In The Revenge Society he is revealed to be the rightful Sovereign of the Guild of Calamitous Intent by David Bowie, owing to his blood descent from Colonel Lloyd Venture of the Victorian Era Guild, further hinting at his possibly evil nature. Originally a terrorist organization that was the primary adversary of the O.S.I. In season 7, it is revealed that the Peril Partnership has infiltrated the Guild. The Peril Partnership is another supervillain union based out of Toronto. In "Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel", Dean is the only person to whom a dog named Hitler - said by all except Dean to be the incarnation of Hitler and embodiment of evil - reacts with friendly enthusiasm rather than aggression. Is the Venture family's bodyguard, who usually treats the boys with more respect and affection than does their father, dispensing advice and showing a good deal more patience with their immaturity. However, this is sarcasm, as Jackson Publick had earlier denounced that claim on his Livejournal.[1]. Dean met with college Professor Victor Von Helping who related to him by revealing to a surprised Dean that his own father was the famed villain Vigo Von Hellfire. It is unclear how Dr. Venture tricked her into believing this. contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or graphic violent images which may be disturbing to some. John Goodspeed • Ünderland also had no prisons, as all crimes are subject to the death penalty. Friends/Allies While Dr. Orpheus was deeply broken over the boys' deaths, Brock and Dr. Venture treated it as a rather routine matter. A pastiche of G.I. The Venture Bros. provided a surprising finale to its first season as Dean and Hank apparently died in a fiery explosion. Dean later moves on from Triana after his brother's positive attitude moves him past his depression. Nightfall • The Guild acts as a stabilizing influence on the world of super-villainy, as without it they would be unchecked free agents with no rules restricting their behavior. In private, he engages in childish fantasies of rescuing her from dangerous situations and "practicing being a boyfriend" with her. Pretty Boy Flizzy • Later on, it is revealed that their father does genuinely care for them and his avoidance of his own father way of abusive parenting shows that he is at least somewhat of good father if not very attentive to their needs. His face is freckled and he usually wears a sweater-vest over a button-up shirt with trousers that are slightly too short for his height, giving him an appearance highly reminiscent of Peter Parker. While both boys express a vague, wide-eyed interest in "pretty girls," Dean has become particularly smitten with Triana Orpheus, the gothy teenage daughter of Venture ally and tenant Dr. Orpheus. In the season 4 finale Operation P.R.O.M., Dean has learned that Triana is dating another boy and as result he has a falling out with her which leads to argument. Of the two boys, Dean resembles more his father, Dr. Thaddeus Venture, in that he inherited Dr. Venture's red hair as well as a budding knack for super-science. Thundercleese, Huey • A possible explanation that fits the show's continuity, however, is as follows: The boys do not attend school and have little contact with their peers, instead being educated via subliminal learning aids installed in their beds. In All This and Gargantua-2, Dean was also very sad at his uncle's funeral and seemed hopeful when he thought Dr. Orpheus intended to resurrect him but was dejected when it turned out he was referring to Dean's old stuffed animal. The O.S.I. His appearance is similar to that of Fred Jones from Scooby-Doo, (a similarity mentioned by Triana Orpheus). Season six introduces the New York branch of the Guild, which is made up of the most dangerous supervillains the organization has to offer. Dean finally got a date with Triana in Victor. This is largely a comical acknowledgment of the works they parody (such as the above-mentioned Hardy Boys and Johnny Quest). He frequently expresses nothing but annoyance towards the boys, and shows a general lack of concern over their well-being (sometimes wondering where they are only after they have been missing for many hours). In the episode The Buddy System, indicated his feelings were not completely unrequited. After Triana left and began dating another boy, Dean was crushed. No information In return, Thaddeus was very proud and impressed with Dean's quick thinking and intelligence which ended up saving the space station. Be it a grandfather, uncle, or even distant ancestor, a middle name is a way for you to connect with and honor your family. This is far-fetched since the clones' have identical genes and appearence so they would both look like a young Dr. Venture. Goals It has also been mentioned that they were killed, possibly multiple times, by Myra Brandish, their alleged mother. Throughout season 4 Dean is shown to be Dr. Venture's favorite son, and is being pushed by Dr. Venture into being a Super Scientist. Several members of the O.S.I. Further, Dr. Venture has vaguely referred to the boys having an actual mother on two occasions—once he said that he created the boys in a moment of passion, and another time they asked him about their mother, he said he realized he never told them about her, but was then cut off. To Dean's horror while under Lincoln's control he nearly kissed Hank. It is unclear how Dr. Venture tricked her into believing this. After Pete White and Billy Quizboy were improbably able to correct the condition with emergency surgery, a parade of family and friends (including Triana) visited him while his crotch was wrapped in bandages. ", a double date also which also included Hank and Triana's friend Kim, arranged by Dr. Venture and Dr. Orpheus as part of a deal involving the Orpheus' family's rent payments.