"Is the darkness not receding from our cities once again?". Directors: | Certain analysts believe the ousted PM is trying to 'send a message' by means of his rally, to show that his voters, at the very least, have not accepted the Supreme Court's decision to disqualify him in the Panama Papers case and remain loyal to him. In this serial Faraz Farooqui and Aruba Mirza are playing leading roles of love and romance. My Wish to meet with you. Its flames the spirit of jehad and you create a image which reflect true Ertugrul. 122 min "I do not care for myself, but I cared deeply for the youth of this country. hi i m samreen i m watching fatima gul in pakistan, show is tooo good n ilove fatim n karim. Mahesh Dattani Surekha Sikri, 104 min Well, Mian Sahb, it was the people who filled a petition against you in the court, fought the case, and got a judgement against you. Nagesh Kukunoor $8.66M, PG-13 | Mohammed Faizal, Not Rated Philosophical question: Is the state organized to hold the law supreme or the parliament? | Enter a roller-coaster world of... See full summary », Director: Did you listen to people? At least G T roads have their own importance then Motor ways he build? Do people have enough information to say if the SC decision to disqualify NS was correct or not? Forget & Forgive, more than you Forget & Leave.. A majority of Nawaz Sharif's supporters are the kind who won't come out on the roads and won't spew obscenities like IK's supporters, but they are grateful to him for all he has done for the country. (Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne?) (as Kerim) i am watching your series’Kara Para Ask’and i love your character Omer in it. This rally is just "rigor mortis" of Nawaz Sharif's power. Adventure, Comedy, Crime. It is airing on Aplus every Monday to Tuesday at 8 pm If you are looking for Sotan drama actors names, timings, on-air days, photos, and OST title song then you can find these here. Director: Shivani Tanksale, Dhritiman Chatterjee, 116 min | The protagonist of Hyderabad Blues is Varun, played by the director, Nagesh Kukunoor. Accountability: unknown in Pakistan political scenario Anahita Oberoi, Not Rated PML-N's Uzma Bukhari, attempting to defend her party leader's decision to speed up the journey, said: "The towns he has travelled through are small towns. Diverging briefly from his line of thought to talk about his opponents, their attempts to thwart his government, and the circumstance surrounding his ouster, Sharif also asked the crowd: "Is there any law to tackle dictators in this country? A parsi family struggles to find thier son in a genocide carried out by vested interests outfits during 2002, commonly known as Gujarat riots which broke out after the Godhra Train Burning incident. good cast and true reflection congratulations, I admire your acting, which is sincere and intelligent, so real emotionally that you move my heart. Rohan Dey, Ayesha Dharker, Good Riddance!!!!! When Amal impresses an eccentric millionaire with his humility and humanity, he unknowingly becomes the old man's beneficiary. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Nawaz's younger brother, was also absent, as was his son Hamza Shahbaz. Your ship has sunk. this time NS words are not matching with its own deeds after the verdicts, as if he looses his confidence. 6. Anant Balani i love you sooooooooooooooooooo much engin because you are a creative and honest artist in every sense of the word you know just because the imagination is impossible to be with you so i hope i find someone like you be the spirit which inhabit an internal .