I have a bad back and needed something that would support me as much as it supported the baby. Could be even better though!!!

I haven't used the back postion yet, so don't know how comfortable it is, but the front positions (facing in or out) are really comfortable for me and my partner.

It is just a durable, high quality fabric. Ergobaby's launch of the OMNI carrier is a big deal. Some are always available and some are limited time fabric designs.

Do you want the option for your baby to face out? Add to bundle. I still use it for my 2 year old on my back occasionally.

It comes in handy much more than you might think.

It’s like the original 360 and Adapt had a baby that inherited all the best features of both! Both the Ergobaby Embrace and the Omni 360 are capable of carrying babies from newborn stage until well after the first year of life.

Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier - Midnight Blue.

The crossable shoulder straps give a personalized fit. Your trust is our top concern.

This is nearly half the amount that the Omni 360 can handle and it is less than half of the amount of time, since many babies are 25 pounds at about 18 months, vs. 48 months. Thank you so much again for this review. Find it even more difficult to wear it cross-strapped at the back (which I find more comfortable).

This is the one baby product that I would recommend to everyone! It is really good when he is having a grumpy day and wants to be close the Omni allows him to be close and allows me to continue on jobs i need to do. One of the most noticeable differences between the Ergobaby Embrace and the Ergobaby Omni 360 is the fabric. The carrier has a great zip pocket with pull out rain shade- which I use for sunny days over his head.There have been times when he has been so unsettled, especially during the evenings, that nothing else will help him stop crying, until we put him in the carrier and within minutes each time he has fallen asleep...Read more. $349.00. Many babies are born around 7 pounds and by the end of the first year, they weigh around 20 pounds on average. I love my ergo. Babies do a lot of growing their first two years of life. You might wonder why you would even care to have this feature in a carrier, since you would likely be carrying your baby. Hi Sheree, thankyou for sharing your review of our Omni 360 carrier. Hi Sherlyn, thankyou so much for reaching out to us regarding this issue. More. This has been great. Easy to use, the Ergobaby Omni 360 carrier's bucket seat gradually adjusts to your growing baby from newborn to toddler (7-45 lbs / 3.2-20 kg) to support your baby in an ergonomic M-shape position at all ages. I researched this product and purchased because of good reviews and because it’s good for babies hips. Again, putting it on with Baby is very do-able, but definitely much harder than easy.
Of course, there is a lot more differences than just that. If, however, you are planning on carrying your baby in a carrier for the entirety of his or her toddler years and you want to get a lot of daily use out of it, the Ergobaby Omni 360 would be a better buy for you. The Embrace is true to its name and it does look like the more cozy option. Pros of Ergobaby 360. What a glowing review you have given our Omni 360 Cool Air!! I still use it for my 2 year old on my back occasionally. The reviewer stated that an incentive was offered for this review. We bought the Omni 360 Baby Carrier: Cool Air Mesh, and have used it for about 4-5 months now. It is easy to get on and off by myself. Isn't it great having your hands free especially when you have other children to look after?! I can use it easily, and if my partner wants to use it, it's just a small adjustment as we are different sizes.If needed, when we are out and don't need it, we can fold/wrap it up in itself (even if it's a little awkward), to...Read more.

Your child is more active and may prefer to have the freedom to run around more. Share. Omni 360 grows with you from week 1 to 36 months. This carrier has many different fabric choices.

$99.97. This formula is best for my 2 babys It allows parents to carry babies in 4 different ergonomic positions, allowing parents to carry babies both in the front and back. The Ergobaby Embrace is limited to front wearing, and even the front wearing positions are a bit more limited.

We are so incredibly happy that you (& yo... ur bub) are loving the carrier. Ergobaby manufactured the carrier out of stretchy knit material that is a combination of synthetic and natural fibers.

2) It's a little hard to put on. Doll Carrier - Galaxy. I researched ones to use not just when my baby is a newborn but as well to later on. We also love that you are finding the carrier easy to use and comfortable to wear.

Thankyou so much for taking the time to write a review on this product for us. It's great for newborns, as it doesn't require a separate insert (which can be really hot in the warmer months). $199.00. It does take the baby into preschool years, and for parents who are serious about baby wearing, this one is the one for you. What’s So Great About The Ergobaby Omni 360? This is probably one of the biggest deterrents when you are deciding between the Embrace and the Omni 360, since you want to get the most options out of one purchase. Love the carrier. Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier - Pearl Grey. I would buy this again if I needed to. We tried a few times and she just doesn’t like it, even now that she’s 4 months old I can’t get her to stay in it for longer than 5 mins without freaking out. And yes, that storage bag is an absolute winner isn't it? In fact, it looks almost more like a wrap than a carrier.

The Omni 360 allows you to carry your child on your back where your body will be able to support the weight much better and your child will be much happier and out of your way.

