Due to the growing demand and competition for doodles, they are unfortunately rarely available to rescue from shelters or families (especially puppies), though it is possible. Some St Berdoodles will inherit ideal characteristics making them low maintenance while others may require more exercise and a higher level of grooming. You can expect most Saint Berdoodles to weigh between 70-160 pounds as adults and stand as tall as 26 inches from ground to shoulder. As a hybrid dog breed, you should expect the Saint Berdoodle to be healthier than the majority of purebred dogs due to their genetic diversity. Your puppy needs around 1- 2 cups of dry dog food each day. The Saint Berdoodle, for the most part, will be a gentle giant. He will require 2g of fat per kg of body weight and 3g of protein per kg of body weight. You should expect to pay between $1500 to $2,000 USD for your Berdoodle puppy depending on the breeder. Bathing can also help with excessive shedding and remove any tangles or loose hairs to avoid infections. The F1 is produced from the initial cross-breeding of the two pure breeds, the Saint Bernard and the Standard Poodle. As a designer dog breed, the saint berdoodle will inherit traits from both the poodle and saint bernard, however the traits inherited vary from dog to dog as not all saint berdoodles will receive the same traits (even if from the same litter). Two parents with the same coloring generally results in offspring with similar coat colors. A post shared by Utah Based St. Berdoodles (@peaceinthechaos) on Feb 13, 2020 at 10:45am PST, A post shared by Millie Culmer (@pawsupformillie) on May 5, 2020 at 7:49am PDT. The breed may become uneasy if they sense someone is an unwelcome intruder, but it is unlikely they will become aggressive with that person. The Saint Berdoodle should be a very intelligent dog breed. Cheerful, playful, and a little trouble maker – Saint Berdoodle is everything you would want from a real-life teddy. F2, or second generation, Saint Berdoodles are a mix of two unrelated F1 Saint Berdoodles. They need daily exercise and play sessions. (@_its.just.kyle_) on Mar 26, 2020 at 6:48am PDT. These Doodle dogs (doodles are a cross between a Poodle and another dog breed) were likely originally bred when the popularity of mixed breeds increased during the 1980s. Like all the owners must be aware that, they are really affectionate and will enjoy spending all of their time with their family. Balls! Saint Berdoodle Coat Color And Appearance, big working dog was bred as a rescue dog and has its origin from the Italian Alps, viciously smart dogs have a conflicting origin, doodles are a cross between a Poodle and another dog breed, German Shepherd Lab Mix – A Complete Guide Before Buying A Sheprador, Italian Greyhound – Complete Dog Breed Information, calmly and sharply watch their surroundings without any fuss, Bathing can also help with excessive shedding, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever – Facts About The Toller, cuteness overload from this poodle hybrid, ideal household dogs with pure, unconditional love, Top 10 Best Puppy Food [2020] – Wet And Dry, 10 Best Dog Food For Diabetic Dogs [2020], Best Dog Food For Weight Gain – A Complete Review, Common Skin Problems In Cats – Ultimate Guide, They belong to the Sock Snatchers group (or gloves, shoes, dresses, curtains!). The main differences between F1’s and F2’s are: F1 Puppies. Great for people or families with mild allergies, Recommended for people or families with moderate to severe allergies. It has large, round eyes with black rims with a keen and alert expression. The Saint Berdoodle should do well with other pets. Saint Berdoodles have either one of two coat styles: long and curly (if he has inherited more Poodle) or long and wavy (if he has inherited more Saint Bernard). Lilly and Frosty had a beautiful litter of 2 males and 6 female F2 Saint Berdoodle puppies born on 10-16-20. Droopy ears well covered with lightly curled long hairs and lie close to a dog’s cheeks. There are many high-quality breeders out there who have been breeding healthy Saint Berdoodles for years, and they all specialize in breeding different generations and colors of them. Very large head, short muzzles with a well-defined stop and the top of their head is nicely domed which adds to the Berpoos gentle, intelligent look. Males can weigh anywhere between 150 to 200 pounds. