Other than this, however, higher payouts in normal events makes Daily Races very unattractive, with the risk of losing. This makes it very, very easy to move from Bronze, then Silver, then Gold League and win them all. I’m so stuck in between the two cars.lastly thank you for your time. Racing skills. However, it is high power and very light therefore convenient. Hey Eric – all McLarens are good choices. The Audi R8 is slightly faster but is much harder to be consistent so on average it works out slower. Other than this, there's no strict path you need to take for upgrades. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tier 4 Regulation Races start to fork in 2 ways; the player can get a Tier 4 car at the start. Ps. I seldom drive either one although I own both. After using a pip of fuel, you’ll notice the timer for your next pip of gas ticking as normal, instead of staying frozen at 12 minutes. I once went as a low as 9.204 without mech using this. As a result, the player can easily beat Kandy as long as they chose the proper car or they made a special shift pattern. Just curious, should I use gold for purchasing cars or not? Let us and the rest of the PG community know by leaving them in a comment below. Like most Tier 4 enemies, they are skilled but their car choices are not good. If the player chose the latter, then Tier 4 and Tier 5 progression become increasingly rapid. CSR Classics Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Description = The Ferrari F430 is a Tier 4 non-PRO edition custom street racer equipped with stage 5 upgrades. Thinking about buying a more expensive car for a given tier because may have a much higher upside once fully upgraded? It’s easy to hit the perfect start and the perfect shift points and it is amazingly fast out of the gate but it doesn’t have the spirit for the long haul and can be easily caught and horse collared down from behind. plzzz help me i just beaten Alieda and i’m stuck on choosing a tier 4 car. Oh. I forgot to mention this but like JustATip mentioned the SLR is fit for all restriction races.Happy to help, Ameya, Answer from: SuperglueWhen it comes to acceleration, here are my cars best timings to 60. In it you'll find a guide on how to buy a car and upgrade it to perfection, the best racing techniques, and super secrets found only after days of play. But for the occupants, with the car’s intake ducts making obscene sucking noises just a few inches behind the cabin, it’s like being two boogers riding in a cheetah’s nostrils.” ~ Aaron Robinson — from the November 2012 issue of Car and Driver. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Winning the Gold League could get you a ton of gold coins, cash, RP bonuses, car pieces, or free high-level upgrades, so it’s truly worth it to have everyone in the Race Team, plus unlimited gas, available for a whole day. Your ultimate goal is to out-race Mr. Baledin, the game’s final (Tier 5) boss and a crooked casino owner, but before that, you should beat all his henchmen and the crew bosses and their underlings in the previous four tiers. I’ll have to do some research to answer this. Enjoy! What I wish I had brought with me for my car journey, was a co-pilot in the form of an indispensable guide to the seedy underworld of street racing. Answer from: SuperglueIf you want a fun car to drive, The SLS is a good option. Have 560 gold right now, just wondering. Start holding acceleration, then immediatly shift to 3rd gear then after a second use nos and keep perfect shifting. 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Tier 5 Multiplayer Prizes can appear, making players be prepared for past seasons. Sporting a Decal will give you extra cash at the end of each race, and that reward can be as much as (if not far more than) the prize money. Race Your Friends = I just beat two of my friends in the Race Your Friends Mode. Guys with RP in the ten thousands (or even hundred thousands) are really serious players, while those with little to no RP probably wouldn’t bother hiring someone from the Race Team to buff up their rides. Answer from: hariMy car is r8.i look for the best rating. Or I can get a Good / Good on both, but never a Perfect / Perfect. There’s also the McLaren F1 GTR, I guess it’s kinds of good too, but I didn’t upgrade it to judge. To hear it again, click play above. That’s 10 consecutive streaks. The Bugatti Chiron and the FXX K are really solid and amazing choices. The only time you shouldn't do this is if you're comfortably winning each and every race. Lets start with the best (or, what is considered, the highest rated Tier 4 car). But depends on ur preference. This is not a beginner's place, as serious racing begins. Light Muscle Cars like the Chevrolet Nova SS is not very easy to find, and to complete it, it can cost a lot of cash, plus gold for buying a Corvette C3. Only problem faced is that it is too light for certain restriction races. