Their presence assures the smoothest/fastest completion of even the hardest content available. They are so overwhelmingly powerful that they warp strategies and game play around them. Chitose is a solid buffer in Light, he's just not so solid that he's needed for most teams. The rework brought him back to the top of the charts, though it may take a while for people to realize that Euden is once more a powerful meta pick. They're not broken, but they are found in almost every clear of difficult content at the cutting edge and are most likely to easily find a place in a Pick-Up group. Her kit at launch was frankly worthless, and she was widely considered a joke and one of the worst 5★s in the game. Grace placed in tier 1. Naveed has sadly always been something of a runt in Flame. After creating your Tier List please insert the following template at the top: Template:NoticeUserGuide. He has the same long range attack combos, and also grants +8% skill haste to allies. Durant has proven not to be totally useless, but he's still vastly inferior to Ieyasu and other Dark powerhouses. Valerio offers excellent DPS for a water Adventurer, along with a unique playstyle. Despite being a semi-sentient plant, Pipple is surprisingly powerful. As such, she's currently mostly relegated to the sidelines, but she's still powerful enough that she merits consideration when building a Water roster. Although she is 4 Star she can hang with rarer units thanks to her all around solid skill and ability set. She does require a large upfront investment because of her spiral, but she's a viable alternative for people who don't have limited powerhouses like Galex, Gleo, or Veronica. In other content, Gleo is still incredible. While Chelsea once provided the best selfish DPS in the game, these days here edge of your seat playstyle just isn't suited to current content and she's left in the dust by almost the entire Flame roster despite still having good damage potential. Shadow Fight Arena review: A breath of fresh air in the combat genre, 275 Apps including PUBG Mobile and Clash of Clans are being considered for ban in India, eFootball PES 2020: 10 Best Silver players you should have in your team, 5 Tips to keep in mind while playing Ludo King, Dethroned powerhouses (e.g. Primed Strength dragons are good only in solo content, and even then it's debatable as to how much better they are than just using a regular dragon on your AI. Summer fun is here at last! She's a good Adventurer, but Karina is just better. Adventurers in this tier are just barely below those in Tier 1, but for some reason they're slightly less favored. Thanks to his excellent crit buffs, Arctos is actually the best dragon for a few Adventurers, notably Mikoto. Thanks to his Spiral and a rework, Mikoto is back on top. You're better off without him. Cassandra tier 2 > tier 1.5. Dragalia Lost is an action RPG that brings together humans and dragons! A new comp using H!Lowen and either G!Sarisse or Chelsea has emerged thanks to the power of the Dear Diary wyrmprint. For a brief time he did fairly well when his spiral came along, but people quickly switched over to Euden, and then Marth came out and buried him for the foreseeable future. Cass got a great buff, but she's still just shy of being optimum. Though she remains lackluster in MHMS, H!Mym has found new popularity in Expert Volk and is part of one of the more popular comps. This tier is for Adventurers that go beyond defining the meta to breaking it. While she provides an impressive amount of HP for healers, Garuda's kit is lacking in terms of support-- especially since her active Skill only heals the user. Halloween Althemia's spiral isn't the worst, but there are better healers in Light, especially Gala Zena. Thanks to her Spiral, Cleo is one of the premier healers in the game, which is great because she's free. Mars is so far head and shoulders above all other Dragons that he very nearly went into tier 0. He's powerful enough to see some play in Expert Volk and in Master HMS, but Euden is still generally preferred due to enabling Burn. Her ranged attack and smaller-than-average size also allow her to stay in the fight longer than other options that may receive a larger number of incoming attacks. Tier Lists are a way to rank the members of a category against each other. Verica, Summer Celeria, and Botan > Tier 1.5. Lin You and Su Fang are promoted to tier 1.5. One Punch Man The Strongest Tier List – Best Characters, Goddess of Genesis Tier List – Best Characters, TapTap Heroes Tier List – Best Characters, FIFA 21 Best CDM – Center Defensive Midfielders, FIFA 21 Best CAM – Center Attacking Midfielders, Long Live the Princess Walkthrough & Guide. To top it all off she gains a +13-15% strength buff when at full hp, and can obtain a 75% skill prep to deal some early damage and CC on boss enemies. Now, however, Nobunaga and Marth are really out performing her, and Rena is ending up edged out of more and more teams. Note: Yachiyo > No changes. Hunter Vanessa placed in tier 1.5. Aleen > Tier 4. Victor and Wedding Elisanne demoted a tier. Provides a small 8-10% boost to HP and Strength. He’s not a bad option if filling out a Light team, but other dragons can serve a more specialized role. Gala Elisanne has mostly eclipsed her original flavor version in all content for the time being, and thus Elisanne must finally retire as the final original free Adventurer to remain top tier for nearly her entire lifespan. A tanky kit but no DPS does no favors in the current meta. Kirsty placed in Tier 1. As a Punisher dragon, Pazuzu is extremely good in his niche, which is on Poison reliant Adventurers against bosses with a low resistance. Grace; Gala Cleo; Gala Alex; Bellina; Cleo; Vice; Patia; Forte; Linnea; A tier List Flame. Overall, his kit is basic stuff, but what holds him back is the Full HP requirement for his Strength boost. Dragonyule Malora > Tier 1. Styx is so bafflingly bad it just doesn't make sense. Some speculate this to be a result of bugs, but as is he's not worth investing into unless something changes. Like her longtime partner Fleur, Yachiyo lost out to a limited 5★ Adventurer, in this case Gala Luca. Similar to Shadow-type Silke, but with a useful debuff attack-- Pumpkin Prank reduces enemy Strength by 10%, providing a small boost to survivability to the team. The lower replacement of these four reflects that. Veronica to tier 1.5. Dragalia Lost is Copyright Nintendo and Cygames, Inc. All images and names owned and trademarked by Nintendo and Cygames, Inc. are property of Nintendo and Cygames, Inc. With a 55% Strength passive and a 25% Flurry bonus, Daikokuten is the first of a new wave of Dragons that looks to push the power level higher. Major changes! Unlike Adventurers, some Dragons in Dragalia Lost are simply more effective than others. He's still strong and with the right buffing support can perform well, but others do his job slightly better. You gave her a Spiral, but it did nothing. Dragonyule Xainfried > Tier 2. So you can use them if you dont have better ones, but try to replace them as soon as you can: In this tier you will find a lot of dragons. He's a monster, pure and simple. Fire: Agni, Cerberus and also Phoenix Tiki, Summer Celliera demoted to tier 2. Hard to get, but the best choice without any doubt if you want to focuss in winning and improving your team as fast as you can. For instance, if you wished to make a Tier List and your gamepedia username is LikableBrute then one way to name it would be Tier List/LikableBrute. Neferia demoted to tier 2. As the long anticipated replacement to Thaniel, it does not take a rocket scientist to realize she will invariably end up in all new end game content and mostly replace Thaniel in HBH. Hawk has potent burst and enables “cheesing” through stun infliction, making him great for breezing over content. He's not got any real support either. These dragons are simply not what you want to use to clear content. She's in Shadow though, the element of the most broken of the broken, and as such she's merely passable. Jeanne is the best healing Dragon for Light Adventurers, courtesy of the ample HP boost. She's outshone by other options, but she can still perform decently enough. Obviously, a MUB Ifrit is superior to a 0UB Cerberus, even though Cerberus is ranked higher.