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Is A Normal Medium Size Gundog. If they inherit the Poodle propensity for low shedding, they make a good choice for people who suffer from pet allergies. Finally, F1B Saint Berdoodle is produced from mixing a Saint Berdoodle with either a pure Saint Bernard or pure Poodle. With that said, these not-so-big guys are intelligent (thanks to the poodle gene pool) and they need rules and regulations given in a gentler fashion. The Saint Berdoodle will generally have a mix of physical features from both the Saint Bernard and the Poodle. If an F1 Berdoodle is bred back to a Saint Bernard (to enlarge the puppies) or a Poodle (to increase the hypoallergenic aspect of the coat), that is an F1B. This means the breed can inherit the intelligence and the strong desire to please from the poodle and/or the saint bernard's friendliness and loyalty. Saint Berdoodles are all unique in their own doodly way. http://dogtime.com/dog-breeds/saint-bernard, https://www.facebook.com/SaintBerdoodleCommunity/posts/868403256536736, http://www.thesaintberdoodlehaven.com/saintberdoodles, http://www.doodlesandpoodlestn.com/Saint-Berdoodle-Puppies.html. Contact a breeder below: All breeders with 'Quality Breeder' recognition have met our. Below are pictures of the Saint Berdoodle dog breed. This will require frequent trimming of the coat since it grows continuously. On the other hand, Second generation Saint Berdoodle is a byproduct of two Saint Berdoodle. Berpoos have strong jaws with a perfect scissor bite. This theoretically results in a less-shedding coat! So don’t be surprised if these gentlemen spend their days lying on your couch. However, we do our best to only list reputable and established breeders. You will surely find this breed very easy to train. Currently, the average cost for all Saint Berdoodle sold is $1,500. (@_its.just.kyle_), Disclaimers, Copyright & Advertising Statements. Furthermore, giant dogs like Saint Berdoodles will grow to their maximum size at about 18 to 24 months. A grown-up Berdoodle needs between 4-5 cups of dry food. It would be difficult to breed a Saint Bernard with anything smaller than Standard Poodle (which is a large dog breed itself) so the offspring will be fairly large as adults. The most common ones are black, but you can also find white, brown and white, apricot, black and white, fawn, mahogany, grey, or silver coats. How to Avoid Doodle Scammers and Puppy Mills, Saint Berdoodle Personality And Temperament, A post shared by Summit The Saint Berdoodle (@summit.the.sweetheart), A post shared by Utah Based St. Berdoodles (@peaceinthechaos), A post shared by Millie Culmer (@pawsupformillie), A post shared by Murrie the Saint Berdoodle (@saintmurrie), A post shared by Kyle! Two F2s make an F3, and two F3's make an F4, and so on. Of course, you can find miniature Saint Berdoodles. This is because the St. Berdoodle can easily knock down or unintentionally injure small children due to their large size. Saint Berdoodle Breed Characteristics Sheet. Sometimes slightly confident trouble-makers but it’s all in good fun. The following dog breed registries and organizations recognize the Saint Berdoodle as a dog breed: Interested in the Saint Berdoodle? They are social, loving, cuddly…but also clumsy. When he grows up, you’ll need to raise the amount of feeding but keep a close eye on your dog’s weight as they have a ravenous appetite and tends to overindulge. Regular exercise can also cut down the episodes of sudden spikes of Berdoodle buzz. A responsible breeder will cross a female Saint Bernard and a male Poodle. Saint Berdoodles come in so many color variations. It is not uncommon for a Bernard Poodle mix to weigh as much as 160 pounds which is double the weight of their poodle parent. You can look for a good breeder on national kennel or breed clubs. As a hybrid dog, the Saint Berdoodle was likely originally bred when the popularity of mixed breeds increased during the 1980s. If an F1 Berdoodle is bred back to an F1B, that is an F2B. This is a cross between a purebred Standard Poodle and a Saint Bernard. They will calmly and sharply watch their surroundings without any fuss to make sure that everybody is safe. These dogs may bark at strangers, even otherwise their size says it all to the intruders. Saint Berdoodles are cheerful and extremely affectionate dogs which make the training easier than many other miniature breeds and dogs in general for trainers and owners. Since the Saint Bernard is a giant dog breed, the Saint Berdoodle will likely be a very large dog as an adult.