1. There are many, many excellent brands of salt on the market but I have been using Instant Ocean & its Reef Crystals brand for many years and I love it. The Coralife Super Skimmer is a high-performance foam fractionator designed with a patented needle-wheel impeller and aspirating venturi. Bio-Balls are not a good filter media for saltwater. Protein skimmers have become a standard component in saltwater and reef aquarium filtration systems as they are very effective at removing dissolved organic compounds from aquarium water. Around $135.00Click HERE for Latest Prices, More Details & Great Reviews at Marine Depot. (P2) HANG-ON TANK MOUNT PLACEMENT 1. For a larger selection of equipment with Good, Better, Best Ratings Click Below to head to Marine Depot’s Recommended Products Page: To help you gather all the information you need about setting up your aquarium, maintaining it and your first few months, be sure to click on any of the links below: If you found this guide helpful please Share It! The biocube now comes with a media tray so I didn't want to spend another $100 on an intanke media tray and go through the hassle of modifying my biocube to fit that and the Tunze 9001 (which will not fit the current model of biocube stock, i bought one and tried), so I finally gave in and bought the coralife skimmer. This stand was purposely designed to complement the BioCube in a stylish, modern way. 5 years ago | 3 views. Around $10.00Click HERE for Latest Price, More Details & Great Reviews at Marine Depot. Large collection cup to reduce the frequency of emptying and a magnetic locking system to keep it installed perfectly. The 100W version is perfect for this size tank and slips neatly into the return pump compartment. Skimmer. These are just the basic costs to get this aquarium started. BioCube® premium filter cartridges feature dual-action filtration. Along with the BioCube 32 you can purchase the stand, protein skimmer, hydrometer, cleaning magnet, thermometer, test kit, epoxy, bacteria, phosphate remover and just the right amount of salt, sand, egg crate and carbon—products you will definitely need when building a BioCube 32 reef aquarium. The design of the Coralife Biocube is probably the number one reason why most people buy this tank. This one has no alarms to alert you of High or Low Temperature, but is a great addition to help you keep your tank parameters stable. properly inserted at the 1st chamber of the wet/ dry section (Figure 8). But one note of the difference between those and Biocube is in the size and transparency. I decided to try a protein skimmer on my coralife 14 gal biocube that I have always successfully used Chaeto in the back compartment along with water changes. Biocube HQI Sump Setup. It's also backwards compatible with the Coralife BioCube... SereneSun Full Spectrum RGB+W Freshwater LED aquarium light with 24-hour lighting controller and wireless remote. The More You Spend, The More You Get! From $16.00Click HERE for Latest Prices, More Details & Great Reviews at Marine Depot, Aquarium: $270.00Stand $190.00Protein Skimmer $118.00Heater $28.00Filter Media $20.00Substrate $62.00Rock: $66.00Salt: $54.00. 1. I have a 32 Biocube. Around $118.00Click HERE for Latest Price, More Details & Great Reviews on Marine Depot. Cart All. This LED version of the BioCube range was developed on the success of its predecessors but with the ability to keep a wide range of corals. Coralife Biocube Protein Skimmer: Amazon.sg: Pet Supplies. Every Order on SaltwaterAquarium.com is eligible to receive a Free Gift, just add it to your cart before checkout! The Flex 32.5 US Gal. The Coralife BioCube BC 32 LED Kit was designed to be easy to maintain, be capable of keeping corals and is built to last. Different rock or salt will adjust these prices slightly.Taxes will also need to be added depending on your location. I have been using them for years and it is the only heater I will buy. The Coralife BioCube NEW & IMPROVED Size 29 & 32 Aquarium Stand is compatible with the Coralife Size 32 LED BioCube Aquarium. Coralife offers a variety of high quality saltwater aquarium products, such as aquatic lighting, protein skimmers and fish tank thermometers. A very popular upgrade for many BioCube owners.