There’s really nothing that special about the game on the surface. There are a lot of videos about Indoctrination Theory out there, but the ACAVYO video is probably the best place to start, and then if you’re hooked go over to the Clever Noob documentary for the deep dive. So that's one mystery solved, but what if the rabbit hole goes even deeper than that? The Fallout games have their fair share of weird in-game radio stations. However, fans of the game have other ideas (of course). The "several dead" also applies, as eleven people went missing and were never found. The Monolith was eventually solved and opened, though not in the way that its creator intended. Hopefully, he doesn't expect something in return. This Stranger, dressed like he just stepped out of a Humphrey Bogart flick, will arrive at random intervals to assist you in battle, delivering critical shots to your enemies before disappearing without a trace. In Mass Effect 3, he has nightmares that are visual depictions of accounts of what indoctrination is like from the Rachni Queen, which manifested through Shepard’s own insecurities. While there are several lingering questions following the finale of Half-Life 2: Episode 2, the biggest one of all might just be, "What is the G-Man's whole deal?". So what do they all mean? Go here for more information on the very complex theory. The Strange Man can even be briefly seen watching over John yet again, this time from the other side of a mirror. Resident Evil 4 players have discovered a rather unusual NPC hiding out near the end of the game's story. Next is depression, portrayed by Lulu in Great Bay. Considering the fact that this is a series that includes flowers that make you spit fire and recurring characters who are literally walking and talking mushrooms, that's certainly saying something. Was Shepard indoctrinated at the end of Mass Effect 3? There are a few theories, some more plausible than others. You won’t live long in combat! That's why the mysterious figures in the distance in some of the game's levels are so creepy. It takes places in Termina instead of the usual series setting of Hyrule, a name which is very close to "terminal.". Since then, the Monolith has baffled gamers. The level is plastered in fan theories and objects related to the search. This box is on the other side of a grate on the ceiling, and it appears to be impossible to reach. By exploiting a glitch, players can clip through solid walls and into a small structure underwater. Nick is an android and private detective who appears to have an extensive case file on the Stranger. He demonstrates abilities that indicate that he's not a normal human man. But messages and symbols throughout the game soon reveal a multifaceted narrative, especially as the game becomes darker as you go on, and the game's cryptic non-ending has caused Braid conspiracy theories to be tossed about the internet arguing over the "real" meaning of the game. As if it weren't weird enough that words were appearing out of thin air, the next oddest thing is the fact that there simply isn't a giant rat anywhere in the game. The game also hints at Cave Johnson and Caroline being involved with one another. This is creepy enough on its own, but no one can seem to figure out if this is just the game attempting to creep people out, or if it is meant to be part of a larger side mission. There’s so many to choose from, but let’s dive into a few recent big unsolved mysteries in video games. This allows players to solve a few more puzzles, which eventually led the discovery of a hovering Black Monolith. The same rings true in the world of video games. Even after you pay off your non-consensual house loan, Tom Nook upgrades your house with or without your permission, keeping you in constant debt. The player finds additional texts that include a quote from Kenneth Bainbridge after the detonation of the first atomic bomb: "Now we are all sons of b*tches." But the pink pillow with eyes is not without his dark side. Whatever the case, it's definitely a weird sight when you're more used to seeing chainsaw-wielding monsters instead. However, this was found through hacking the game, rather than solving the actual mystery. A series of paintings on San Andreas' highest mountain seem to point toward some kind of ancient conspiracy, one involving UFOs, a jetpack, the Illuminati, and what can only be described as ... um, a phallic chicken. Strangely, this is the exact date of the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster, which happened at 9:45 on April 20th, 2010, or more than two years after the game was released. Some believe this to be the work of a peculiar NPC nicknamed Mr. Trenchcoat, who may live somewhere around the area. The Banana Wars were a series of interventions and occupations by the United States against countries in Central America and the Caribbean after the Spanish-American War, during which the U.S. gained control of Cuba and Puerto Rico, allowing it to plunder states like Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Haiti, frequently on behalf of the United Fruit Company (now known as Chiquita), which gained domination over the banana trade. What do you think you’re doing here? Drinking someone else's blood is already rather gross, but it's made even more disturbing if one particular fan theory is to be believed. Was this a reference to an enemy encounter that was cut from the final game? The mysterious, sharply dressed man alternates between assisting and detouring Half-Life protagonist Gordon Freeman. Instead, it takes the form of a hidden item that appears to have no purpose. Adding to this is the fact that the two characters never speak to each other in Shadow of the Colossus, which means the story leaves plenty of room for fan theories. These mysteries can take the form of nonsensical Easter eggs or characters who appear and disappear without much of an explanation. It’s a scripted series of videos that shows a fictional “found” game known as Petscop. You do not belong here.”. In fact, you only need a loose understanding of how Reaper indoctrination works to understand how silly it would be if Shepard wasn’t indoctrinated. Pokémon is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time and many fan theories exist about the monster-catching and battling franchise. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is so huge that despite it being almost six years since its release, players are still finding new secrets in it and new fan theories to boot. Later in the game when GLaDOS inhabits a potato (!) The facility houses an "experimental plant" that glows and has healing properties. First-person shooter Perfect Dark already has more than a few eccentricities, including an alien named Elvis and a conspiracy involving a clone of the president of the United States. Whatever the case, this little mystery shows that there are more literal skeletons in San Andreas' closet than even the player is privy to. And are the final scenes that include The Illusive Man and Captain Anderson really just a battle that is taking place inside Shepard’s mind? Those wanting to keep tabs on the latest can join the Discord dedicated to search which is complete with resources for those that want to catch up and get the full story. What happened here? However, those that believe in the Secret Zoo Level counter that data is obfuscated, or in other words, intentionally made unintelligible to dataminers to throw miners off the scent, and that level is in the game somewhere. It might seem ludicrous at first, but there is a mountain of evidence that points in that direction. This suggests that the Cubes possess some rudimentary intelligence,or perhaps that the dark theory is true. When you encounter Pokémon, trainers only throw Pokéballs and you can't weaken them first because the strategic combat hasn't been invented. The theory says that everything afterwards is the Reapers invading Shepard's mind (after the blast, the world appears fuzzy, like a dream). The theory goes like this: Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow take place just a few years after a devastating war between Kanto and a rival nation or possibly even a world war involving the use of Pokemon, that you and your rival both lost parents in the war, and are now among the first generation of young people born in a post-war age. It also has one of gaming’s most iconic boss battles in Evil Otto, which was a simple smiley face. According to the rumor, one of these sequences reads as follows: "nine-four-five-four-two-zero two-zero-one-zero. If you manage to catch up to her, she begins flashing and you hear the sound of an atomic bomb detonating. But one thing many fans have noticed is that in all of the manifestation of James' guilt we encounter, the body of Mary is nowhere to be found throughout the game. During John's final meeting with the Strange Man, he opens fire on the stranger, but the bullets seems to run straight through him. It’s debatable whether you can consider Petscop to truly be a video game mystery, considering it’s not actually a video game that anyone can play and buy. The most commonly accepted theory, however, is that this is left over from some type of side quest that didn't make it into the game. One compelling theory that explains the logic of some of the more bizarre aspects of the Pokémon Universe is the Pokémon War Theory.