It’s been almost 6 years since the split of one of the most beloved bands of the 21st century, the Jonas Brothers. Doctors informed mother that nothing could be done for her dying daughter. Jonas Brothers Back to PAY for Nick's weddings!? Her 14-year-old daughter was diagnosed with mouth cancer. Hello Kitty (Harō Kitī), also known as Kitty White (Kitī Howaito), is a fictional cartoon character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, created by Yuko Shimizu, and designed by Yuko Yamaguchi. I’m really interesting in hearing because I’m christian and would like to go back to my old hello kitty aesthetic but I refuse while I’m know of what may or may not be true. All you fucking emos/goths think it’s funny to make shit like this up just because you hate something. Kawaii Cupcakes – How to Make The Cutest Cupcakes, Bananya – A Cat That Lives Inside a Banana [Anime Presentation], Kawaii as Revolution? But its not the cover… This is the story inside. Adolts just don’t get it. What Is The REAL Meaning of Kawaii? Hello Kitty will seem to feel whatever emotion you are feeling. Angelina the person who doesn't fucking react. There is an explain behind that. BIG FACTS I DON”T EVEN LIKE HELLO KITTY FIRST MOMO AND NOW HELLO KITTY REALLY. Everything you need to know about SEPTEMBER born WOMEN! Really hello kitty is demon allright hello kitty is really demon cause her mother wants to cure her daughter..what a good mom.. (Pag gumigipit kumakapit sa patalim) The real story of Hello Kitty is a scary urban legend about the origin of the popular Japanese cartoon character. Demon are bad very very bad..i dont like hello kity now..i never love hello kitty now..never and ever.. All rights reserved. There's also one fact that is really scary. Why is everyone freaking out?? Others say, she drew the cat without a mouth because she wanted a character to confide in that couldn’t tell about the abuse. 15 Reasons why Scorpio is simply the best! Satanists all over the world use Hello Kitty as a secret symbol and many of them actually tattoo the image on their skin. How old are you?? The mother refused to give up hope and visited every church in the city to pray for her daughter. gO TO SLEEP STOPID AUTHIR!! Ariana Grande released a song about all her exes! On god, finally someone who’s intelligent. Freddie Mercury and Lady Di: All about their intimate friendship, The actress who played Lucy from "The Chronicles of Narnia" at 23. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. She is not a demon for Christ sake! Hello Kitty (Harō Kitī), also known as Kitty White (Kitī Howaito), is a fictional cartoon character produced by the Japanese company. Desperate mother couldn't just sit and look when her daughter was dying. The article literally said that the demon/devil thing is a MYTH/URBAN LEGEND, which means it’s not true. Moreover, it wasn't a coincidence that woman chose a cat for the main character as these animals were associated with witchcraft for centuries. People love this doll so much that they're even ready to make a tattoo of Hello Kitty. Unfortunately, her daughter’s condition was worse with every single day, the child was terminally ill. She would have to create a cartoon character that would appeal to children all over the world. I never liked hello kitty..and now i know. Why the fuck are you guys reacting for its not fucking true… *Gosh*, Why the fuck are you guys reacting for its not fucking true… **Gosh**. The apartment in which Man-yee had been tortured was full of Hello Kitty memorabilia, from sheets and curtains to towels and silverware. There’s also one fact and it is really scary. “Kitty” in Chinese means “demon”, so “Hello Kitty” is  “Hello Demon”. It's said that anyone who buys Hello Kitty products gives a salute to the Demon. M so confused right now However, in 1999, a brutal murder took place in Hong Kong. Just like the article said “hello kitty is created without a mouth so a person can project their own feelings onto her” so if you’re feeling sad hk will look sad or if you’re feeling happy hk will feel happy, which makes perfect sense. R U STOPID.. U R DUM DUM DUM DUMMMM!! Tall female celebrities who love short men! Everyone knows this tender kitty with a pink lace, lovely bow and many different costumes. Her 14-year-old daughter was apparently diagnosed with mouth cancer. And although recently her ex-partner Mac Miller suffered an accident that cost him his life and that it... Instagram is a game that seems like none of us are able to master it while all of those girls have no problems dealing with it! Seeing that doctors gave her no hope, woman decided to pray. They tortured her and then murdered her. Gosh…my hubby gave me a hello Kitty doll early in our relationship…..i treasured it and kept it spotless in a plastic…we just learned about its origins in a sermon so I googled and found this article…we both agree she is leaving for good. Is Zahara Jolie-Pitt Making Her Mom Proud?! Hello Kitty is indeed a cat, but not a “real” cat. The distraught mother decided to play her last resort and she turned to satanic rituals and worshiping the devil.She made a pact with the devil himself. Click to back to. The word “Hello” is a typical salute but “Kitty” in Chinese means “demon”, so “Hello Kitty” is really “Hello Demon”. When that didn’t work, she came to the end of her rope. You seem too young to understand this crap. What's more, we all love it! The mother did not give up the hope, and went to many churches, praying for a miracle and started making promises. we r frind, j’épluche tous des textes du site c’est toujours tres bien documenté ne changez A really cute cartoon. As the story goes, Hello Kitty was designed with no mouth because the daughter had cancer of the mouth. youhh really neva know if ihts really true, not til you inform youh’r self correctly i dont really beleive this at all…. This is some dumb birdshit that shit on my toilet ages ago. Who would have expected that?! When her daughter recovered from her cancer, the mother kept her promise to the devil. Three aggressive people raped, killed and beheaded a woman, putting in place of victim’s head, Hello Kitty doll. Copyright 2020 © Mead Zacho, welp half of you guys cant even spell lol, but.. umm anyways this isn’t true don’t go burn your things or throw it in the trash its pointless hello kitty isn’t a “demon” or helping the “devil” its a urban legend which means its fake and made a while ago so don’t throw it away or burn it donate it at the very least bc kids and teens even adults like hello kitty so please don’t thankyou<33, I am just showing the first part to my sister so she gets rid of that junk She was then decapitated and her head was placed inside of a Hello Kitty doll. Devil Worshippers refer to Hello Kitty as “The Daughter of the Devil.”