Hello Mari, I’m doing my homework on figure 8 puffers. If you want to fix this so they can live a long and happy life, you’ll need to start adjusting things ASAP to match the guidelines mentioned. Figure 8 Puffer - Tetraodon biocellatus. These are one of the most intelligent fish species to be found in the aquarium store: they always seem to be observing their environment, know when it’s feeding time and can even learn to differentiate between their owner and other people after a while. NotesTop ↑. Not thought to have been bred in the hobby. Hi! If you’re looking for a freshwater puffer, try having a look at this list. Apparently, it’s a substrate spawner and the male exhibits some degree of brood care. My tank has lots of nooks and crannies for them to swim through and hunt in, which they tend to do since they know that there’s stuff to find there sometimes. puffer fish only usually puff up when they're very stressed or scared so if you ever see a puffer puff up their is most likely something very wrong. Many parts of the body of puffers contain the deadly neurotoxin tetrodoxin. Best kept in a heavily-planted setup with twisted roots and branches to provide additional cover, although soft-leaved plants may be chewed by the fish. This brackish water fish doesn't get too big (max size is about 3 inches). As mentioned in the intro, their common name is derived from the “eight”-shaped marking on their head. Although they are smaller and easier to keep than most  puffer species there are still a lot of misconceptions out there about these fish. The O-C Man 53,849 views. Cooking food reduces some of the natural nutrient contents that come in raw foods; some hobbyists have even said that cooked food is harder for your fish to digest.It is especially important to not cook the food if you’re buying crustaceans/mollusks. Thus, to keep puffer teeth short their diet should consist mostly of crustaceans, possibly supplemented with other live or frozen foods like mosquito larvae and bloodworms. The figure 8 puffer fish can also puff up to two or three times its original size by inflating its stomach with air or water, which is always neat to see. my figure 8 puffer got stuck in a rock today.He puffed up,and we had to pry him out. One kind of bullies the other. As for filters, the bigger you can go without creating too much flow is best. I really need help. Since captive-bred figure eight puffers are not readily available, be aware that any you purchase are likely wild-caught. Right now I’m using a large LED squeak filter that came with the set of my tank. It’ll be a long and expensive ordeal to upgrade them to where they can truly thrive. Heck, you can even make them chase a laser light like a cat! However, if you feel like it’s a constant thing then we’ll have to think of something to distract him a bit. donottrytoreadthis. Sorry to hear you’re worried about your puffer. I have a ten gallon set aside to raise food for my puffer, but first to quarantine them. How come my goldfish act like they are starving even after I feed them? Most people go with filters that are double of what is recommended for the tank size. A bored puffer will spend much of its time “glass-surfing”, swimming up and down the front of the tank. Right now I’ve come to the fun part where I can decorate my aquarium.