Not only will Gourmand Crab rack up some XP (Use Veteran Trade on Ronkan Pleco & you’ll get almost nothing but Gourmand Crab), but you have some decent Swimming Shadows fish to catch here. Note: There are 2 other *Single* Leve Quests similar to those above (3,000 XP higher) from the same NPC: Swiftperch (Western La Noscea X34, Y32) is a nice location for this tier for Leve’s and grinding between level 10 and 16. Apex Monsters in Woh Gates are all level 131-133. Everybody needs a break now and then, there’s no shame in it – even when you’re doing some FFXIV power leveling. Generally you roam the zone, but the camps listed there are historical. Bring some Purse Web Spider and Goblin Jigs. For example, if you’re a level 12 Fisherman, try to catch fish near level 15. To Catch: Head to Cereleum Field (Bluefog – Northern Thanalan X16, Y20) with Glowworm. For those willing to pay a bit more attention, Leves will be the way forward yet again. In addition to this, the Challenge Log objectives for dungeon runs take advantage of the many benefits passively applied to the character, like EXP% buffs and EXP% gear. The experience point rewards are generous and multiply for high-quality crafts. It’s an invisible buff we call the Armory Bonus, and it magically cuts the grind of leveling subsequent classes by a good margin. Around level 40, go to The Burning Wall (Eastern Thanalan X29, Y24). A: Like 20 hours for 1-50, 20 hours for 50 content, 20 for 50-60 stuff, and like 10 hours for grinding to the next story quest or getting a class to 15 for a job. For example, let’s say you do the Level 56 Triple “Pipira Pirouette”, which costs 1 allowance. This guide assumes that the player has obtained Trusts already. Similar to the crafting classes, gatherers can make use of a number of exp boosting items to speed things along. Make sure if you’re grinding to catch fish near your Fisherman’s level. With three expansions now under its belt, Final Fantasy XIV level cap has moved from 50 all the way to 80. Crawlers sleep at night, and do not link. Leve Quests are good options as well (preferably Lvl.15 Leve Quests since they give you double the XP of a level 10). Ceruleum Field (Bluefog – Northern Thanalan X16, Y20) is the go-to in this tier for grinding until about level 35. Get the Guildhest and Dungeon first-time bonuses when they’re relevant to your level, clear your weekly challenge logs, and focus on burning through any extra rested exp you’ve accumulated while at work, etc. Bight Uragnites will spam Gas Shell a lot, do not engage without suitable precautions against poison. Your next Fishing Quest won’t be until level 40, so once you reach level 35, head to the Sagoili Desert (Southern Thanalan X12, Y35) with some Sandleech. If you’re feeling up to it, re-visit the Southeast Source – Lakeland (X12, Y38) and you will find the collectible Bothriolepis (Shadow node). These birds are non-aggressive but link from fair distances. And of course you can rack up some serious XP here. You can unlock it by completing the level 15 side quest ‘Rising to the Challenge’, which can be found by speaking to I’tolwann in the Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X11,Y10). Unless you’re extremely into collectibles, try to save your big upgrades until level 80 if you can. Note: There are 2 other *Single* Leve Quests similar to those above (6,000 XP higher) from the sam NPC: Note: There are 2 other *Single* Leve Quests similar to those above (12,000 XP higher) from the same NPC: The *Single* Leve’s also provide 1 Venture as a reward option. They’re not great spots, but 25-28 doesn’t have many great spots.