. The Devil fulfills the deal, her daughter recovered from cancer. Please enter your username or email address. Obviously, this is not the case, that is why we present you with nine celebrities who forgot their facet of "public character" and... 10 Things to expect when in a relationship with a September born! Who would have expected that?! SHE IS VERY CUTE AND WOULDN HURT A FLIE(BUZZ) U R STUPID SHE IS ALSO JAP NOT CHINA DUMD HEADS U R STUOIDD. Hello Kitty’s pointed ears! Many believe that maintaining good hygienic habits is only washing your hands and teeth from time to time. The real story of Hello Kitty is a scary urban legend about the origin of the popular Japanese cartoon character. She had to create a character who could be likable to everybody and famous all around the world. But seriously what’s up with the mouth thing? Hello Kitty was actually created by a Japanese company named Sanrio that specializes in designing and branding cartoon characters. . Tangina that’s not true they’re trying to destroy hello kitty. Everything you need to know about APRIL born WOMEN! They say that Hello Kitty is demonic and was originally a product of devil worship and a satanic pact. The Devil fulfilled his promise. The Hello Kitty character was designed without a mouth because it makes easier for people to project their own feelings on to the cartoon. Apparently, her 14-year old daughter was disagnosed with cancer of the mouth. The actor who played Jasper in "Twilight" looks way different 7 years later, The dreadful Joker's curse: each of the actors who has played it has gone through tragic moments. She was created to depicture a girl who could not speak because of illness. Hello Kitty has no mouth because Sanrio wants the fans to project their feelings onto her, to be happy or sad together and because she speaks from the heart. So, the truth is that Hello Kitty is not associated with the devil and other Lord Of The Underworld things but “The Hello Kitty Murderer”, that is a true story. They are just bashing hello kitty if its demon my khello kitty stuff would just kill me right away!! She is what’s called an anthromorphic cat, which is a fictional cat that behaves like a human. Three aggressors raped, killed and beheaded a woman, putting in place of victim's head, Hello Kitty doll. Gisselle I read u whole chat and im getting tired of u in this chat mess, Guys why are you being like this? We kiss with our eyes closed! Couldn’t be write far better! The mother was asked to create a character that would be famous all around the world. hELOO KIITYY MY FAV KITYTY ON EATH. The designers created Hello Kitty without a mouth because they wanted make her emotions ambiguous. Sorry I am using my dads account I don’t want to log in right now ok never mind my mom’s, Hello kitty was my childhood best friend if one of you children get a hello kitty and a few days later they start acting ornery take the toy immediately and burn it to the grownd and you might want to get a peacher to bless your house and if you child is nice again you will know that is was the doll caus e when i was little the when i started collecting i began to be devilis around alot of people and i wasnt a nice little kid anymore this is not a safe stuffy, IM sorry that was my sister BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE I HAVE A WHOLE ROOM FULL OF HELLO KITTIES AND I LOVE HER SO MUCH SHE IS WHAT MAKES ME SAFER IF U BELIVE THIS SHIT THEN U GO DIE IN A WHOLE AND IF THIS IS TRUE THEN PRAY TO GOD TO B:LESS YOUR FAV CHARACTER IF U BELIVE IN GOD THE DEVIL HAS NO POWER OVER U AND YOUR ALOUD TO DO AND LIKE WHAT EVER U WANT AND BUY EVERY SINGLE HELLO KITTY U CAN FIND AND NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEND TO U CAUSE I HAVE HELLO KITTIES EVERY WERE AND IM STILL COLETTING THEM, AND NOTHINGS HAPPENED TO ME CAUSE IF THEY DID I WOULDNT BE TYPING RIGHT NOW IM SORRY FOR ALL THE HATEDERD HELLO KITTY. Everyone knows the iconic white kitty with pink lace, lovely red bow and many different costumes, and an absent mouth that is mysteriously cute as hell. i am a little creeped out i used to like hello kitty but not anymore because reading this (9/10), Copyright © 2020. It's said that in order to save her daughter’s life, she made a pact with the devil.Click "Next page" to see the rest of this article! So, the truth is that Hello Kitty is not associated with satanic rituals or devil worship at all. Hello Kitty’s pointed ears represent the Devil’s horns. So “Hello Kitty” really means “Hello Demon”. These are some good reasons of why helllo kitty should dieeeeee!!!!!! If you knew how terrifying the story hides that beautiful face, maybe you would not be an admirer anymore. From our point of view it's quite risky to do such thing, especially that some people call it “the demon’s daughter”. Everything you need to know about MAY born WOMEN! In order to achieve wide success – one must pay the price. Satan wanted to attract as many people as possible and win new followers who would do everything for him. Also, Kitty does not mean “Demon” in Chinese.