DuPont™ Kevlar® helps provide improved flexibility in the design and manufacturing of fiber optic cable. Open up the parcel from us and unpack your sensory room transformation and sit back and be charmed by this delightful selection of sensory lighting. These handheld sensory lighting kits will delight many children with special needs, and is age appropriate for adults living with Dementia. Fibre Optics Lighting. This tactile and great to handle spray of Jumbo UV effect strands has many knobbly parts inbuilt which provide tactile stimulation and sensory calmness through touch and light.  This Sensory in an Instant Ultimate Kit is the ultimate for visual stimulation. All rights reserved The unique product features a built in remote controlled LED light source with full colour change, which avoids the need for a bulky and hot external unit.

Even under everyday white light the colours radiate much more intensely than competing products. +33(0)3 89 83 20 20 Our fibre optic ice lamps are soft to touch and are designed to be durable and look amazing. The Dark den accessory kit 4 encourages children to explore bright colours and light with these sensory and glow toys, ideal for use in a sensory room or dark den. +33(0)3 89 48 43 44, Copyright© 2007-2020 Barrisol® - Normalu® SAS. Get your Sensory Room off to a stunning start with this amazing sensory zone make over set which will transform any room with ease and within a set budget. For an effect of stars sky, or soft light ambiance, the optic fibers are ideal. Our Sensory Fibre Optic kits consist of an LED power source featuring multiple operation modes including static or colour change with a choice of three speeds, so you can change the effect to provide exciting visual stimulation, or create a profound calming effect, ideal for adults or children with anxiety or sleep disorders. We carry large stocks of quality Fibre Optic products.

This Fibre Optic Sensory in a box kit is perfect if you want to start from scratch or want to add to your sensory area. For reliability and performance, no other cable ripcord material can match Kevlar®. Buy fibre optic cable online. In fabric woven Fibre optics strands – to create the illusion of the sky. Anyone would be delighted to receive one these fantastic Sensory in an Instant Ultimate Kits. Higher tensile modulus to weight and smaller cable size in an aerial cable made with Kevlar® help result in stronger cables that use less material. The purpose of a water-blocking yarn is to help prevent the ingression of water into the cable, which can lead to signal attenuation and a shorter service life. Blue,Green,Pink and red. Protecting cables between the central office and the home, Kevlar® is helping to play an essential role in an increasingly connected world. You can also lay on the Soft play Interactive Fibre Optic Tunnel floor and reach out to touch the sparkling fibres. For an effect of stars sky, or soft light ambiance, the optic fibers are ideal. Blue Helix.  A stunning colour changing fibre optic wand. This kit is available in 2 colours, red and black, containing a star shaped carpet with 87 sparkling star points. Light source (LED) and power supply built-in. Fibre optic and LED lighting kits direct from the UK manufacturer. Sensory in Plays 7 piece UV reactive kit is a value for money starter kit which provides an insight into the many sensory UV reactive products available.  The fantastic Ball at the base of the handle features super-bright LEDs making this torch a sight to behold in the dark! Our Fibre optic ice lamps are a delightful way to create the perfect sensory environment. © 2020 DuPont. A fantastic sensory room lighting kit containing a great selection of lighting to get your sensory room transformed with ease. Best known for its use in ballistic and stab-resistant body armor, Kevlar® brand aramid fiber is credited with helping to save thousands of lives. Legal information. 1 Metre Budget Fibre optic sensory light system, Awesome Sensory in an Instant Ultimate Kit, Fibre optic sensory carpet with light source, Fibre optic Star Carpet with Light Source, Fibre Optic UV Jumbo Bamboo Kit and light source, Fibre Optic Vanilla Scent Sparkle Harness and Light Source, Sensory Fibre Optic Lighting Kit Uv Reactive, Sensory in play UV Fibre Optic 7 piece set. Aerial dielectric self-supporting cables

Building a ripcord made of Kevlar® into the outer layer of cable jackets helps give technicians easy access to the fiber optic lines inside and eliminates the need to use a cutting tool, which can damage the glass wave guides. Created from strips of stretchy PVC, the Waterfall stimulates the visual senses whilst also providing a great tactile experience. Strong bright colours are enhanced in ultra violet light making this a stunning effect to add to any sensory room.