Alloy wheels are now standard on most cars because they offer both cosmetic and performance advantages. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. For replacing stock steel car wheels measuring 14 inch or 15 inch in diameter with aluminum wheels of the same size, the weight savings will be 3 to 4 pounds per wheel. Both types have advantages and disadvantages for different types of driving; but, in general, if you want beauty and performance you want alloy, and if you want tough, inexpensive, ugly workhorses, you want steels. Listed below is our full line of factory original reconditioned rims for VOLKSWAGEN . SUVs and pickup trucks with heavier 17 inch and 18 inch steel wheels can result in savings up to 10 lb. Heavier wheels will make tires bite the snow harder, and when driving in snow, having a car with dampened acceleration and agility, an artificially low center of gravity and a sense of solidity and heaviness can be a very good thing. Also, there is a wide range in the weights of aftermarket aluminum wheels. *These bikes will ship 25 days from the time of order. 2 Piece Forged Center Forged Barrel. 2 Piece Cast Center Forged Barrel. It is often easier to compare the total rim and tire weight to determine the total weight savings. I would imagine that an 18” steel would be ridiculously heavy. Steels are generally better for those no-nonsense daily drivers, or for any cars that don't have to look pretty or do fancy maneuvers because they work for a living. When you find the VOLKSWAGEN rims you want just click the, add to cart button. Offset 0. However, if the aluminum wheel is manufactured with a lot of metal, the weight savings may be small. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Alloys or steels; what's best for you? For example, the 16-inch by 6.5-inch steel wheels on the Chevrolet Cobalt and Malibu weigh 19.2 lb. Unsprung weight has much more effect on how the car handles than an equivalent amount of weight above the springs, such that even a small change in weight can have large effects. This is a bike made for all … They are also vulnerable to a range of cosmetic damage such as curb scrapes, saltwater corrosion, and acid cleaners. Obviously, this can be undesirable for summer performance applications, but in the winter the effect can be a significant physical and psychological advantage. All RTX steel rims / wheels are tested and approved to meet or exceed Certified Quality Standards Rim / Wheel size: 18X7.5 Bolt Pattern: 5-115, Center Bore: 71.6 This rim / wheel fits 18" tires. The weight of wheels, tires, brakes, and rotors is specifically called “unsprung weight” because it is not being cushioned by the suspension springs. Other examples: Mazda Miata 14x5.5 inches steel: 18 lb. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. A car with alloys on is generally much more fun to drive. At the same time you will have a larger wheel without increasing the unsprung weight. BROWSE BY BRAND ... Steel. Detroit Wheel and Tire offers a wide selection of factory original (OEM) alloy and steel wheels & rims, reconditioned to factory specifications.