pilots can do that. I really want to be a SAR pilot (like on an HH60j). This is an un-official USCG Reddit page. All Rights Reserved. IAmA Search and Rescue pilot in the US Coast Guard, AMA. CLICK THIS LINK to send a PM to also be reminded and to reduce spam. I would like to learn more about CG pilots! Some have said 5 years others have said you have to do a tour on the ground before getting a flight slot, totaling an 11 year commitment. “During the sweep, leadership from both the U.S. and [South Korean] sides determined that based on the terrain at the projected location of impact, there was not a significant threat to anyone and called the search off on Oct. 16,” de La Fe wrote. united, american, delta), but PSA, Mesa, Envoy etc...will almost for sure hires. From my class they only took two, from others they've taken a dozen or more. A 25th Fighter Squadron A-10C Thunderbolt II pilot performs a pre-flight check prior to takeoff April 9, 2020, at Osan Air Base, South Korea. Is there any benefit to having a civilian pilots liscense already?I just started flying with a CFI and only have a few hours. The OCS selection is very competitive, you have to be a stand out with an excellent resume at your unit...and even then it may take years and multiple attempts (again, see my warning about age). Lt. Colleen Cain did not serve in the Coast Guard for very long, but she made an impression that many will never forget. I'm still not sure what branch though. Helicopter pilots are essential to supporting this mission and other roles of the Coast Guard… Stop by and see what's going on in the fleet, or ask us a question you might have about the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard currently uses the ASTB score to select pilot candidates for training on Coast Guard planes and helicopters. On non-duty days you may have one flight scheduled and then do other work, or you might not be on the flight schedule at all, in which case you are just doing regular officer/collateral work for a normal work day (usually 0730-1530 or something similar). For example, helicopters are used to locate and track drug smuggling … There are all kinds of deployments, but most are around 2-6 weeks depending on the type and location. Upon graduating from OCS you will be obligated 3 years and upon graduating flight school you will be obligated 8 years (so it is basically 11 years). -Not sure about other Branches, but most units will be 2-4 years. Important Coast Pilot Information. You'll typically change collateral jobs every summer, and you'll transfer to a new Air Station every 3-4 years. In some cases, Coast Guard members serve overseas. Also, since you're on for 24 hours, you will obviously be eating, sleeping, and showering somewhere in there. Nicole Webber is a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter pilot in Coos Bay, Oregon.