Variety reports that employees were informed that a plan to keep the company afloat through its planned January 2019 relaunch had failed, leading to the immediate staff-cutting decision. There’s also parental controls available so that you can control what’s able to be viewed. You’ll simply setup a Plex server on your home desktop PC, add your digital collection to it, and then you can access it from virtually any other device (your phone, tablet, laptop, Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, Smart TV, etc). For a specialty service, Fandor offers plenty of ways to watch. Fandor is a movie streaming service that gives you access to hand-picked films, and the vibe is entirely different than any other movie streaming service. If you like shows like Twin Peaks, Homeland, Billions, and Shameless, this is a great value. And when your tastes line up with the people doing the curating, that service should be a good match for you. Streaming quality is top-notch, and plans are cheap. Contributing Editor, As an example, if you were to only subscribe to cable internet and Netflix (the most common setup for basic cordcutters), you would save roughly $527 a year. The iOS app supports AirPlay, so it can be used with the Apple TV. Overall, Fandor is getting our Thumbs Up rating for providing quality films and creating a user interface that makes it easy to browse through films that you otherwise wouldn’t have seen, and quickly giving you enough information to decide whether you want to watch them or not. Sling has local and national FOX channels, including Fox Sports channels, that will air some NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL games if you have a local team. In my expert opinion, the base package ($35/month) is the best option that’s more of a cord cutting solution than the rest of the DirecTV Now plans (which adds frivolous channels you likely wouldn’t watch). Buy it here. Disclaimer: Heavy Inc. has affiliate relationships with various streaming content providers and may receive a commission if you sign up for a service via a link on this page. For common issues please check our Help Center! (And with Hulu, much of what you find will have commercials.). Another option similar to Chromecast. This Article is related to: Film and tagged Fandor, FilmStruck, Streaming. For $10 a month, you get access to hundreds of motion pictures, from rare, serious European features to educational shorts and the silliest exploitation flicks. It’s watchable, but everything is a bit soft. Fandor Watch independent and international films on Fandor instantly. SuperDeluxe, a division of Turner Broadcasting’s digital efforts, was also shut down amidst similar WarnerMedia restructuring efforts. With FuboTV, you can watch NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL games for your home in-market teams. I’m going down to their offices tomorrow and ask for $20.00 ( the amount they’ve illegally taken out of my checking account ) This review is bogus. Buster Keaton’s Southern feud comedy, Our Hospitality, the Mexican drama The Violin, and the very dark (and sexually explicit) comedy of over-protective parents, Dogtooth. Price: $4.99/month, but you have to have Amazon Prime Video as well. Fandor is an American subscription service, perfect for serious film buffs. What’s more, you can also create your own guide based on only your favorite channels to eliminate the fluff, bringing you the content you want without having to cipher through the rest. Once purchased, accounts are able to have up to seven different profiles. On top of those, you’ll find Netflix’s top-rated originals like Orange Is the New Black, Stranger Things, House of Cards, and Ozark. If you are a big fan of Hollywood blockbusters, like I am, Fandor is not for you. On top of that, you’ll also find some free movies streaming online with ads. Again, super quick and painless, and you’ll occasionally find good deals. So get going. They people programming Mubi aren’t shy about the personal nature of these choices. These tend to be better-known independent films like Slackers and The Puffy Chair. Be aware, though, that if you buy all of these various subscriptions to fill the void you could potentially overdo it, meaning you won’t be saving anything at all. On top of that, DirecTV’s biggest appeal to most, NFL Sunday Ticket and Red Zone, aren’t available on their streaming service. You are now only few steps away from our happy world: You will get 7 free days of playmoTV streaming. Despite desperate pleas to keep it up and running, the beloved FilmStruck platform ceased operations last week after steps taken by parent company WarnerMedia.