Following a ghost invasion of Manhattan, paranormal enthusiasts Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates, nuclear engineer Jillian Holtzmann, and subway worker Patty Tolan band together to stop the otherworldly threat. They blow up GOZER, THE STAY PUFT MARSHMALLOW MAN, THE PORTAL, and also the BAD WEATHER! However, a Ghostbuster 3 never came about, despite Akyroyd’s plans in the 1990s. ...who remain outside while the GHOSTBUSTERS march in to fight GOZER. But when I turn into a dog and remain petrified for the entire climax you’ll be glad you got this insight into my character. SIGOURNEY WEAVER kicks BILL MURRAY out of her apartment. I also forgot to mention we should never cross the streams, we don’t know how to aim our weapons, and I can’t remember how to use my legs! Presumably if you bought them we could find the receipts. SIGOURNEY WEAVER’S APARTMENT BUILDING. I'm nowhere near as overwhelming as I thought. Lucky for us we’ve got this receptionist, Annie Potts. ‘Ghostbusters’: All-Female Reboot a Victim of 2016’s ‘Anti-Hillary Movement,’ Says Director Paul Feig ... but because the script was bad, the direction pedestrian at best. And the best part is that no one will ever doubt the existence of ghosts again! Now, what amount do we charge? While it's standard procedure for comedies like this to use these scenarios to get their loveable schlub laid, we're going to break tradition a bit and have me realise this counts as rape. Why show his personality or character journey or even him actually getting to bust a motherfucking ghost. We'll at least step inside the portal to make absolutely sure we don't blow up our world, won't we? Say Bill, since this movie is at least partly horror, do you think we should start on a creepy note? Wouldn't that cause a planet-killing explosion? ��ΧF����� �A%L�~H��xP=*� I know I'm up against Bill Murray's charismatic main protagonist self but I think I might have a chance! More information Find this Pin and more on Movie News by Movieweb . You’re bored now. We just found empirical evidence of ghosts this afternoon. I'd better inject you with 300 cc's of thorozine. That’s insa-. You think our equipment is dangerous so you're just going mess around with it and see what happens? DO NOT screw this up. Seriously, why is the EPA of all people on our case for firing deadly energy beams across New York? I’ll start by hitting on a student decades younger than me. Well, it looks like everything's been neatly wrapped up. Hmm. I'm beginning to doubt your status as "the smart one". You are the greatest person of all time. What about the hundreds of ghosts Dickless unleashed? If you at least played along I'd be grateful, and maybe MAYBE you could work your way up to a date or-. But seriously guys, with all this extra work, we should hire a fourth Ghostbuster. Gozer pulled an image of a corporate mascot from my head to create a giant monster. Then we’ll have more chance of crossing the streams and blowing everything up! CIVILIZATION collaspes as concrete proof of the paranormal appears! Let's fuck! The GHOSTBUSTERS get their first customer, SIGOURNEY WEAVER. It’s too bad.”, “The director, he spent too much on it and he didn’t shoot scenes we suggested to him – several scenes that were going to be needed.”. Nevertheless the script for Ghostbusters III: Hellbent was modified for the Ghostbusters 2009 video game. 1 0 obj << /Creator (���F�v.w�+��) /CreationDate (� ��Q�ivw�'䐳ժ �6���W�c.2�7) /Author (���Q�B;:�7�����n�[e%\(\r~) /Producer (���T�0\n�▥ժ �4,|zh\r�:b�$ʽ) /Keywords () /Subject (���[�|;.) You're still facing six federal charges. Guys, should we...I don't know. OW! �2}�Y���3��*�ӵ?+ї���d�C-. {��^�1���W'�v��j���~53�s��� Shut up you disgusting cow! Okay. (slides down mountain of magazine covers). Dammit, you'd think the city would be just a LITTLE invested in its own SURVIVAL. I thought we'd get our first visit from the police or the Department of Homeland Security or someone whose fucking job is to first protect us from unknown threats. I’m not their assistant! Sorry. And you brought him here, instead of, say, a hospital. Abridged Scripts are short(-ish) screenplays for films that just cover the highlights. Mr Mayor, these people are nothing but con artists! Woah, woah! Do you think I might have a shot with her? I mean there's a demon god at the end, but for all intents and purposes this guy is our main opponent. Puts all the ghosts and stuff under a new light, huh? No problem! Let's go! Woah, woah! Aw, I don’t believe that for a second. I don't need an excuse to be evil! Oh gosh darn it, you really do! If that's a two-way portal how would the Earth remain unaffected if it was just ten feet away? Back in 1989 Ghostbusters 2 was released starring Aykroyd, Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson. Guys, it looks like these are the end times! Oh just bully the snobby hotel manager into paying you an exorbitant amount. Guys! Apparently the architect saw the internet's reaction to an all-female Ghostbusters and thought society was too sick to survive. Wait, the first government agency to investigate us is the fucking EPA? He's hired! Meanwhile, an animated movie is also in the works from Sony Pictures Animation. We're gonna have to fight off an army of ghosts in a city under siege-. I know you'd rather hear me talk about my medication and my romantic problems with Sigourney Weaver! Ghostbusters 3 director Jason Reitman has confirmed that the original cast has read his script. Even if he plays a ghost.”. Just imagine if Chernobyl had some guy haphazardly mashing his hand across a keyboard! The GHOSTBUSTERS have finally been hired to bust something! I don't know why we'd think you'd have large quantities of lethal chemicals. DAN dreams of SPECTRAL BLOWJOBS! That's an outrage! See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper,