I remember thinking to myself. But I wanted something more than gathering a few seeds; I wanted to talk to one of the old root women, a curandera who’d lived her lifetime healing her community and caring for her garden as her garden cared for her. Register now to get access to ALL current video workshops and prerecorded webinars plus anything new that we add through the end of 2020. Walking along the chalk road, down to the luminous blue waters, west of Ponce, the city-town where my father grew up, there are hibiscus and gardenias to perfume the air and iguanas to stand guard and little yellow flowers with bees buzzing and no deeds to do, no promises to keep…I treated myself to a visit this summer, while the touristas were all invading old European castles, I was sunning in Loquillo, a coral-colored beach, following the tortugas, the turtles nesting and making their way down to the water. SUS PAREDES, PISOS, SALAS, PASILLOS, TECHOS, RECAMARAS, VENTANAS, Y PUERTAS, SE LLENAN CON HARMONIA, PAZ, Y FE. BROWN PAPER BAG COMMISIONES DE LOS ANGELES. Many santiguadores use this product, it was a staple in my house. It seems to be human nature to see ourselves in light of how others see us; what a hindrance this is for our personal progress and growth! 5. They aid in courage, obstacles, hard work, and patience. I pass the brown paper bag through my body, as I recite the Our Father and Hail Mary. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Offerings – Corn Meal, okra, coffee, cigars Placed on altars to keep bugs away from offerings. – They aid in magic, herbalism, healing, visions, knowledge of omens, Espiritus Fantasmas: (The Ghosts) Ignorant and mocking, this group of spirits clings to the material world. They have the strength because of their pure rage to move inanimate objects, impaired knocking, pounding or banging) and, on many occasions can physically attack the living. 19. This Home is blessed and purified with the mystic white light. If you are Seeing apperitions, hearing voices, objects moving alone, or a full on Poltergeist, I will include prayers in a future blog, but never go at it alone. Other popular alcoholado are Alcolado Relampago and Alcolado w/Eucalyptus, Añil: Indigo Blue Balls. INCENSE STICKS (Nag Champa my favorite) Below the statue not one, like my abuelas, but 9 goblets of water one larger which was surrounded by the 8 smaller. Spring water Color – White, Yellow. Similar to an Afro Cuban Santeria boveda. COMMISIONES DE CHAMANES, BRUJOS, YERBATEROS, TRABAJADORES ESPIRITUALES. This helps to clean your aura. The belief in past lives and Reincarnation play a pivotal and major role in Espiritismo. This group of spirits are our own inner demons. Growing And Marketing Ginseng, Goldenseal And Other Woodland Medicinals, 8 Spaces to Declutter with Smart Organization Hacks. Candle – Red Black. They have the strength because of their pure rage to move inanimate objects, impaired knocking, pounding or banging) and, on many occasions can physically attack the living. COMMISIONES AFRICANA. I toss the liquid out the back door, and the brown bag I place into a dumpster outside or away from my home. SEA SALT God is present everywhere, and his unconditional love will conquer the shadows that bring fear. Rum, sugarcane, cigars. If its warm out, I open all the windows. COMMISIONES DE INDIOS Y CACIQUES. OFTEN CALLED PUERTO RICAN VUDU OR UMBANDA BORIQUA, THE TRADITION OF SANSE IS ALSO KNOWN AS ZANCIE, ZANCE OR SANSES. I’d gone down to Puerto Rico, mi Puerto Rico, a Caribbean paradise where Mother Nature defies laws of limitations, to visit my father’s family and dig up some roots. Other negative emotions that seam to linger in the home, are the feelings of others. 3. The Buhuitihu, They aid in Spiritual warfair, judicial matters, patience, searching, aiding one in finding wisdom and knowledge of pre-Columbian spirits and Spiritual forces. Or the larger can be a Guardian Angel, or an aspect of the Virgin Mary or a Saint, with a smaller statue of the Guia Espiritual towards the right side of the larger. (Principle Guide). 16. We discussed a couple of other plants I recognized in her healing cupboard, and then we got to the gold. COMMISIONES DE LOS HEROES Y LIDERS. At a young age I could see the Spirits but I had not fully developed my spiritual faculties. – Juan Minero, Maria Celestina Abdegano, Fransisca Durante. Machuchal, a rural healer, goes to nursing school. You will often hear an Espiritista when giving a consultation or santiguando / limpia “a spiritual cleansing” say to an individual. Subscribe to Mother Earth Living today to get inspired on the art of living wisely and living well. COMMISIONES DE MADAMAS Y MADAMOS – Negra Thomasa, Nego Jose. account? Used to clean the house from negative vibrations and appeasing the spirits of the dead. 5. Que los Muertos, los Seres, los Antepasados y los Misterios te Bendiga, en el nombre de Dios. Although I mention 21, there are more, these listed here are the Commisiones that work la obra de la Luz, the Way of the Light, and work for the Sancista and the Espiritista; in Obras espirituales “Spiritual Work” usually for the greater good of the person, “working with them” and the community. Also I often sprinkle the front door and back door with salt and holy water as this in itself creates a small barrier in keeping unwanted vibrations from entering into the home. COURSE DESCRIPTION As one of four courses on Curanderismo, the art of Hispanic/Latino traditional medicine, this course focuses specifically on the use of plants in traditional healing. And by the Grace of God, (name of person or family) shall be free of all danger, visible and invisible. As is tradition I always clean using Puerto Rican products such as Fabuloso, Mistolin, “mistolin hace feliz a su nariz.” or other latino products such as Money Drawing Powerful Indian, La Madama or Chango Macho aerosol sprays, “a little luck with games of chance wount hurt.” I use incense sticks, resins alcojolado, (bay rum) household salt and florida water filled with bay leaves and basil. 