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the, © 2013 How to Retire Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Here are the results of several different races in various race modes: Regulation Race (1/2 mile Amateur) = Won $7,688Regulation Race (1/4 mile Pro) = Won $8,883, Match Race (Easy) = Lost the race against a Tier 5 BMW and did not collect the $9,000 race prizeMatch Race (Medium) = Lost the race against a Tier 5 Ferrari and did not collect the $11,000 race prizeMatch Race (Hard) = Lost the race against a Tier 5 BMW and did not collect the $14,000 race prize. The game advises players to look at their opponents’ RP (reputation points) and PP (their car’s rating) when choosing opponents, but doesn’t really elaborate on that. Unless you’re willing to pay three actual dollars for a one-time “Super Nitrous” upgrade, you’re better off not taking part in that one-for-the-road boss race where you can win their car if you’re victorious, or be out 20 gold coins if you lose. The player will need to buy cars from various manufacturers, from Dodge, Pontiac, Ford, to cars that are harder to obtain. Don’t get discouraged, there are awesome cars from Rare Imports in Tier 5. Unlike the previous 2 crews, Lucky 7s is more gang-like, culminating to an Authentics-like feel, with their only differences being the Tier and the color they are in. It races like the Huyra, having an excellent speed at launch but then not keeping up the speed on the long haul. I maxed it, it sits at 628. Answer from: JustATipThe SLR Mclaren is insanely fun and mine wins mostly every race. Attempt to make only perfect shifts from then on (although I believe it is impossible). If you want to earn quick money the Bentley is a good option. I don't have the Mercedes SLS AMG and Jaguar XKR-S but the Jag XKR-s (pre-current update) was the fastest 1/2 and the Mercedes SLS AMG is faster than the SRT Viper at 1/4 but slower at 1/2. but I slipped down to 2&, I wouldn’t recommend the r8 v10 fsi because is starts of a bit too quickly and I recommend either the alfa 8c nissan gtr and corvette zr1, Your email address will not be published. Got any tips to share? See Tier 4/Ladder Races for more details. There will come a point in each Tier that upgrading the car isn't worth doing, as you'll easily beat any opponent that lies in wait for you there. With the F430 is it possible to get a perfect shift on 2nd and 3rd both? Any results on the ZR1 vs SRT Viper? Hmm, considering the benefit in multi, why not? It’s pretty easy to master the perfect start and to collect perfect shift points after just a couple of practice runs in the 1/2 mile Regulation Race Mode. Now you're going to want to upgrade the vehicle. If you're in a frugal mood, grab yourself the best Unloved ride you can afford - its statistics are displayed on the left of the screen. The Plymouth Hemi Cuda and Chevrolet Nova SS will beat to the end without any fuss. Upon beating some events in the Ladder, the Manufacturer Event is unlocked, which is only available in Tier 4; with other Tiers not supporting it. It has a rating of 636 and goes from 0 – 60 in 2.5 seconds with a top speed (as measured in the 1/2 mile Regulation Race) of 190 miles per hour. If you’ve reached or completed Tier 3 and are looking to survive in Tiers 4 and 5, we suggest you to check these CSR Classics tips out, as we believe they can help you win it all. You say the F430 is the best online should I max it out completely? Straight to the point: Luca might call me for a rematch. Unlike a lot of free-to-play games, improving your look actually has an effect on how you'll fare in the game. Is the ZR1 good enough for all-round use? But the twist therein is that once your tank goes empty, you won’t be able to race again until about 12 minutes after the time you set your phone to. Just, you know, in case you want to save any money or gold for bigger, better, and faster opponets. For another Online Mode tip, we advise you to always challenge the Mystery Racer when he/she shows up at random. just won carlito car using the Pagina Zonda S7.3 with no mechanic help. Answer from: Bubba80I flew through t4 with the pagani, Answer from: CSRRacerIf u want a affordable car and easy to handle get the Corvette ZR1 thats my car now but on speed its bit crappy. However, the player can get a Tier 5 instead of a Tier 4 if they have a lot of money when they left Tier 3. How good is the Ford GT CSR because I have bought I think the corvette ZR1 is a decent T4 car for the 1/4 mile race but what sucks is its lack of grip leading to frequent wheelspin. You have to win it in the Rare Imports lot. The point of getting either of the above two cars is to attain the best car.