Please read our Terms of Use. It weighs 4.6 kg (so it remains stable in operation) and according to many tests on the internet has a low retention of coffee. I usually single dose 20g of beans. With strategic investment and digital expertise from the Jackson Lockhart team (Tait Pollack and Adam Bateman), we are taking Coffee Forums UK to the next level, and are delighted to share the journey with you. Conti Valerio srl. Almost one year has already passed since Eureka first introduced to the coffee world the new Eureka Mignon. Eureka Mignon Specialità or Eureka Mignon Perfetto: which one should you choose? Grind Retention. What are the differences between these types of Eureka Mignon grinders? The Mignon uses a worm drive. Unfortunately, the ejection chute is made of plastic, which can lead to static charges and attract the coffee grounds like a magnet. via Luigi Longo 39/41 - 50019. I also hold the switch down by hand rather than press the PF against it and guage the dose by eye. So 1 timer function at the bottom right and that’s it. The Specialità has 55mm burrs while the Perfetto has 50mm burrs (as per the eureka website). This would mean that the Specialità can produce better quality grinds for a smaller price with just the added incovinience of counting rotations to switch from coarse to fine. Clear editor. Because we have to put together an Eureka range from the almost unlimited possibilities that we can still trade and oversee. From what I could gather, they both have the same range, but the specialita does it in ~5 revolutions of the knob while the perfetto covers that range in a single revolution. Powered by Invision Community, Mignon (Silenzio / Perfetto / Specialita), I use a naked PF so removed the fork. It has a programmable timer to always mill the same amount of coffee (the coffee grinder works for a given time) when the trigger is pressed with the filter holder. I like my Perfetto alot and it had paired well with my Gaggia Classic Pro. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. I’m trying to decide between the Silenzio and Specialita. No one can keep 300 different devices in stock and have them available at all times, let alone create and maintain images for each version. Click here to find out when VAT (22%) can be deducted... Espresso Coffee Shop - Copyright 2001 - 2018 - All rights reserved - Pay Later. Thought I would share here: Instantaneo owners all love their grinders for the most part. Eureka Mignon MCI vs Specialita vs Silenzia vs Perfetto . Upload or insert images from URL. The Specialita will just allow you to make finer adjustments (it's already pretty sensitive -- small adjustments yield very different shot times). I am from Austria, so that sounds great. Hopefully they will forgive us if we get and set the right pictures for the individual models with a time delay. Best have one for espresso and perhaps a hand grinder fro drip......makes a lot more sense, Ahh new to espresso and grinders in general - may have set my hopes too high! Eureka Mignon Perfetto VS Eureka Mignon Specialita Umfassender Vergleich der Kaffeemühlen ☕️ Welche Espresso-Kaffeemühle soll ich kaufen? eureka; grinder ; perfetto; silenzio; specialita; Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. They look like a pretty nice upgrade from the standard mignon, would be more tempted about holding off if I had any ideas about release dates or prices! So, what exactly did they change? Now, however, it is not yet. But could you maybe explain to me what stepless vs EZ dial means, and how the diameter (50 vs 55mm) affects the coffee? I am attracted to the noise reduction feature since my MDF wakes up the family every morning. You will receive a link to reset your password. Click Here To Buy Advertising Space    Pasted as rich text. Sesto Fiorentino - FI - ITALY. My current grinder is a Graef CM 800 (130€) but I am fed up with how loud it is and how much coffee it retains. After one year we can say that the efforts... You have to love the Rancilio Silvia: a small, simple and affordable coffee machine that brought thousands of amateurs into the espresso coffee world.... Click here to find out when VAT (22%) can be deducted, Francis Francis Ground Coffee Coffee Machines, Francis Francis Iperespresso Coffee Machines, Laboratorio di Torrefazione Giamaica Caffe', COMPETITION SERIES • FILTERS AND SHOWERS OF ACCURACY, Eureka Mignon Perfetto CR Black Electronic Grinder. Eureka made a slight design change and made the hopper more vertical making it virtually impossible for beans to hide. What are the differences between these types of Eureka Mignon grinders? Cookies help us deliver our Services. I would go for the Silenzio if you're happy with 50mm burrs and the limited colours. Die Eureka Mignon Silenzio ist eine hervorragende Wahl für den Einstieg in die Welt des richtig guten Espressos. Sie bietet ein absolut überzeugendes Gesamtpaket: Modernes, schlichtes Design, einfache Bedienung und großartige Mahlqualität bei einem sehr guten Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Paired with Krups GVX231. Please enter your email address below. The only real improvement I can see is the sealed hopper. The mill funnel is inserted tightly into a round opening above the grinding mechanism with a new rubber lip. Where did you find it? If you enjoyed the simplicity of the old Mk 2, then you should go for this one. If you can get a reduced price mk2, go for that - it is basically the same grinder. I don't really see the new timer/dose control as being worth having. Eureka Mignon Specialita vs. Perfetto. The next two models, called the Eureka Mignon Perfetto and the Eureka Mignon Specialità, both feature a new touch screen and apparently look the same. Now, the line consists of the Silenzio, Specialita and Perfetto while they slowly phase out the Instantaneo. Rocket Espresso Type V, *update - the Eureka Mignon Perfetto has been discontinued as of 2020. Eureka Atom 75 or Ceado E37S - Which Is Right For Me? Once again the key feature for many home coffee enthusiasts is kitchen worktop space. Gatty, December 28, 2017 in Eureka Grinders. I highly encourage you to consider the niche zero. The three new versions are called SILENZIO, PERFETTO and SPECIALITA (there is also the Magnifico, but it has a special position and will therefore be of little importance). I am having a look at a used MCI on ebay for 200€ (a new one costs a bit more than 300€ where I am from). Keeping these two grinders in stock has been a struggle. Thank you. Tel. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Specialita has 55mm burrs & the LCD. 3. Close. Like the Eureka Mignon Perfetto, it also comes with a digital touch screen display, offering two programmable modes, plus a continuous mode and a lock feature. All versions come with the standard bean hopper capacity: 250 gram capacity. Coffee Forums UK is the UK's premier coffee forum Started in June 2008 by Glenn Watson, we now have more than 24000 mainly UK based members, and welcome more than 3000 members and visitors from around the world each day! New Members: This would mean that the Specialità can produce better quality grinds for a smaller price with just the added incovinience of counting rotations to switch from coarse to fine. Fax +39 055 4200010. To start off, what you should know is that there are 3 versions of the Eureka Mignon: Silenzio, Pefetto and Specialità. Ever since their release, the Specialita and Perfetto from Italian grinder manufacturer extraordinaire Eureka have been a massive hit here in the States. Do you want convenience of switching back and forth between grind setting or more easily making fine adjustments for espresso? I decided with the Perfetto in hopes that I could easily switch between different brewing types. Eureka Mignon SILENZIO/PERFETTO/SPECIALITA: This entry-level model has almost the same functions as the previous Mignon MCI models. Now you can go even further than the manual timer with two programmable settings via a touchscreen on the new Mignons (minus the Silenzio). This is also a real challenge for you as a customer. When you have the grinder in timer mode, every time you press start it runs for the timed duration so topping up is a pain. The Silenzio is sort of the ‘entry level’ of the three, it features the a design, the Silent technology we have seen before in Eureka's more professional grinders, an anti-clump system, and a Standard ‘hands-free’ Fork.