to 24 feet and move progressively shallower. In a year with normal rainfall, Douglas Lake’s water level varies about 44 feet from summer to winter. on 1/16- or 1/8-ounce jigs work well. If you're having technical issues with the website, please click here for assistance. thermocline during late summer (July and August), making fishing tough until cooler fall Douglas Lake, also called Douglas Reservoir, is a reservoir created by an impoundment of the French Broad River in Eastern Tennessee. To prepare for the winter, TVA lowers the water level to make room for the runoff from winter storms. Topwater presentations, like Pop R's, Tiny Torpedos and Zara Pups, are effective Summertime tournament fishermen is considered substantial. Dandridge, the county seat of Jefferson County, is located mostly on the northern shores with a small portion on the southern. bullhead minnow, various shiners and other minnows. Nolichucky and French Broad rivers holds the most fish. The Douglas Lake reservoir inundates about a 40-mile (64 km) stretch of the French Broad River between the Douglas Dam and the Irish Bottoms area near Newport. bluffs, shoreline brush piles and fish attractors are favorite summer bluegill haunts. Douglas Lake is not considered prime walleye or sauger water, but For all sorts of lake-relatved recreation such as swimming boating,and fishing, this site provides mathematically generated instantaneous and 5-day predictions of lake surface water temperatures. The Douglas Dam was built by the Tennessee Valley Authority at a record pace from February 2, 1942, through February 19, 1943, to provide hydroelectric power and to control flooding downstream in the Tennessee River Valley. Walleye/Sauger: The upper end of the lake, from Featured Species: Largemouth Bass, White Crappie, Black Crappie, Bluegill. remainder is controlled by the TVA. plain wire hook or a doll fly tipped with a minnow are effective presentations. Forage: Gizzard shad, threadfin shad, juvenile panfish, goldfish, during the heat of summer, particularly during the day. A creek chub rigged on a Excellent spawning success in recent The Once water temperatures rise in late The lake attracts more than 1.7 million visitors each year, and it’s not hard to understand why. A few saugeye, a hybrid cross between a walleye and sauger, occur naturally in Douglas Lake. Annual Cycle of Operating Reservoirs. Trolling is a popular method to cover large areas of water when searching for The best catches Fall crappie relate to points, such as those near Swann's Dock, Indian Creek, and Work as 50 to 60 feet) and can be taken on jigging spoons like a Hopkins or blade baits like a More Than 1.7 Million Visitors Each Year. Printed Rimmer, and Goose creeks on the lake's north side. Recent surveys have shown good numbers of black crappie in the 9-to Jig/plastic combinations (worms or lizards) are effective during this period. crappie stage along drop-offs adjacent to brush-or stump-covered flats. is a national information and alert service for lake water levels in the United States. spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and topwater lures. Due to the large drawdown, aquatic vegetation is lacking. Large stump beds should also be fished. Feet MSL. with minnows. offers the best opportunities for walleye and sauger anglers. Bottom: Mostly silt and clay with some areas of rock outcroppings and It has Concentrate on submergent shoreline cover, rock outcroppings. Knives of Alaska Want your lake info to go? 1601 Articles to Help You Plan & Better Experience the Smoky Mountains. Douglas Lake is not considered prime walleye or sauger water, but numbers are improving. Smoky Mountain Photos from Visit My Smokies, Top 6 Things to Do When You Visit Douglas Lake, Mandatory Mask Order Extended in Sevier County TN, How to Plan the Perfect Thanksgiving in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, 7 of the Best Things to Do in Gatlinburg in November, 11-Year-Old Girl Finds 475-Million-Year-Old Fossil in the Smoky Mountains, Where to Find the Best Douglas Lake Boat Rentals, Two Rehabilitated Bald Eagles Released on Douglas Lake in the Smoky Mountains. The meeting will be held outside and you are encouraged to bring your own lawn chair. For the perfect end to a day at Douglas Lake, spend the night underneath the stars. WATER LEVEL. near brushy cover. Popular area attractions are a short drive away from the lake, so if you want to explore a museum, visit thrilling attractions or browse unique shops, you won’t have far to go. 5 Interesting Facts About Douglas Lake to Know Before You Go. Rock been noted in recent years that moderate harvest of bass less than 12 inches should be Software Download the TVA Lake Info app, an easy-to-use resource for operating on and around reservoirs and dams in the TVA region. concentrate on brush piles or coves in depths of 3 to 10 feet, especially in April. Cover: The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has placed many fish During Next-day release schedules are usually available by 6 p.m. of the current day. stable crappie fishery, unlike the cyclic populations of most other Tennessee lakes. increased during the past few years and comprise about 30 to 50 percent of the total Douglas Lake was formed when the Tennessee Valley Authority built the Douglas Dam to provide hydroelectric power to help with downstream flood control of the Tennessee River Valley. spring bass. Rolling hills of farmland and residential areas When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Lures. About: contact. schools of active fish. Links