In the end, we get to hear Jiang Chen's perspective of the story. They have been studying together since their kindergarten. Even if he really did those things, everyone makes mistakes, so I don't think destroying his reputation is the right way for him to learn from it. He gets a fake girlfriend to Jingxiao and Lu Yang's bachelor party and sells his car to get Xiaoxi's comic book published. READ INFO FIRST I don't own the video, I only translate.. At the same time, the media also exposed the girl’s frontal photos. She is persistent toward her admiration for Jiang Chen. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. It is reported that this beauty It was the woman who was photographed recently to eat hot pot with him. This actor is quite remarkable as well. Instagram: GlobalGranary Facebook: @globalgranary youtube: Global Granary. If you are douchebag at least don't let others make a video/audio from it…or learn proper behavior and stop being one. Xiaoxi's college application gets rejected and she prepares for the art entrance exam. Name of ideal girl? Ideal girl: He is not picky. After . Well most artists probably dislike their fans and find some of their co-stars non-attractive.But they know how to keep quiet about it.He should learn from them. the chairperson of the class. Gao Zhiting as Wu Bosong a jolly and playful guy who hates swimming but is forced to do it by his father. So talent for his age. Netease Entertainment reported on October 18 that recently, a netizen met Li zhiting in a restaurant to celebrate his girlfriends birthday. She has depression due to too much stress. Hope we will see more of him. Next: Last page label: Li Zhiting, 李治廷恋情 Suspected exposure, Qingsheng scene “girlfriend” swallows clouds, netizen: net red face. This is the reason why it caused depression. Today feels like a very unusual day for c-ent with the controversies from last year suddenly coming to a resolution all at once. During the meal, he held his girlfriend in white to meet with everyone. Many stupid fans are too crazy these days, they support their idol in anything. Now that the girl clear the issue, I hope you leave him alone! From time to … Yue (Shen Yue) ; she is a good girl. There's a possibility that this girl was paid by rival agency, they hired someone that looks like Yi Tian for fake video and a Dubber for fake audio recording. But it angers me to see everyone fighting over no proof!! He's not like those other actors that ignore and avoid their fans. To the point of saying he has great personality and moral standard, is she even at least his acquaintance? After the meal, Li Zhiting answered a phone call, and the woman was convenient to walk out of the restaurant and wait for Li Zhiting on the street. Hi! She wants to become an astronomer in the future. If you guys look at Hu Yitian an Shen Yue's behind the scenes video, it's obvious that he would never say anything like that to Shen Yue. He helps her every time she lands in trouble. y'all as soon as she took her claims back, paid or unpaid, he became good for directors to use again. Chen Xiaoxi, a cheerful girl who doesn't study much, is expressive about her admiration towards Jiang Chen, a popular student known for his good looks and high grades. You can't just assume his agency paid that girl like I can't assume that the recording wasn't him. And I thought his acting back in ALSB was just the perfect mix of *cold and awkward*. Lu Yang is hospitalized and refuses to meet Jingxiao. For people who think that Hu Yi Tian sounded like the recording, just listen to the recording and then watch a video of him actually talking. Jingxiao takes the blame to save Dr.Li making Lu Yang realize that Jingxiao likes Dr.Li. It is reported that this beautiful woman was the woman who was photographed eating hot pot with him recently. In China many artist and agency who are jealous of Yi Tian's popularity and Personality, because he is a good person with good moral character. There is no way that I am ever gonna believe that shit she spoke .Hu yitian is a very good person. Let’s practice SOCIAL DISTANCING AND SELF-ISOLATION. The company announced that they have started full-pledge preparations. Let’s see what is the specific situation? After 3 years, Wu Bosong is a celebrity, Jingxiao is pursuing masters in astronomy, Lu Yang is a professional e-sports gamer and Xiaoxi is a cartoonist. Even if he wears mask to disguise, he still stop and face his fans who spot him. Headlight Bracket; Engine Stator cover; Bracket Footrest; Rear … An energetic and playful student who loves swimming and is loyal towards Chen Xiaoxi, acting as her guardian angel. She steals diazepam from the school infirmary and tries to commit suicide. He may have the looks but his acting is not really good.As far I know all his new Dramas are still in post-production. She always comes in defense of Li Wei and acts rudely to those who mistreat her. anyway, it is not for me to judge. I wished there is a season two to the drama with all the cast being still around. Hu Yi Tian has very unique taste in women. [15], This article is about the Chinese TV series. Wu Bosong starts to like Xiaoxi after she cheers for him in a swimming event even though he finishes second. How could Huace paid the girl to keep quite, since Hu Yi Tian left the agency already? On the same day, Li zhiting was dressed in a white shirt. From time to time, he bowed his head and talked to her. gao-zhiting; Refine. 497 notes / 1511196078. Works1 The netizens speculated that the woman should be Li Zhiting’s new girlfriend. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Netease Entertainment reported on October 18 that recently, a netizen met Li zhiting in a restaurant to celebrate his girlfriends birthday. She's the tough tomboy Afterwards, the two cautiously got into the car and returned to their residence overnight to officially expose the relationship. boy's got game. Jiang Chen and Xiaoxi reconcile. Who wouldn’t remember his toned physique? And if there is anything that is possible that their idol might have done, they would deny it without a flinch. Then the two cautiously got into the car and returned to their residence overnight, suspected of a new love exposure. We don't know if any of this is true or not, so some of ya'll shouldn't just assume things. Stay more than 3ft (1m) away from others, 6. On the same day, Li zhiting was dressed in a white shirt. Li Wei cheats on an exam and gets caught. Broadcast date will be announced later. He is secretly in love with Chen Xiaoxi. Home>Entertainment>Star News>Inland Stars>Li Zhiting’s Love Exposure How Li Zhiting’s Love Exposure What Li Zhiting’s Love Exposure Is What Li Zhiting’s Love Exposure Source: Ai Xiumei 2019-10-1810:33:59 Editor: Easy [Reading 】: Recently, Li Zhiting’s love exposure caused a hot discussion among netizens. dedicated the best performance of the night, Li Shaohong's approach caused heated discussion. She is persistent toward her admiration for Jiang Chen. It is suspected that a new relationship has been exposed. We heard the conversation on the mobile. His acting is so… bland. He is saved by Dr.Li. He already left his agency Huace last Feb.16.2019, Girl, your imagination is impossible! The school's physician. There is such a big difference. Too late to fix his reputation, the damage is already done. He has a one-sided love for Chen Xiaoxi, which subsequently causes him and Jiang Chen to fight over her throughout the show. Jiang Chen has a hard time looking past her low IQ and embarrassing antics, but starts to get possessive when a new student, competitive swimmer Wu Bosong (Gao Zhiting) transfers to their school. It seems that their relationship is very stable.Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Li siou nbj11322 Xia×oxi's comic book, "A love so beautiful" based on her school life is a hit. The two people never came out that night. And like others have said rookies that are better at acting are everywhere. She has a one-sided love for Jiang Chen and often bullies Chen Xiaoxi. @1.c wow, we got a passionate and deranged fan over here. After an incident where Wu Bosong's grandmother gets lost due to her dementia and her praise for Wu Bosong's swimming abilities, he decides to give up on Xiaoxi, leave school, and concentrate on swimming. Gao Zhiting: Wu Bosong: An energetic and playful student who loves swimming and is loyal towards Chen Xiaoxi, acting as her guardian angel. She is brought back home by Jiang Chen. Kakao M announced on July 1, 2020 that they will remake the series under a short drama version. In the last episode, we are taken back to their school days where an upset Xiaoxi, wrongly accused of stealing a Shopping voucher by her father runs away to participate in a singing competition. He's actually good. During the meal, Li Zhiting glared at his girlfriend and clinks with everyone. Category. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Save this seller. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Jiang Chen gets jealous of Wu Bosong's closeness to Xiaoxi and rebuffs her at times when Wu Bosong comes to Xiaoxi's aid. No one with a brain will believe that shit. He should be crawling in Shen Yue's feet because she carried it. [2], The series was popular during its run, and received positive reviews for its characterization and story. People are deceiving. He work hard to help his parents, to help his big charity in China, for nature, disaster, he also help the children in Mongolia, he gave them a better education. It is reported that this beautiful woman was the woman who was photographed eating hot pot with him recently. Weird Dr Su would be a cute girlfriend for Bo Song. Lin Jingxiao has a crush on him. Yi Tian said, he will never tired returning all the love and care to his fans. Normal, if you are in love, support blessings.” Li Zhiting Restaurant celebrated his girlfriend’s birthday recently. The person in the recording has a much lower voice for it to be Hu Yi Tian. For the Roy Orbison album, see, "FEEL THAT HIGH SCHOOL KILIG ON ABS-CBN'S NEWEST ASIANOVELA "A LOVE SO BEAUTIFUL, "Feel that High School 'kilig' in 'A Love So Beautiful, "A Korean Remake of the Chinese Hit Drama "A Love So Beautiful,, Chinese romantic comedy television series, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Jiang Chen also has feelings for Xiaoxi, but he doesn't show them. Despite playing the second male lead, he made the role memorable. He find ways to be happy always by working so hard and make himself stays strong. meteorgarden2018, wanghedi, soulmates. Her chin, eyes, fillers, lips have works done on them. I mean the walking guy looks like him and the audio sounds like him… How do fans still dismiss this as mere rumours? A bright and optimistic girl with a flair for drawing. who claimed to be the person in the video came forward later on and meted.