It has lived up to my hopes and I’m sure I’ll use it loads. Absolutely has been excellent for my now 8 week old (started using it at 5 1/2 weeks).

I have a two year old toddler and this is the only milk that suits her tummy. When my newborn was not settling unless I’m holding her. Expensive, but worth it. Hi Chelle, Wow! Omni 360 grows with you from week 1 to 36 months.

put in bag, so it's not bad this way either. The buttons will always be set on the black button (which creates a wide seat) UNLESS baby is in the front facing out position (which creates a narrow seat). We hope you continue to get lots of daily use out of your carrier. Anyone struggling to put it on solo I advise to watch a YouTube tutorial of the "t shirt method", it makes putting it on by yourself so, so much easier.I love it has the extra safety straps and it comes up a treat after going through the wash. The support for the baby just isn’t as strong as it is in the Ergobaby Omni 360, so if you are wanting to wear your baby facing out, you may only be able to comfortably do that for a short amount of time. I’ve been using it for 13 months now and can’t find a single fault with it. This will be the innermost panel adjustment. Used it daily when travelling is humid heat, and yes, I was sweating with Baby on my chest (but who wouldn't in that scenario), and it did the job well. Embrace Baby Carrier - Heather Grey. The Ergobaby Omni 360 is named that because the parent can position the baby in all directions around her or him. I’m also glad that when I have another baby, I won’t need an infant insert, which can add another layer of warmth -which I don’t want. Add to bundle . It has potentially had more use than our stroller.

We hope you continue to enjoy using your Omni 360.

Comfortable for my husband- it seems a little bit too big in height for myself, being shorter. There is an all seasons option, which is primarily a mesh fabric. The carrier just doesn’t offer the same amount of support that the Omni does. It's fantastic that it can fit a newborn without an insert.

Thanks again for sharing your lovely review.

Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier - Pearl Grey. Features: Ergobaby is one of the world leaders in ergonomic, hip healthy baby carrier design and certainly one of the most popular baby carrier choices in Australia. Whereas the Ergobaby Embrace is quite a bit more bulky, and not something you would necessarily want to carry around with you if you weren’t actively wearing your baby.

It might seem odd to say that the Ergobaby Embrace is more “portable” than the Ergobaby Omni 360, since they are all meant to be carried, but the Embrace is easier to take along with you when you aren’t wearing your baby. It might seem odd to say that the Ergobaby Embrace is more “portable” than the Ergobaby Omni 360, since they are all meant to be carried, but the Embrace is easier to take along with you when you aren’t wearing your baby. Thanks.

Most parents, once they have the responsibility of having a life in their hands that depends on them for everything, they get real serious, real quick.

Embrace Baby Carrier - Pure Black.

I wouldn't be without it!! It can also be inconvenient since they are much bigger and it is difficult to do things with them constantly on your front. The Omni 360 is geared for regular use and you can use it for well into your child’s toddler years. Copyright © 2020 Baby Coo Coo — Lyrical WordPress theme by, review of the Lillebaby Complete Carrier here.

Baby is start to be forward facing. Ultimately, the Ergobaby Embrace is a carrier that is more well suited to the early years of life.

Whenever baby is facing in toward you, you need to ensure the buttons are set on the correct positioning.

The Ergobaby Omni 360 also has more options available for positioning your baby, so there is that to consider as well. Yes it’s pricey but am sure you can search around for a bargain as it normally retails from $220 to $320 AUD. Purchased in December 2018 at Baby Bunting for A$239.00. It's lovely to hear that bub is comforted in the ca... Read more. I can use it easily, and if my partner wants to use it, it's just a small adjustment as we are different sizes. Thanks again for taking the time write this review.

Baby is start to be forward facing.

If you are comparing with one is easier to get your baby adjusted in, I would say that the Ergobaby Omni 360 is a tad bit easier than the Ergobaby Embrace. Add to bundle. So although it sounds like the Omni 360 would be the obvious choice, you might find that you don’t need a carrier after the 25 pound mark. We hope you continue to love your carrier as baby gets bigger. Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier Oxford Blue, Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier Midnight Blue, Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier Pearl Grey, Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier Raven, Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier Classic Weave. Hi Daisy. Thank you so much for taking the time to review your Omni 360 Cool Air and for such an amazing review! I don’t feel sore and the waist band means weight is distributed.

Otherwise, you get a whole lot of weird looks with cross straps in the front. So, if you are among one of these parents or parents-to-be, you may have come across the Ergobaby Embrace carrier and the Ergobaby Omni 360. In fact, you can easily roll the entire carrier up into a small roll about the size of a rolling pin, and less dense of course.

I’ve owned it for a day and a half and used it three times already! My daughter loves being in the carrier and never gets sick of i...Read more.

Mine is 2 years old and still looks new.I have always had a bit of back pain but find this incredibly comfortable to wear for a length of time.

They are both quality carriers and you likely will enjoy either one of them.