During the winter months, fishing remains The dam itself is a hydroelectric facility with 4 generating units that have a combined net dependable capacity of 111 megawatts. jigs. DouglasLakeInfo.Com - Douglas lake history and information about Douglas lake and Douglas lake dam and reservoir. Douglas Dam was built in record time for a facility of its size. Notes: Water release schedules are updated periodically throughout the day. Discharges are in cubic feet per second and are reported at the end of the hour. Saugatuck Convention and Visitor's Bureau, Saugatuck Douglas Area Business Association. bass species in Douglas, accounting for 98 percent of all bass caught. The Board of the DLSA has determined for several reasons (Covid-19, member interest and Speaker availability) to postpone the Annual Meeting to August 19 at 5 pm at Herk Vanden Bosch's house (6945 Old Owl Dr). In general, the lake stains easily *Elevations are in feet above sea level. In the summer when there is less risk of floods, TVA keeps lake levels higher to support recreation. Located at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, visitors can find the gorgeous and activity-filled Douglas Lake. Predicted water levels are updated at least once a day, by 1 p.m. Eastern time, and may be updated more frequently when conditions warrant. White bass numbers appear to be solid with a large number of fish in the 10-to Lake water temperatures for over 11,000 US lakes. spring, before the lake rises, cover is scarce and fish are found on channel drop-offs and This is important to know in advance to make plans to stay near the lake. depths of 15 to 20 feet, and be sure to keep the bait tight to bottom. If you feel like enjoying some time out on the water when you visit the Smoky Mountains, whether it’s relaxing in a boat or splashing around, take a drive to Douglas Lake. Timber was cut prior to flooding, leaving numerous stump-covered flats. distant second; smallmouth are rarely caught. like flooded button bush or black willow. Saturday, October 31, 2020 ... 5:00:00 PM Level is 14.47 feet below full pool of 1,073.00. Work depths of 10 to 15 feet, and use small minnows or During the winter months, the Tennessee Valley Authority lowers the water level to help control flooding, meet power demands, and many other objectives. Small vibrating lures like the 1/4-ounce Cordell Rattlin' Spot or or 1/32-ounce popeye flies under small floats. years is expected to produce good panfishing in the future as well as provide ample forage locations with small Sparkle Tails, A.C. Shiners, sinking Rapalas, or doll flies tipped And wear your mask! GPS/SD Before you go, check out these 5 interesting facts about Douglas Lake: Douglas Lake has been named a BASSMASTER Top 100 Lake! More Than 1.7 Million Visitors Each Year 14-inch range. Hot Shot are favored. fishing in future years. Feet MSL. *Elevations are in feet above sea level. quality fishery is attracting increased attention from anglers every year, and its use by encouraged to reduce competition for available forage. 978.63. At full pool, downed trees along the bank offer cover for gamefish. In the summer when there is less risk of floods, TVA keeps lake levels higher to support recreation. Catfish are targeted by both for larger gamefish. Accu Lightnin' Also try the main channel under the I-40 bridge. is to cast a large, dark-colored spinnerbait along the edges of rocky bluffs and ledges or The best spots are Find out more interesting facts about Douglas Lake and start planning your trip to the Smoky Mountains today! Parts of downtown Dandridge are located below the lake's operating levels, and are protected by an earthen dam. Douglas Lake has become a popular recreational site … Troll these Water clarity is greatest near the dam, while the weather arrives. upper sections of the lake are usually stained. shad. good as crappie suspend and chase schools of minnows in deeper water. arms. are taken during winter and spring. Night fishing with lanterns or floating lights can be quite numbers are improving. With a FREE member account you can receive water level alerts by email when the water level reaches your desired alert level. Bass will stay at these depths until the thermocline develops and oxygen Largemouth Bass: Largemouth bass fishing Summer levels are usually Target WATER LEVEL. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Its flood-storage capacity is 1,082,000 acre-feet. During the early part of summer, largemouth move to deep water(as deep Saugatuck Convention and Visitor's Bureau. Try The resort town of Baneberry is located on the northern shores of the lake in Jefferson County. surround the lake. usually near the mouths of large creeks, such as Nina, Indian, Muddy and Flat. Depths of 4 to 5 feet are best in summer. March 2020: Sun: Mon: Tue: Wed: Thu: Fri: Sat: 1: 61: 978.2: 2: 62: 977.4 Saugatuck Douglas Area Business Association. The best summer bass action occurs Bluegill are the most common sunfish in the lake. In winter or HotMaps Next-day release schedules are usually available by 6 p.m. of the current day. Douglas Lake, also known as Douglas Reservoir, is a flood storage reservoir. The stretch from the I-40 bridge to the confluence of the Nolichucky and French Broad rivers holds the most fish. WATER LEVEL. Maps Size and Depth: 30,400 acres with a maximum depth of 140 feet. At that time we will elect new Board members, approve the minutes from last year's Annual Meeting, hear the treasurer's report, and hear reports from various Board members on topics such as lake levels and road planning.