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Results negative. The Battles of Cape Esperance 11 October 1942 and Santa Cruz Islands 26 October 1942, Battles of Savo Island and Eastern Solomons, Boat Pool 15-1 Manila, P.I. I'm coming to meet you anyhow." “We didn’t go far enough east,” he said, still worried that he might be in the Gulf. “We’ll have to ditch unless landfall…when the first plane drops below ten gallons, we all go down together.” A few minutes later, the Avengers’ last radio communications were replaced by an eerie buzz of static. But nothing was ever found. “We may as well just turn around and go east again.” His pilots probably argued against the decision—some investigators even believe that one plane broke off and flew in a different direction—but most followed their commander’s lead. While it argued that Taylor might have confused the Bahamas for the Florida Keys after his compasses malfunctioned, it could find no clear explanation for why Flight 19 had become so disoriented. I am sure I'm in the Keys but I don't know how far down and I don't know how to get to Fort Lauderdale." According to Navy records, only 2 other TBMs had serial numbers ending in 209, and both are accounted for, one still flying, and the other in a museum. True, they probably had instrumentation failure through most, if not all of the flight, but, the report does list the fishing vessel crew witnessing the bombing way-point and reporting so, stating that the aircraft continued east. We are happy to work with other website publishers, Get your podcast featured for free – email us. 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Fact finding TBM-1C 73209 USED board of investivation has been appointed by CNAADTRA DAMAGE DAMAGE DESCRIPTION & REMARKS to make a detailed report and if possible determine AIRCRAFT X AIRCRAFT AND ENGINE LOST AT SEA cause of loss of subj a/c. Within a few days, without water, they would have all died of exposure and dehydration. Watched English tv last evening (Feb 17th 2016) which explained in detail how the planes went down and why. After flying around in confusion for several hours, the planes ran out of gas. Finally, after an extensive Navy Board of Inquiry investigation is completed, the riddle remains intact. Waterspouts, freak magnetic anomalies, and even time warps. Kearsarge - 19 Jun 1864, Selected Sources on the German Battleship Bismarck, The Sinking of the German Battleship Bismarck as Described in the B.d.U. Later, when asked to switch to 3000 kc, the search and rescue frequency, FT-28 called: "I cannot switch frequencies. “We’ll have to ditch unless landfall…when the first plane drops below ten gallons, we all go down together.” A few minutes later, the Avengers’ last radio communications were replaced by an eerie buzz of static. A message from USS Solomons (CVE 67), which was participating in the search, later confirmed both the merchantman's report and the fears of many at Banana River. It didn’t mention anything about the Bermuda Triangle, that is a big mistake!! The sea was very rough." The next day, water samples, taken in the area, developed an oily film. Turn on your emergency IFF gear, or do you have it on?" The next, and final transmissions from Flight 19 were incoherent, and made no sense. 48, USS Canberra CA70 War Damage Report No. Under normal circumstances, pilots lost in the Atlantic were supposed to point their planes toward the setting sun and fly west toward the mainland, but Taylor had become convinced that he might be over the Gulf of Mexico. comments:  this was backwards from the direction they should have been flying and put them heading further out into the open ocean — how the flight leader could have thought he was over the Gulf of Mexico, west of Florida remains a mystery to this day. The rest of the transmissions were heard by ASRTU-4. Finally, the flight leader wasn’t doing the navigating, but rather the students were flying the route prescribed — estimating time and distance while holding the prescribed headings. 9 (1863) Observance of Paroles, General Order No. After the Challenger disaster in 1989, several TBMs were located while searching for the Space Shuttle wreckage. “I’m over land, but it’s broken. He’d made his scheduled pass over Hens and Chicken Shoals in the Bahamas less than an hour earlier, but he now believed his planes had somehow drifted hundreds of miles off course and ended up in the Florida Keys. The tower personnel squint into the sunlight of the clear Florida afternoon. The Flight’s Call Sign was FT-28. . He sounded rattled, confused. this article is bias you guys are hidding the real truth about flight 19 even though your article says/ liers!!!!!!!!!