8. The one I use the most, or frankincense and myrhh. Color Candles. COMMISIONES DE PIRATAS Y MARINEROS. One thing that is for sure, before giving the house a spiritual cleaning, one has to give the home a physical cleaning. Although the two words in Puerto Rico and for Puerto Ricans in the mainland of the States, use the words Sanse and Espiritista interchangeably. Color – White, Yellow. These spirits are usually bantering in nature, but easily agitated. All these items can be found in Caribbean Latino Bodegas, (food markets) Botanicas and online. ", “Curandera? They believed that when a person became ill, it was dues to an imbalance of hot and cold. PURE ETERNALS, SUPREME ENTITIES, Seraphins, Cherabins, Dominions, Thrones. The word Sanse or its variations Zancie, Zance, Sanses or Sances , has its roots and originates from the Spanish word Sesion, which translates in English to Seance. I put a cube under the corners of my couches or under my bed. My grandmother would often say. 17. Each issue  provides you with easy, hands-on ways to connect your life with the natural world -- from eating seasonally to culinary and medicinal uses of herbs; from aromatherapy and DIY cosmetics to yoga and beyond. They also work in helping a person with the development of their faculties, spiritual work, spell casting,amenities, spiritual growth, bestowing insightful messages, answer and solutions to every day problems, just to name a few things they can do. I was born with the sight of clairvoyance as I have seen shadows and felt other worldly presences ever since I could remember. Offering – each spirit has his/her own preferable offering. He put a hand on my mother as to console her and set his deep brown eyes upon me and spoke to me in a language neither Spanish nor English, but somehow I understood him. Offering – same as Madama and Congo Candle – White Purple. Maria de los Cuatro Costales. Hoyt’s Cologne: Used by men before shaving, and as an after shave, contracts the pores, a mild astringent that soothes and heals skin abrasions caused by shaving. Try again. In a time when Catholicism was the predominant religion in her town, she practiced her Taino and Spanish Gypsi occult herritage secretly. They symbolize courage, strength, fearless hearts, overcoming adversity. 6. Turn on your television and look up the t.v. In Cuba the Yoruba of West Africa are known as Lucumí. Today many Spiritual Workers and Brujos use these items to make spiritual baths, house cleansing, or washes, and to remove negative vibrations from the home. Use what ever 3 items you can get your hands on. Las 21 Commisiones Espirituales del Espiritismo Puertoriqieno. I bought a “ruta” for the mother of my hotel desk clerk, who was having problems with her stomach. Heavenly Mother. Green and Black. In this post, we’ll go through the most powerfully medicinal, magical, and tasty ... On August 29, 2010, Angela Lugo, a native of Puerto Rico and an herbal healing practitioner presented the first in a series of workshops on Herbal Healing. As I do this I recite one of the prayers below, or a psalm (look up psalms in my blog) or sing my spiritual songs, again use the players and songs that are more comfortable to you. Offerings – Aguardiente, black unsweetened coffee. Although I had gone to Puerto Rico and have returned to the island since, The year I spent under the care of my abuela and aunts and uncles was a pivotal moment in the growth of my Spiritual Faculties. COMMISIONES DE LOS ORIENTALES. 3. The 10 Levels of Spirits that a Puerto Rican Sancista Espiritista can manifest. You have a Cadena with a Gypsi, or a Marinero, or that a Madama follows you. This group of spirits are part of an individuals Cuadro Espiritual, “spiritual frame” and make up a cadena espiritual, “spiritual chain” or Enlace,Espiritul “Spiritual link,” with a person. Asended Masters, The Higher Self, The Great Prophets,Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Muhammad. Offering. There ... by Francisco G. Gómez The Year I spent with my abuela and family in Puerto Rico and my spiritual growth, and denial of the Spirits, will be saved for the next blog. Spirits of Perfection, Intellectually superior, pure in feeling, universal harmony. COMMISIONSES DE LOS CONGOS. Red, black, white. I always clean with music, it helps me to untangle the thoughts that need untangling, it grounds me and helps me to focus in the matter at hand. Then I fumigate my self with the smoke, and extinguish the cigar or incense cone or charcoal with the holy water solution. Candle – Blue, Yellow. I also underwent various initiations into the Cuban Santeria Lukumi tradition in the early 90s, receiving my collares and guerrilleros, but I never felt quit comfortable with that Religion, so shortly afterwards I returned to my Puerto Rican eclectic roots and heritage.