Now enter the secret room and take the attic key. I’ve searched this house up and down and think I’ve found everything. Open the bottom portion of the bookcase and examine the empty cassette case. It is a code to a safe later in the game. Found written on the folder in the corner of the library where you find a note from his editor. Go ahead and play the messages on the answering machine beside the phone. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Examine it. There is a sleeping bag in the corner with a note on it, examine the note/drawing. The Guest Room is apparently Katie’s old room. It’s 1:15 AM and nobody is home? Full game walkthrough for all 10 Achievements in Gone Home: Console Edition. Open the loose panel and examine the show flyer. Enter the door to the left and keep going to end up in the Greenhouse. I already completed the game before they put achievements and I just did a quick run to get them all, took me less than an hour. One of Sam and Lonnie’s secret compartments is hidden behind a loose wall panel on the main floor in the Foyer. Keep going, until you find a staircase going back up to the first floor. ( Log Out /  Pick up the key and use it to unlock the front door. Examine the postcard on the table. Refer to the map if you need help finding the location of the third hidden panel. Keep following it until you find the attic. Use the combination on the locker and grab the key for the Basement. How romantic…I was severely disappointed in the ending to the game and was hoping for way more, even with finding all of the clues…or so I think since it doesn’t tell you anywhere in the game like Ojects X/X found or Journals X/X found so you have no idea whether you found everything or not. Since your parents Closet is the easiest to get to from here, let’s go there first. Approach it and use the attic key to open it. Go through the hallway next to the yellow scrap paper, you will notice a safe and then at the very end is a room where you can’t turn the light on. Turn on the lights so you can examine things. There are strange noises coming from the house, could it be an intruder? I don’t think you can turn the light on, but it looks like the only objects that are examinable are a wooden toy horse and a note. Enter "Sam's Room" (it has two doors, one is with the caution sign). Go into the furnace room in the basement, walk over to the lamp that has fallen on its side against boxes. Now head back outside and up the second floor. At the end of the hallway is a dresser. This walkthrough will guide you through the house in order to see the ending. You have arrived at the front of your house. Click the button below if you would like to donate any amount. It's in the secret room under the stairs in the foyer. Yeah so that’s it, basically your sister turned lesbian and ran off with her lover. ( Log Out /  Walk over to her closet and look up at the ceiling of the closet. Head back downstairs, follow the western hallway to find the door leading to it. On a table there should be a bunch of moving boxes along with a manilla folder next to one of the boxes. Keep going, until you find a staircase going back up to the first floor. You'll find the [attic key] here. You can find the attic to the left of the guest room. Follow the room and read “Letters to Katie” to end the game. You can't miss it there's red lights glowing around it. I’m going to list everything by rooms within the house. You'll receive antoher journal entry after taking the key. Go up the stairs to the second floor and go right. Open the folder, read the invoice, and your younger sister, Sam, will narrate her journal. Examine the note sticking out of the blue coat that’s hanging up. Sam’s Journal – “In The Attic” Attic. There’s a note sitting on one of the boxes on the left side of the room, examine it. When you enter, there will be an easel sitting in the center of the room (this is how you know it’s the right room). Lobby Key. To learn a bit more about Oscar, take the secret passage to the basement to where that locked safe was. :P, Where the safe again it the onyl thing i have left to find an di dont remeber coming across it, Wtf this is the shortest game ive ever played, I didn't get the story of the game. Change ), The Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya – Character Walkthrough. Examine the rainbow colored folder sitting on the only table in that room (besides the sewing machine table), examine the hand-drawn map inside; you now have a secret passage marked on your map. It is June 5th of the year 1995 and you return to your home, which happens to be a nice mansion, but nobody is home and things aren’t right. Go back towards the stairs, there is the bedroom of your parents. Once inside the room you can unlock the door from the inside.