It could be that Dave didn’t want it (Jon’s departure) advertised at all. Dave doesn’t owe Jon even more than he’s already given him. Was the public mutual admiration a part of the Oz effects? Want to book one of our personalities for an upcoming event or media appearance? And many of us are scared of him, unsure of how far he’d go to silence us.”, The secret group, Former Lampo Folks, was started in 2012 by K.C. Sometimes we might see only the bad in the way something happens from the outside of a situation because it seems like someone might not want something to happen when in fact they actually requested it. Het maakt niet uit welke blog over geld je ook leest, uiteindelijk komt de naam van Dave Ramsey altijd wel een keer voorbij. I have 2 thoughts: I think many people want to know the details because you have one guy who deals with Entreleadership and another guy who does Quitter. Dave Ramsey’s message regarding the resignation: Regrettably, Jon Acuff has resigned from the Dave Ramsey team. Besides, the guy built his rep on being a “quitter,” having 8 jobs in 8 years and finally landing his “dream job,” and then he leaves his dream job after just a couple of years. We wish Jon all the best. Thank you. Learn Dave Ramsey's business playbook and grow yourself, your team and your profits. It’s just not in his nature. However, in amicable transitions websites can (and typically do) remain up and operating as normal throughout such a transition. I would NOT be disappointed in Jon. One can be driven by integrity and still miss the mark. Learn how your comment data is processed. 2. Robert Faulkner, who worked at Lampo for three years before becoming a member of the Facebook group and the tweeter behind @FormerCultist, met with Ramsey over the phone. He recently joined Ramsey Solutions as the newest Ramsey Personality to bring a message of hope and healing to all. Thanks for sharing, Annie. what I call “integrity driven”. I don’t have a literary agent or a speaking agent or a publishing deal on the table. He was writing used car ads, on his eight job in eight years when Dave Ramsey picked him up. His seven best-selling books—Financial Peace, More Than Enough, The Total Money Makeover, EntreLeadership, Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money, The Legacy Journey and Smart Money Smart Kids—have sold more than 11 million copies combined. First off — if Jon is going to practice what he preaches in “Quitter” – you don’t leave a job (especially one you’ve proclaimed to be a ‘dream’) without something else to go to. …We are happy to go on our way and not bother the Facebook group at all… we have no desire to interact with people who hate us, so don’t come to Lampo properties or Lampo events.”, “We had left you alone until the hate boiled over onto Twitter, LinkedIn, and threats of bringing Lampo and Dave down arose,” Ramsey wrote to Faulkner. Jon Acuff would never be involved in anything negative. Working alongside Dave Ramsey, this handpicked team is composed of America’s top experts in topics related to your money, your business, and your life. There is no obligation. There’s no reason the assets couldn’t simply be clearly disassociated with Dave but still remain available, right? The sad thing is that whatever he’s starts doing next, you know it won’t last. Thank you for being the one voice of reason. In response, Dave Ramsey’s organization seems to have made a deliberate effort to shutdown all of Jon Acuff’s digital presence within their control. How is it ok for him to give advice on quitting then when he quits it seems to go against his bestselling advice. And quit. In the real world, none of this adds up. My husband is a ghost writer and has connections all over the country. Live - Weekdays 2-5pm EST. Find out more about him at “That hate also included some of our own current team trying to bring harm from the inside. After the three greatest years of our professional life, Jenny and I decided to resign from the Dave Ramsey team today. The seeming paranoia of Ramsey’s outburst in the May 12 staff meeting startled some Lampo employees, but many said they had come to expect explosive behavior from the boss. All rights reserved. IF they have access to the right people to help them and loads and loads of money – hundreds of thousands of dollars. Layoffs on 9/11, and yes, THAT 9/11. Get a real plan to transform your business to create lasting change. 3. There are a number of possible explanations which would be entirely valid. And he has all of Dave’s marketing money MAKING him a big name because that’s Dave’s plan. “There are a LOT of people who do still like me and Lampo and will likely continue to tell me what is said in the group,” Ramsey responded. Great leaders develop their people, and I believe it should be with the HOPE and expectation that one day they will leave the nest and go out into the world to blaze trails and develop others. In addition, he was unabashedly generous with his platform, team and influence. From. Sites and pages that are no longer available and redirect to Dave Ramsey’s message: Other digital assets that appear to be disabled: Its commentary like yours dear sir that stirs up strife and division. Twenty years later, the company has grown from a card table in his living room to more than 800 team members and has been voted one of the “Best Places to Work” in Nashville numerous times. Learn how to tackle your greatest leadership challenges and crush your goals. 132,643 talking about this. I personally completely understand why Dave may have “cut-off” links to Jon’s items. drew me away from the company or created a wedge.”. Dave Ramsey-Budgeting has 160,540 members. deliver. (I have a few more observations about that, but….) Take Jon Acuff for instance. EntreLeadership Elite will give you the road map you need to lead like no one else and drive your business forward. Why? America’s trusted authorities on Pay no attention to the man or woman behind the curtain. Was it appropriate from a man professing Christian values in business? Though Blaylock declined a request for an interview and Harman did not respond to emails, a Lampo employee confirmed that despite management eventually learning that Blaylock and Harman had no connections to the Twitter account, they were still fired based on “negative chatter” being discovered in the distant history of their office instant messaging.