Emotive and secretive, you don’t like revealing much of who you are, Scorpio ascendant. This free online birth chart elements calculator uses a highly trained algorithm to determine what your dominant element is, whether that be earth, fire, air or water. An element is weak (or lacking) if it gets zero points, or 1 point. One of the tools used, known as « the Dominants », is based on planets, elements, houses, signs etc. You can also use this printable worksheet to help you. This shows you how to calculate the balance of elements in your birth chart to determine if you have a dominant or weak element. Please note that there are specific compensations for a weak or lacking element that can sometimes have the effect of balancing the person out, if the compensations exist in the chart. CALCULATING DOMINANT SIGNS. Ripples of love. Unfortunately, this isn’t the most accurate system because it weighs generational dominance (meaning outer planets) over personal dominance. If you do, add the number of points listed for that placement. You take everything to heart and are extremely affected by changes in your environment. The Leo rising loves shining brightly and showing off their talents. Very few have actually gotten to truly know each of the signs. So give each element in that case half a point. Are you curious about your future? Understanding other people’s problems isn’t easy for you because you are fairly self-centered. ❤. Pisces rising, find out about your love life ❤! Susan Taylor's interesting astrology fact: Someone born at exactly the same time as you with the same date of birth, yet in another time zone is likely to have a completely different natal chart and rising sign to you! Rather it is more … The Capricorn rising sign gets on best with Cancer, Taurus and Virgo. Our dominant elements algorithm is based on the the classical interpretation of the chart combined with the four classical elements, as well as the positions, aspects and rulerships of planets and houses. I'm 3 year's away from being 50 years old. Please check the fields below and click the OK button. Saturn in the 6th house less than 2 degrees away from the 7th house would be interpreted in the 7th house). This shows you how to calculate the balance of elements in your birth chart to determine if you have a dominant or weak element. Weak (or lack of) Air You have your head on straight and know what you want. The most influential sign on a person is dependent on their natal chart. Once you have all of the necessary information, you have exactly what you need to calculate your ascendant sign and learn more about yourself. You could also be interested in our method to calculate the dominant elements and other dominants. Having a dominant or weakest element will be noticeable in the overall temperament, but the element of each House cusp ruler will reveal a person's temperament in the sphere of life denoted by each House. It also does not have to be part of your dominant element (however it’s likely that it is) * Note : when I say “than is known for your sun sign” it is an assumption that your dominant sign differs from your sun sign, which is not always true. Amazon - The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need. When you fall in love, you fall hard and aren’t prepared to give up on your relationship. Sign up to the Higgypop newsletter to find out about new videos and exclusive content first. Thanks to our rising sign calculator, you have everything you need for an intense look into your personality. I'm tired of reading astrology reports calling me selfish because I'm a gemini now Leo Rising NO THANKS! I just want to lmao that astrologer's don't "get this!" The Libra rising loves to live in harmony and focuses on creating a peaceful environment. Everything always depends on the rest of the chart. This website uses cookies. Ok so I'm a bit confused about my result that I was given. I just put a dominant element calculator on laratesting.us using the same form as the dominant sign calculator.. Of course, as always, try not to rely too much on dominant calcuation systems – a good understanding and knowledge of your birth chart is the best way to determine what energies are most influential in your chart. If so, these horoscopes are going to interest you! Being competitive and outspoken are important factors in your life, although your brashness can at times get under people’s skin. Their entire generation will. The overall balance of elements is fun to take note of, but the entire chart must be studied for a complete portrait. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Leo ascendant, discover your love destiny NOW ❤! You have a really active mind and feel need to constantly be on the move. The Leo ascendant find lots of common ground with Aquarius, Aries and Sagittarius. FAQ - Frequently asked questions