The 42 sports team owners on The Forbes 400 are worth a combined $271 billion, up 6% over the past year. Its economies of scale are extraordinary – on a per-ounce basis, the “more expensive” moisturizing version of Noxzema is $0.33 an ounce compared to that La Mer you see at Neiman Marcus going for $170.00 an ounce. [Source]. He has taken additional studies at Georgetown University and the London School of Economics.

It was the firm’s biggest acquisition in a decade. For nearly 17 years, I was the Investing for Beginners Expert at what was then known as Noxzema was an American success story.

The experience, particularly meeting such incredible people, has been one of the most rewarding of our lives. Currently, George is married. Although it was first known as “Dr. Despite a collapse in sales of its flagship beer brands, shares in the Boston Beer Company have been boosted by strong demand for its Truly hard seltzer brand and alcoholic iced tea line Twisted Tea, earning the company’s cofounder and chairman a spot on The Forbes 400. Mr. Bunting described as "wrenching" the 1989 decision to sell Noxell, which was founded in 1914 by his grandfather, the late George A. Bunting, a Baltimore-area pharmacist. And, perhaps more interestingly, through what strange capitalistic magic is Noxzema once again making a comeback, emerging as if it were a Phoenix rising from the ashes? Aston Martin DB4GT

Currently, George is married. Please note that in preparation of the launch of the asset management business, and to better protect our family’s privacy, Aaron and I removed thousands of articles, posts, and comments from this blog, reducing it to a fraction of its former size. Procter & Gamble funded the deal by issuing new shares of stock, diluting existing owners, banking on its ability to rationalize the two empires into a more efficient, streamlined, profitable undertaking. To differentiate the psychology of the products, three versions have been introduced, each with a unique color for visceral identification: The “anti-blemish” for the acne control crowd (orange), the “classic clean” as a unisex face wash (blue), and the “classic clean moisturizing” unisex (purple). The best analysis I’ve seen of the whole debacle, and the one with which I most agree, is written by Jack Neff in Advertising Age. @ Amelia Island 2015, 1940 Buick Limited He is currently serving as an International Advisor to CO3, an intermediary organization serving Northern Ireland. Read Joshua’s Investing for Beginners Site at, Hidden Cameras Are Changing Politics, Economics, and Culture, We Created a Spicy and Sweet Sausage and Pepper Stir Fry for Dinner, awful television advertisements such as this one, the Bunting family publicly talked about how wonderful it was to have P&G largely leave them alone, allow them to focus on the business, and not have to worry about things like quarterly numbers, turned their attention to philanthropy, donating tens of millions of dollars to worthy causes, including a $10 million gift to cancer research at Johns Hopkins, They insisted that 1 out of 5 products in the Noxzema distribution centers were visually defective, that P&G had defrauded them, and as a result, they had grossly overpaid for the acquisition, was determined to pump money into the marketing budget to revitalize the intellectual property, including the roughly twenty year period following the transaction, dollar cost averaged and reinvested his or her dividends, Anglo-Dutch consumer staple giant Unilever used the opportunity to take out its checkbook and pay $3.7 billion in cash for Alberto Culver, the MuCell® Technology Unilever’s engineers had developed in conjunction with ALPLA and MuCell Extrusion, I Will Be Re-Opening Selected Posts from the Private Archives (Sticky), The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim “Ultimate Vinyl Edition” 4 LP Box Set “Sweet Roll” Variant by SpaceLab9, Thinking About Investing and the Economy Post-Pandemic, The Return to Normalcy Has Begun in California, Music Recommendation: Breeze by Sami Yusuf, Music Recommendation: Kill the Lights – Alex Newell & DJ Cassidy with Nile Rodgers, Unreal Engine 5 Has Been Revealed (and Other Thoughts and Updates), There Will Not Be a Coronavirus Vaccine Before Society Largely Reopens, A Behind-the-Scenes Preview of Kennon-Green & Co.’s New Offices, part of our journey to have kids through gestational surrogacy, the typical reader around here is exceptional.

Dab a little on for relief. It was in the 1960’s that the company changed its name to Noxell Corporation, presumably to represent its expansion beyond the core activity for which it had been known (much in the same way Google announced earlier this week it will now be known as “Alphabet” with Google but one operating subsidiary underneath the parent holding company umbrella).

In 2007, Procter & Gamble was ready to call it quits on Noxzema’s main facial cream line. Thoughts on Business, Politics, and Life from a Private Investor.

owned by Mr. Glen Drew It’s better; a case of fame and fortune being well-deserved due to intrinsic quality, not merely slick marketing or empty promises. It is an incredible moisturizer – approach nearly anyone over the age of 70 who has perfect skin and ask them about it, odds are good they’ll lean in closely and whisper, “I’ve used Noxzema every day for thirty years”. All text, images, and resources are provided on an “as is” basis with no guarantee of accuracy and with no obligation to update or correct information. It’s a rare thing to have a career that allows you to not only do what you love for a living, but to do it with people you admire, respect, and like. He sold 22,000, then decided to become a builder. Noxell stockholders received a windfall that represented “nearly 25 times 1988 earnings” at a time when sales growth had begun to falter relative to its breakneck record due to the near ubiquity of the products it sold – you’d have been hard pressed to find a home in the country that didn’t have one of the famous blue jars stowed away in a bathroom or vanity. Mr. Brothers comes to T. Rowe Price from Quidoo, an international consulting firm... John Brothers currently serves as the President of the T. Rowe Price Foundation and President of the Program for Charitable Giving. Blaustein’s heirs, Forbes notes, include prominent local families such as the Rosenbergs, Hoffbergers, Thalheimers, and Hirschorns. It paid $81 million, while P&G retained portions of Latin America, the shaving cream, antiperspirant and deodorant lines, body wash, and body soap business in parts of Western Europe. He serves on several philanthropic boards, including the University of Pennsylvania (former chairman), The Baltimore Museum of Art (former chairman), and The United States Ski and Snowboard Foundation. Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance (March 13, 2011), Dr. William Baker's 1948 Packard Super 8 Picture taken by Bill Rothermel, Mr. George Bunting's 1960 Chrysler 300F Mr. Davis earned his M.B.A. at the University of Virginia, Darden School of Business, and his B.S. Noxzema Skin Cream, 1940’s by Roadsidepictures on FLICKR, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0). In 1914, he setup a factory in a house located at 102 East Lafayette Avenue, using a coffee pot to mix the original batches. Any idea where they made their money? Forbes magazine ranks Baltimore’s Blaustein family, heirs to the American Oil Company, Amoco for shorthand, at No. Over time, as the brands were brought further into the orbit of Cincinnati, the Buntings turned their attention to philanthropy, donating tens of millions of dollars to worthy causes, including a $10 million gift to cancer research at Johns Hopkins. Now, thanks to Unilever’s financial and marketing power, Noxzema has begun receiving prominent placement on the shelves of retailers like Wal-Mart, again. According to Charmed Life: Getting Creamed by Brennen Jensen, published in the Baltimore City Paper, November 3, 1999, Bunting earned $4 each week operating a soda fountain in a drugstore; a pharmacy that, according to another source, he later purchased.) Noxell wasn’t for sale at the time, it was Procter & Gamble’s executives who came knocking and offered a price so attractive the controlling family couldn’t say no. Dr. George Bunting, Believed to Be the Inventor of Noxzema. It’s not Walton family or Koch brothers money, but it’s real dough.