MINI R56 Gearbox Mount Bracket COOPER R56 R57 One 6872019 1.6 Petrol 72kw MANUAL. Parts for Sale ; Elite Sequential Gearbox Sign in to follow this . We’re attending Donington Historic Motorsport Festival. Quaife 6 speed RWD sequential straight-cut 60G gearbox - Type 9 replacement QBE60G No Tax, Each £5,912.50 Taxed, Each £7,095.00 Qty: Add to Cart Maximum performance is achieved through our mechanical engineering of materials, and our state of the art equipment. We are attending Autosport International. Holinger Engineering has been designing and manufacturing high precision components for motor racing for decades. Our knowledge and experience allows us to examine gearbox internals with scrutiny, and evaluate level of repair or refurbishment necessary. S.R.O. The double flat roller requires a "Hardened Slip Yoke", this yoke is required for ANY dog-box style transmission! CYPRUS A.M.C. GinettaG20S2000. We are attending Autosport International! Click the boxes to view products within that range. Original Poster. Proximity switch for flat shift cut signal, 3.62, 3.33, 3.08, 2.85 – Standard Ratio, 2.62, 2.42, 2.25, 2.54, 2.34, 2.16, 2.00 – Standard Ratio, 1.84, 1.70, 1.58, 2.01, 1.85, 1.71, 1.58 – Standard Ratio, 1.45, 1.34, 1.25, 1.61, 1.49, 1.37, 1.27 – Standard Ratio, 1.17, 1.08, 1.00, 1.37, 1.26, 1.17, 1.08 – Standard Ratio, 0.99, 0.92, 0.85, 1.22, 1.12, 1.04, 0.96 – Standard Ratio, 0.88, 0.82, 0.76, 1.27, 1.17, 1.08, 1.00 – Standard Ratio, 0.92, 0.85, 0.78. Gear kits. Any available ratio stack - Any shifter setback option of 22" - 24" - 26" Delivered anywhere in the USA FREE! Congratulations to Dane Walker on his first ever rally championship. Every SADEV product is defined by its level of technology, and its excellence in performance. Donor bell housing modification/adaption service available – please enquire for cost. CZECH REPUBLIC RALLYE CARS SPOL. Been looking at these gearboxes … Miscellaneous. NOW AVAILABLE – 4 Speed Drift version with wider gears and a shaft handcuff/brace. Ultra tough construction for rough terrain, gears are REM super finished increasing life and reducing friction. IL150 3S – National Hot Rod & F2 Stockcars, IL350 5S – 5 Speed sequential for circuit racing, IL200 5/6 S – Inline 5 or 6 speed sequential, Jag T5 – 5 Speed Conversion for Classic Jaguars & Austin Healey, IL200 5S Extended – Uprated version of the IL200, IL300 6S EVO 2 – Inline 6 speed sequential. *Also a Special Thank you to FD series Championship driver Alex Heilbrunn who harshly testing the 6XD and was quoted saying "Not a single miss shift or hick-up all day and the mid-drift shifting is unreal", Watch the test video below: 6XD 6 Speed Sequential Transmission Flawlessly Handles 1000+HP, 703B Mooresville Road, Kannapolis, NC 28081, Sign up for the latest news, offers and products that RTS has to offer, The products identified on this page can expose you to chemicals including lead, DEHP, and other chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Dog rings are now stronger and more durable than ever before. You can also purchase this "Hardened Slip Yoke" direct from us; the additional cost is only $260.00. An inline, six speed sequential motorsport gearbox with various ratios available: gives a very versatile box that is used in many formulas including rally, circuit, off road, drag and drifting. Worldwide Shipping. Specialising in transmissions, we manufacture a range of gearboxes and associated products, from stand-alone bespoke designs right through to gear sets for existing production cars. An Elite Tremec Transmission Distributor, making us the best source for all of your T-5, T-45, T-56, T-56 Magnum, TKO-500, TKO-600, 3650 and 6060 transmission needs. We have extensive knowledge of motorsport gearboxes and undertake work on all the major motorsport brands. RWD Sequential RS90 gearbox; Universal rwd SEQ gearbox; Universal RWD H pattern gearbox; Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 10 SEQ; Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 10; Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9 SEQ; Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9; Subaru Impreza STI SEQ; Subaru Impreza STI 5 speed; Subaru Impreza STI 6 speed; BMW M3 E30 gr. Click the boxes to view products within that range. We’re attending Donington Historic Motorsport Festival. SGS Racing Transmissions service Hewland, Sadev, Xtrac and Maktrak transmissions. Spares. Inline Gearboxes; Motorbike Engine; FWD Gearboxes; Transaxle Gearboxes; Shafts; Limited Slip Differential; Miscellaneous ; Gear Kits; Spares. Discussion. The material used has a core strength of approximately 30% greater than most manufactured gears. SGS Racing Transmissions Brackwell Farm, Winchendon Road Nether Winchendon Buckinghamshire HP18 0DS, Tel 01844 299565 Email or Transaxle gearboxes ... +44 (0) 1782 280136. Rally America 2016 (NLO) Winner This transverse engine location is now adopted by many of the top world championship teams because of the advantages in traction. The challenge for Drenth Gearboxes is to supply products which prove themselves irrespective of the harsh, and sometimes extreme, circumstances and conditions they are called upon to perform under. Historic Motorsport gearboxes. Sequential gear selection, 6 forward plus reverse with pull neutral/reverse lockout, Sliding yoke or sliding output flange supplied as standard, Input shaft to suit customer installation is included, Drop gear system to change overall ratios quickly and cost effectively, Single stage integral gear driven oil pump & shaft spray bar lubrication system, Top mounted gear stick, sits on top of gearbox closer to bell housing. *All hand built units are generally 3 week lead time prior to shipping. 680Nm (500 ft lbs) Maximum Torque Capacity, Sequential gear selection, 6 forward plus reverse with pull neutral/reverse lockout, Large CV(108mm) output flanges supplied as standard, or bespoke available at extra cost, Input shaft to suit application is included, Single stage integral gear driven oil pump & shaft spray bar lubrication system, Digital gear indicator system – Potentiometer, wiring loom and display box. As well as offering a full rebuild service, we can supply spares for all of the aforementioned gearboxes. Gearbox Spares; Gear Kits Spares; Worldwide Shipping; NEWS; FAQ; CONTACT; Inline Gearboxes. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Rocket and Type 9 transmissions form the core of the range, ideal for Mk1/ Mk2 Ford Escort, Caterham etc. Following many successful years in rallying, with six national championship wins followed by a further national championship win in Rallysprint, the team decided it was time for a further challenge in RallyX. BTAC 2016 Pro Class Runner up SGS are also actively involved in Racecar preparation, engine building and transmission installation, allowing us to have first-hand knowledge and requirements of Motorsport transmissions and fully installed drivelines. We are attending Autosport International! Thanks for Visiting Our Page, We GREATLY appreciate your Business and Trust regarding the past 300+ dogboxes sold. Elite gearbox for sale Lotus Elite/Eclat 5 Speed Gearbox: 600 £ | 2017 VAUXHALL INSIGNIA B MK2 ELITE GEARBOX 2.0 CDTI AUTOMATIC 7MBT: 689.99 £ | Roto Elite D| Ultra tough construction for rough terrain, gears are REM super finished increasing life and reducing friction. For more information go to: With an internal design team and experienced engineers, we are able to assist from an initial concept to full reverse engineering of Diffs, Gears clusters & Complete gearboxes. Find us. "Worlds Strongest Sequential Transmission @ 1800ftlbs" 6XD Sequential Transmission 5 or 6 Speed. It comes complete with their digital gear indicator (which works directly off the 'box, not a wheel sensor). This will SAVE A LOT of time processing your orders. Thursday 2nd November 2017. Reply Reply Author. Need some additional information? Delivered anywhere in the USA FREE! The SGS zero over travel indexing system prevents 'false neutrals' or 'miss-shifts' and gives a quality of gear change that is second to none. The SGS product range is comprehensive and offers a solution for most installations. Have an enquiry? pump, 250+ ratio combinations in stock here in USA, 8 minute (1) drop gear swap changes ratio stack taller/shorter for different tracks & race series, Specialty engine inputs in stock; SR/RB, VQ35, RX7, 2JZ short/long, Coyote, 10 x 1.375 Drag, 26 spline x 1.125" diameter x 6.660" length, 29 spline x 1.250" diameter x 6.660" length, 10 spline x 1.375 diameter x 6.660" length DRAG RACING, 14 spline 2JZ x 1.200" diameter x 10.600 EOS and 11.400 EOP, 14 spline 2JZ x 1.200" diameter x 6.660" length, 2JZ (Used with Toyota V160 style Bell Housing using, RB / SR series (Used with the RB or SR Automatic Bell Housings), RX7 (.750" and 1.000" thick versions both to be used with the Turbo II Bell housing). RACING LTD Marinos Cacouratos +0035799447161. Our Range of Inline Gearboxes. I have one Elite Racing Transmissions 5-speed straight-cut sequential dog engagement gearbox. © 2017 Beagle Engineering Ltd. T/A Elite Racing Transmissions | All rights reserved. The gearbox utilizes a drop gear system to quickly alter your overall gearing without needing to change diff. Delivered anywhere in the USA FREE! Hydraulic clutch slave cylinder & release bearing. This makes an ideal test bed for any racing transmission and development of new products and materials continues. BENELUX (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) QVICK MOTORS Erik Qvick 100% RACE READY! Home Shop Categories Inline Gearboxes. Assemblies are built with top quality components and all new builds and serviced gearboxes are inspected at every stage of production. Followers 1. Elite Sequential Gearbox. *All hand built units are generally 3 week lead time prior to shipping. 1st Gear Ratio £350.00 A Transaxle, six speed sequential motorsport gear box with various ratio options available: This gearbox is used in high torque, mid engine, rear wheel drive set up applications such as GT40 builds, kit cars, time attack builds etc. NP030522 Vauxhall M20 & M32 6 speed manual gearbox Input Bearing 27x54.7x14 . Our in house inspection department was accredited to BSEN ISO9001:2008. Widely known as the most technically challenging of all motorsport disciplines, the team tackled it head on with instant success in their Mitsubishi Evolution 9, and more recently the latest model Mitsubishi Evolution 10. Elite Racing Transmissions are a UK based manufacturer of gearboxes, dedicated to motorsports at every level. CHINA TNT DRIFT CLUB (86)13439096550. All Available IL300 Gear Ratio’s. We’re attending Donington Historic Motorsport Festival. The team were the first to try the transverse engine route – even though they knew the challenges to the transmission were massive. RTS G101A, GSR, 6XD dog-boxes have an output shaft that is *32 spline to handle maximum power transfer, ALL racing Dog-boxes require a "Hardened slip yoke" for the front of your drive-shaft you are running."