The custom-built chassis also feels sturdy, and the plastic panels have little flex in them. You can find solutions by other desktop manufacturers, like the Asus G11DF or Acer Aspire GX Gaming Desktop, but they often don’t give you as much bang for your buck. Machines engineered with the specific, demanding needs of the gaming audience in mind. Speedy new Intel "Coffee Lake" processor. The interior isn't much to look at, and is in fact a little messier than the usual pre-built desktop, but it's put together with functionality in mind. That doesn’t just make it good for games — it can also handle high-resolution photo and video editing, as well as intensive 3D modeling software. The Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop (starts at $599.99; $999.99 as tested) delivers that experience at a price palatable to most PC gamers in the market for a new rig. Video: Inspiron 5680 - Game Benchmark Performance | Alienware (16:10), 1. Problem? Taxes, shipping, and other fees apply. It delivered sad read and write scores of under 200 MB/s. Now, as for the graphics performance? The Inspiron 5680 sets you up for future component swaps and upgrades well. If you want to save a little cash and are willing to compromise some gaming performance, the AMD-based Inspiron 5675 isn’t a bad alternative. The looked and felt fantastic. As far as budget gaming goes, though, the Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop (5680) strikes the best balance of price and performance with modern hardware, earning our Editors' Choice for budget gaming desktops. We ran it through Geekbench and saw some impressive results, especially in multi-core performance. Its real prowess is shown on the media tests, which make use of the increased number of cores (six cores, 12 threads) and faster multithread speeds. In his free time, he likes to go out with friends, watch and discuss sports, play video games, read too much Twitter, and obsessively manage any fantasy sports leagues he's involved in.

You might not consider storage to be as important, but let’s paint a completely hypothetical situation for you. We appreciate that Dell stuck with this more modest appearance rather than going the direction of the Asus G11DF, which looks distinctly like a cheap gaming desktop. This tower comes with a 460-watt supply, nicely tucked into the bottom corner of the chassis out of the way.

The Inspiron 5680 is more confident in what it wants to be.
Plot your next course with a mouse that features a 5000 DPI optical sensor, 9 programmable buttons, and AlienFX RBG lighting.
Amplify every explosion with two circular satellite speakers and a compact subwoofer.

Notes, cautions, and warnings NOTE: A NOTE indicates important information that helps you make better use of your product. We’d like to see at least a 256GB SSD configuration at least listed as an option from Dell. For a relatively low-cost desktop, the Inspiron Tower can hold its own if you need to do some media work on the side. The GTX 1060 has nowhere near the power as something like a GTX 1080, but even at 1440p, most games are can be played at smooth framerates with the settings cranked. Outside of the most graphic-intensive games, you should be able to play most modern games at respectable framerates, even at higher resolutions and graphics settings. Dell calls the system is “VR-ready,” and according to our benchmarks, it should be able to handle most VR experiences at solid framerates, though you may need to turn down a setting here or there. The Inspiron 5680 comes in two primary port setups for each configuration – with optical drive, and without optical drive.