They also stated that there were no known mechanical or maintenance problems with the plane prior to the flight (the vibration reported by passengers was the compressor surging mentioned above). Accident investigators had identified 10 incident reports on Nasa’s database over the previous decade, in which flight crews admitted to having, at least momentarily, misinterpreted a warning horn. It destroyed his 20-year relationship with his partner; he lost his job and his equilibrium. [1]:70 The captain continued to pull back on the control column in an attempt to keep the plane's nose raised, which created turbulence over the rear-mounted engines and caused the compressor surges. Get the latest status of DL2862 / DAL2862 here. ", Although the NTSB specifically faulted the captain and co-pilot for the accident, and did not fault Judd (the flight engineer), Judd was unable to find work as a commercial pilot after being fired from Delta. The forensic report concluded that victims had been alive on impact, though in a “deep, non-reversible coma”. Involved Aircraft. Cabin crew had heard a banging sound coming from the door used for loading catering supplies. “He went the wrong way round a roundabout, leaning across, trying to get a photograph. aircraft, nor did their procedures require the information to be By using and further navigating this website, you accept this. He switched the pressurisation selector switch to manual. Life resumed, with Irwin still regarding the Greek accident investigation as misguided. The trial occasionally descended into farce: a technical expert had Alzheimer’s, and Irwin’s barrister was compelled to join a national barristers’ strike. An arrival monitor in Prague, flight 522’s final destination, shows it as cancelled. I thought it might be a good time to have a solicitor, just in case. Kikkides, the flight operations manager, died of cancer in 2013. “Right at the end, one of the officers said, ‘I put it to you that you left the switch in manual and you caused the accident.’ The other officer said, ‘You don’t have to answer that question, but it will be on your statement.’ So I said, ‘No comment.’” After that, they drew the 12-hour interview to a close. As Irwin walked out to the plane, the pilot told him about a tech log entry: noisy door. “Totally dismayed. Review of the weather forecast products available at the time of the pilot's briefing disclosed that the AFSS briefing fully conformed to Federal Aviation Administration standards and adequately covered the observed and forecast weather conditions. [1]:36 A fleet-wide Boeing 727 inspection, ordered by the Federal Aviation Administration following the Flight 1141 crash, identified 35 anomalies in the TOWS out of 1,190 aircraft examined. The condition was anticipated to occur again, was “not likely to be detected by flight/cabin/ground crew” and brought “the airplane within one foreseeable failure of a catastrophic event”. He didn’t think much of it. Although post accident analysis of the weather conditions showed the clear likelihood of severe icing conditions, the algorithms used by the NWS Aviation Weather Center to predict icing conditions showed only a low probability of icing in the area, and, in the absence of PIREPs to the contrary, an icing forecast was not triggered.