Facebook. Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved. Moreover, you DO NOT lose points when you lose a battle or when some other players defeat your team while you are away. Feedback. Sein Name kommt von „Erinaceus europaeus“, was der wissenschaftliche Name des europäischem Igels ist. Beware of players ‘last-minute refresh’ at the end of the week, which will put your placing much below what you expected when you opened up the game the next day to claim your reward. Anzeige. We already know that Digimon ReArise will land on the Play Store as a free-to-play release that includes in-app purchases, though we still don't know the specifics of this monetization. You fight AI opponents of the other player’s team. Permanent facilities include a house, a training center (quick access to train Digimon), 2 incubators and a news board. The story continues with the Player and Herissmon having to uncover the secrets of the Digital Points and the origin of the Spirals, as well as their connection. There are 351 Digimon in the Japanese version of the game. Das Key Visual ist von Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru illustriert worden, der zuvor an den Charakterdesigns von Digimon aus dem Digimon Adventure-Anime gearbeitet hat. A western version was announced on May 15, 2019, opened for pre-registration on August 1, and released on October 7. Digimon ReArise (デジモンリアライズ, Dejimon Riaraizu) is a video game. APK Size: 65.61 MB. Not only that, some newly released Mega will have their Target Plugin sold under BP shop so if you want to maximize those Megas, you will need to buy the Target Plugin. Players can also duke it out in real-time 5v5 battles or participate in Clash Battles, the first of which will be a battle against the Mega-level WarGreymon. The amount of players obviously differs from JP. After you buy 1 Gankoomon egg or you don’t. Oktober in den deutschen Kinos. All players of the global version can then Digivolve their Pumpmon to a powerful Mega form earlier than players of the Japanese version, forming powerful assets for the adventures to come! Yawn. is a main character in Digimon ReArise. In the JP version, you are only competing among players from Japan and maybe a small amount of non-Japan players. Tamer Rank is divided into S rank > A rank > B rank and so on until I rank. Just enter your email below. Place ranking is typical. David Teraoka has been a contributor, manager, and editor for GamePress since 2017. Consider Supporting us with GamePress Boost! The amount of players obviously differs from JP. To commemorate the game’s worldwide launch, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment is rewarding all pre-registered players with a plethora of coveted in-game items including valuable DigiRubies, Digivolving material and more. The digivolution is chosen by the game when the Digimon is acquired. Each Target plugin cost 250 BP medals and each Mega has 4 Target Plugins. This game is available on both AppvStore and Google Play Store Japan for now. Hence. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Leading interactive entertainment publisher and developer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. today announced that DIGIMON ReArise is now available on iOS and Android devices.