His tactics have been consistently effective throughout the years. Should have had a download link at the end. He will drive forward with the ball to spearhead the attacks but he will also come back to do the defensive duties. If your players have amazing stats then you shouldn’t be playing defensively. We really hope it will help you to win a title with your favorite team. Although a Ballon d'Or or a league title might not be on the horizon, overachieving is still a possibility with a plan in place. Onto your questions: 1) Never, ever listen to my Assistant other than when he says ‘x’ player has been booked and should be told to ease off tackles…booking and red cards can be an issue. Thx, generally great tactic and great work ;). Seen on Sky News; featured in The Guardian, NY Times, The Independent and more. I got off to a poor start and was warned by the board that results must improve. Sounds like you may need to improve the defence possibly? I personally carry on as normal but then I tend to manage this via players…having good options off the bench and through team talks. Taken Chesterfield from National League to top of the Championship in 4 years. This is a formation that will produce liquid football, but you’re going to need some world class players across the pitch to make it work. I’ve actually been OK with this but as your teams standard drops going through the leagues this will get harder as it does with any system…if you are losing it is generally because you’re coming up against a system or team that plays into your weaknesses…ie they are using a possession based, defensive mentality system. Click the download link above and download the file. Defensive FM20 Tactic Guide – Build A Wall In Front Your Goal! Didn't concede any shot to my goal! Originally posted on the SIGames Forum, its a flat 4-4-2 featuring attacking, high pressing Football. I am winnig everything with the original tactic but when i use cautious version it’s like suicide match. Good so far. DR/DL – inverted wing backs (support) – Fast, forward thinking wing backs will do very well in this system and passing ability should not be overlooked. I feel like I will never escape this “unfair” aspect of FM. Sorry, but I don’t understand this with my bad english. The other Wide Midfielder should be more aggressive. Thanks for this wonderful tactic. New, 20 Most WTF Video Game Moments Of The PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch Generation, The Problem With AAA Game Design Thank you for signing up to Four Four Two. Football Manager, Sports Interactive and the Sports Interactive logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Sports Interactive Limited. The player instructions and roles are where the magic happens. This particular version of the 3-4-1-2 is particularly attack-minded, offering a No.10 behind a target man and complete forward: think of this as a Hazard behind Lautaro Martinez and Romelu Lukaku. Seems it’s become less RNG than I experienced. A lot more goals and chance creating. 442 Boron // FM20 Tactic 11049 2305 15 Oct 16, 2020 This is a high-scoring tactic for FM2020, lots of goals, shots, crosses, dribbles and chances created all while remaining tight at the back. Still feels like cheating though: all I needed was some players and my lower league club sky rocketed with this tactic. There are times you may need to knock off ‘get stuck in’. Error 404. If you like to play a 4-4-2 then you have to try this tactic! Why not get a head start on the new game and read our best FM 2021 wonderkids to watch? Speed in behind is important but they can do well in the air also. Second question what is the best attributes for BPD and AF. Thanks for the great tactic. Copyright © 2004-2019 fmscout.com. So far we didn`t have any tactic by Danwolf on FMBrotherhood, but this one deserved to be on this list. Built on a high line of engagement and high defensive line BEOWULF creates beautiful Football and is my go to tactic at every level. Sorry don’t understand what the first question is. INTERVIEW How do you deal with being the most sought-after teenager in the world? FM Scout is the only community you can talk Football Manager in real time. Football Manager 2020 Tactics: How To Play 4–4–2 The Burnley Way 'Legs, Hearts, Minds'. Currently I’m playing my first season Leeds United in Championship. Please refresh the page and try again. If the “tactics” folder doesn’t exist you will have to create it. The views expressed on this site are the views of the individual contributors and not those of Sports Interactive or SEGA. We mentioned before that your Full-Backs will come to a goalkeeper for the ball and that’s possible via this instruction. I’m 3 games into the new season and top of the league with 3 wins from 3.At this point I have a few minor… Read more ».